Result of Friday May 11, 2012 CSL game between SC Toronto and St Catharines Roma Wolves played at Lamport Stadium in Toronto at 8:00pm.

SC Toronto (all white, black numbers)

.............................1 Scott Cliff
6 Daniel Fabrizi...7 Ilya Orlov...5 Gerard Ladiyou (cpt)...2 Casey D'Mello
16 Cahrles Trafford...13 Sergio DeLuca...8 Carlos Nogueira...10 Dane Roberts
...............11 Evroy Junior Ellis...14 Jarek Whiteman

Subs:...12 Preveen Ahilan (gk)...4 Jay Chapman (mid)...15 Brennan McNicoll (mid)...17 Eric Miroux (mid)...18 Raphael Reynolds (mid)
...20 Shane Satar (def)...21 Kaheem Christopher (def)...23 David Alva (mid)
team officials:...head coach Patrice Gheisar...manager Frank Cardona...assistant managers Mario Dias and Michael Reynolds

St Catharines Roma Wolves (all black, white numbers)

.....................1 Claudio Perri
2 Matt DiMaria...3 Nick Vecci...12 Geoff Attard...19 Tommy Hughes
17 James Bond...8 Camilo Veloza...10 Scott MacLennan...9 Derek Lubertino
..............11 Calvin Rosario...20 Ross Campbell

Subs:...6 Yasser Majd (def)...7 Will Janetos (mid)...13 Angelo Beatrice (def)...14 Florian Nika (mid)...16 Abu Kamara (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Carlo Arghittu...assistant coaches Tuuka Salonen...manager Armand DiFruscio...director Angelo Pizzacalla ...assistant manager Carl Mendonca

Game officials:...referee Michael Anthony Izzo...referee's assistants Hassane Rifae and Alexis Vaughan...fourth official Justin Tasev ...(neon yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 8:09pm...SCT defend south end as the sun is setting in the north west.
2 min...W Rosario run to left end line but crosses behind net.
3 min...SCT Ellis recovers blocked defender's clearance at 30 yards but 18 yard shot from left rolls wide right of net.
5 min...W Rosario cornerkick from left bounces through box unplayed.
9 min...SCT Fabrizi is alone at 10 yards but taps the ball instead of blasting it from the right and the ball is cleared.
14 min...W Rosario receives a tapped pass after a check on a defender and is in alone at 25 yards and he rolls a shot from 22 yards that the goalie smothers at 8 yards.
18 min...W MacLennan blasts 25 yard shot down middle well over net.
18 min...SCT Whiteman gets pass on right all alone and his 20 yard blast is into outside side webbing of net.
20 min...W Attard 45 yard freekick down middle has defender head ball away on edge of box.
21 min...W Lubertino high cross from 25 yards on left is over players in box.
22 min...W DiMaria long throw-in from right is cleared by defenders in box.
27 min...SCT DeLuca long run down left and rolls ball from 20 yards but defender blocks.
28 min...SCT Ellis 15 yard shot from right is blocked by defender at 12 yards.
30 min...SCT DeLuca rush on left cuts in to center and checked off ball at 12 yards.
31 min...W Veloza is injured on edge of W box.
35 min...SCT Whiteman receives a centering pass at 25 yards and he shoots an 18 yarder from the right beyond the diving goalie but wide right of the post.
37 min...SCT Ellis is upended on right edge of box by defender and wins freekick.
38 min...SCT DeLuca 18 yard freekick from the right has leaping SCT Trafford over a crowd of players head ball off the top of the bar from 6 yards.
39 min...SCT Fabrizi long throw-in from right gives W problems clearing from box.
40 min...SCT Fabrizi 20 yard shot down middle deflects off sliding defender at 15 yards and deflects over net.
42 min...SCT MacLennan 35 yard shot up middle has flying goalie knock ball wide of top left corner of net.
43 min...SCT Whiteman heads ball over W net after receiving cornerkick from the left.
43 min...SCT goalie dives to beat W Campbell to a through ball at 8 yards.
44 min...SCT Ellis low 35 yard shot from left is wide right of net.
46 min...SCT Orlov misses chesting clearance at 20 yards which lets W Lubertino blast 18 yard shot from left over net.
46 min...half ends 8:55pm.

