December 20, 2011--It's A New-Look and Elevated Team From Waterloo For The Upcoming 2012 Campaign (from CSL website)


KW United FC, the team that entered the CSL in 2011 from a part of Canadian geography steeped in soccer, is undergoing a complete transformation 
for the upcoming 2012 campaign.

It will be a new-look team to enter the CSL First Division following a 2011 inaugural season in the Western Section of Division Two where the team 
finished fourth in the standings.

And it’s a name change to SC Waterloo (Region) to connect the CSL professional team with youth soccer in the neighbouring communities of Cambridge, 
Guelph and Stratford in addition to the twin cities of Kitchener and Waterloo in Southwestern Ontario. The new SC Waterloo sports a new logo 
to reflect the club’s greater regional presence

The club has also arranged a formal affiliation with the highly regarded Waterloo Minor Soccer Club and its 3,000 members, a partnership that 
is expected to develop greater benefits for players in areas of increased player development, extra coaching and soccer training in a camp setting.

“There is some very good youth soccer being played in Waterloo and the surrounding communities and due to the interest shown in our organization 
last season we considered it appropriate to give promising young players easier access to our club,” said SC Waterloo’s GM Vojo Brisevac.

SC Waterloo president Tony Kocis believes the new arrangement is progressive by interfacing more young players with highly competitive soccer 
to the benefit of player development in the region.

The team will continue in the coming months to invite players showing sufficient promise to step up to the professional level for a tryout, 
leading to the beginning of the regular season for SC Waterloo and the CSL early May.

Enquiries should go to  and the current domain will be changed during the coming week to 
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