2nd Half:...starts 9:10pm.
46 min...SCT Evroy 'Junior' Ellis GOAL...W defender Geoff Attard roll pass from right across face of box meant for W Tommy Hughes but Ellis sees this and charges in to intercept and rolls 10 yarder into net.
49 min...W Rosario 35 yard freekick from left has W player on right at 15 yards not able to turn header.
52 min...W Lubertino has ball checked off him at 15 yards on left by second defender.
54 min...W Bond misses scissor kick at 15 yards on right after long cross from left.
56 min...SCT YELLOW card...Roberts earns it for knock down of W Attard at W 35 yards.
57 min...SCT Veloza blasts 28 yard roller from right just wide left of post.
59 min...SCT YELLOW card...Trafford earns it for tackle on W Bond at 30 yard sideline.
60 min...W sub...Kamara replaces Campbell.
60 min...W MacLennan 45 yard freekick has diving header by SCT player from 22 yards.
62 min...W sub...Majd replaces Hughes.
63 min...W sub...Janetos replaces Lubertino.
.........SCT sub...Miroux replaces DeLuca.
63 min...SCT Orlov makes key chest down of ball breaking up 2 on 1 rush and pass at 12 yards.
64 min...SCT Fabrizi cross from 22 yards on right is headed away at 10 yards.
65 min...W Majd concedes cornerkick on cross from left.
66 min...SCT Roberts cornerkick from right has two crosses cleared.
66 min...W YELLOW card...Kamara earns it for tackle at W 50 yards.
67 min...SCT sub...McNicoll replaces Trafford.
67 min...SCT Roberts blasts 25 yard shot on rush to middle high and wide left of top corner of net.
68 min...W Kamara blasts 20 yard shot from right over net after receiving pass.
69 min...W YELLOW card...MacLennan earns it for tackle preventing SCT breakout at SCT 38 yards.
71 min...SCT Whiteman wins cornerkick on deflected shot from 22 yards.
71 min...SCT Jarek Whiteman GOAL...SCT Dane Roberts sends in cornerkick from right and two SCT players head ball and another takes shot that W Geoff Attard saves on the goal line. Rebound comes out to Whiteman at 5 yards on right and he rolls shot into left side of net.
73 min...SCT Roberts bends 28 yard freekick from right just over top left of net.
77 min...SCT Jarek Whiteman GOAL...SCT Brennan McNicoll rolls pass forward to Whiteman on the right and he runs toward middle, dekes W Geoff Attard and rolls 8 yarder under sprawling goalie Claudio Perri.
78 min...W RED card...Scott MacLennan earns a direct ejection for chop block/flip over of SCT Jarek Whiteman at SCT 40 yards in front of W bench. (MacLennan had earned a Yellow card at 69 minutes but on this play referee Michael Anthony Izzo pulled a Red card for this incident rather than second Yellow then Red).
79 min...SCT sub...Chapman replaces Roberts.
80 min...SCT Carlos Nogueira GOAL...Nogueira blasts 28 yards down middle and ball deflects off defender and pops up and over goalie who gets hand to it at 5 yards but ball bounces into net.
82 min...SCT sub...Reynolds replaces Nogueira.
84 min...SCT Jay Chapman GOAL...Chapman has time to freeze defenders and send 12 yard bender from right around flying goalie and into top left corner of net.
85 min...SCT sub...Alva replaces Whiteman.
86 min...W sub...Nika replaces Veloza.
87 min...SCT D'Mello rush to through ball on left and cross from 20 yards near end line is caught by goalie.
88 min...SCT Fabrizi rush on right and rolls 25 yard cross under foot of SCT Miroux at 4 yards and out left side of box.
90 min...SCT Alva 6 yard shot up middle has goalie block.
91 min...SCT Fabrizi 10 yard shot from right has sprawling goalie push ball wide right of net.
92:00 min...game ends 9:56pm.

Final Score:......SC Toronto.........5..............St Catharines Roma Wolves..............0..........

Attendance was about 200 on this season opener for both teams. It was a mild evening and the sun was already setting below the walls of the stadium so the sun didn't effect either team.

Scott Cliff earned the shutout for SC Toronto and had to make a few saves and come out to clear or smother a few through balls but Wolves shooting could have been a lot better. Both teams could have opened the scoring in the first half. SCT Daniel Fabrizi at 9 minutes was alone at 10 yards but tapped the ball instead of blasting it from the right and the ball was cleared. At 14 minutes W Calvin Rosario received a tapped pass after a check on a defender and was in alone at 25 yards and he rolled a shot from 22 yards that the goalie smothered at 8 yards. 35 minutes had SCT Jarek Whiteman receive a centering pass at 25 yards and he shot an 18 yarder from the right beyond the diving goalie but wide right of the post. 38 minutes had SCT Sergio DeLuca take an 18 yard freekick from the right that a leaping SCT Charles Trafford over a crowd of players headed off the top of the bar from 6 yards. The SCT goalie dived at 43 minutes to beat W Ross Campbell to a through ball at 8 yards.

I was thinking that SCT defender (although listed as a midfielder) Ilya Orlov was the weak leak on defence for some mistakes in the first half but he made a key stop by chesting down a Wolves pass on a 2 on 1 rush breaking up the playat 12 yards at 63 minutes when the score was only 1-0. Referee Michael Anthony Izzo gave out two Yellow cards each (besides that Red card) and all in the second half to keep the game undercontrol.

Wolves have only five first team players returning from last year's team that finished 12th out of 14 teams with only five wins. Manager Armand Di Fruscio said they have four players moved up from their Reserves team and four or five from the Hamilton area including some from Hamilton Croatia.

SC Toronto have added Evroy Junior Ellis who last year played for Capital City FC (who did not return to the CSL this year) and Jay Chapman who last year played with the TFC Academy and is now 18. Coach this year is Patrice Gheisar. Last year Carmine Isacco coached the team but split time between them and coaching York University (often on the same day) but this year his role is more of a technical director. Not listed as ateam official tonight was Marco Reda who is an assistant coach. He played soccer for Toronto Lynx for five years, then European teams,then Toronto FC, then USL teams Charleston Battery and Vancouver Whitecaps until 2009, then he told me he got directly into coaching.

This game was 'recorded' by Rogers Community Channel for rebroadcast in the Toronto area at 8:00pm on Sunday evening. Lamport Stadium has improved their lighting and I have no complaints about the darkness this season. Improvements can be made as there were no corner flags for tonight's game.

Rocket Robin

SC Toronto starters

Wolves starters

SCT Evroy Junior Ellis (11) lines up for kick off.

SCT Carlos Nogueira (8), Charles Trafford (16), and Daniel Fabrizi (6) prevents pass to Wolves Scott MacLennan (10).

Wolves Calvin Rosario rush.

Wolves Camilo Veloza after treatment for injury.

SCT Sergio DeLuca takes freekick on the edge of the box.

Wolves Ross Campbell (20) starts the second half.

In Wolves box action.

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