Result of the Friday June 29, 2012 CSL game between Mississauga Eagles FC vs Windsor Stars played at Hershey Fields in Mississauga at 8:00pm.

Mississauga Eagles FC (white socks and shirts, black shorts, green numbers)

.....................12 Ivan Skoko
2 Shaun MacDonald...4 Thomas Szczotka...8 Brandon Wellington...6 Peramvir Sekhon
26 Gil Hong...16 Thomas McLean...10 Jose Melo...41 Darragh Roe...11 Laudelino Jose De Sousa
....................7 Matthew Macri

Subs:...50 Kofi Oppong (gk)...3 Tristan Scott (fwd)...5 Ivan Juric (mid)...17 Sherwin Emmanuel (mid)...21 Chtistian Kusiewic (mid) ...22 Andrew Samuels (mid)...32 Mohammed Habibzi (mid)
team officials:...head coach Alex Szczotka...assistant coaches Paul Dhillion and Richard Machado...massage therapist Jesse Asiedu...director Josef Komlodi...president Susan Rossiter

Windsor Stars (navy socks and shorts, blue shirts, white numbers)

.......................1 Anthony Santilli
17 Massimo Megna...14 Michael Chiandussi....21 Emilio Giorgi...2 Jamar Kelly
8 John Swiastyn...13 Michael Watson...10 Alexander Rickett...11 Chad Stuecher
...................20 Cristian Dragoi...9 Micahel Pio

Subs:...18 Dejo Olagbegi (gk)...16 Ciprian Codea (mid)...12 Erik Cirovski (mid)
team officials:...head coach Stefano Vagnini...assistant coach Ryan Mendonca...manager Gino Berardi...director Filip Rocca

Game officials:...referee Yusri Rudolf...referee's assistants Matt Meloche and Ramee Abaji...fourth official Richa Oliviera ...(neon yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 8:02pm...MEFC defend south end on mild night with a breeze from the north.
3 sec...WS Dragoi 55 yard shot down middle is wide left of net.
4 min...WS Dragoi 35 yard freekick from left is low and MEFC MacDonald shanks clearance from 8 yards for cornerkick.
4 min...WS Dragoi cornerkick from left has MEFC De Sousa on left edge of 6 yard box head ball behind end line.
4 min...WS Dragoi quick cornerkick from left is short for WS Watson who turns and crosses from 22 yards near end line and ball pops up off defender and charging goalie catches on bounce.
7 min...WS Dragoi low 30 yard shot up middle is smothered by goalie.
9 min...WS Chiandussi heads ball back to goalie to prevent MEFC Macri getting to ball at 25 yards.
12 min...WS Rickett pushes ball over left end line when he kicks ball too far from 15 yards trying to deke defender.
13 min...MEFC Macri cornerkick from right has WS player pop up at 10 yards and WS Watson starts fast break on left.
14 min....MEFC De Sousa just step behind MEFC Hong chip pass from right at 25 yards and goalie grabs ball.
15 min...WS Dragoi 35 yard freekick from the left has flying goalie push ball wide right for a cornerkick.
15 min...WS player's weak cornerkick from right has MEFC Melo clear from box.
16 min...MEFC Melo 35 yard freekick from left has defender duck and head ball out of box.
16 min...MEFC goalie dives forward to smother cross from left meant for WS Dragoi set up by WS Pio beating MEFC Szczotka to rescue ball on left sideline at center and racing in to 22 yards before rolling pass across box.
20 min...MEFC Melo freekick from 35 yards on right is cleared by defender's kick in box.
21 min...MEFC De Sousa stops ball at 22 yards and chips shot up middle over net.
23 min...WS Megna holds off MEFC De Sousa when given pass up middle at 22 yards and clears ball away.
24 min...MEFC Macri rolls centering cross from 25 yards on right as he falls that's cleared from box.
25 min...MEFC Melo pushes pass too far forward up middle from 25 yards and goalie picks up ball.
26 min...WS defenders clear off each other preventing MEFC Wellington from kick.
28 min...WS Giorgi pokes ball away from MEFC Wellington running down middle into box and gives up cornerkick.
28 min...MEFC Szczotka cornerkick from right is cleared for fast break.
29 min...WS Pio on 2 on 2 rush shoots low blast from right wide left from 22 yards.
30 min...MEFC YELLOW card...De Sousa earns it for complaining about being checked at WS 40 yards.
31 min...WS YELLOW card...Stuecher earns it for sliding tackle on MEFC Melo at 45 yards.
32 min...MEFC McLean freekick from 50 yards on left has goalie fumble on right in crowd of players and he picks ball up on bounce before MEFC Wellington can to it.
33 min...MEFC Macri 30 yard shot from right has goalie catch.
34 min...WS Giorgi 30 yard shot up middle has goalie catch.
36 min...MEFC De Sousa rolls 40 yard freekick to MEFC Melo on edge of box but ball is checked away.
37 min...MEFC YELLOW card...Szczotka earns it for sliding tackle on WS Pio at WS 50 yards.
37 min...WS Watson chips 28 yard shot down middle wide left of net.
40 min...WS Megna cornerkick from right is headed away and WS Dragoi blasts partial clearance from 28 yards down middle high and over back fence.
41 min...MEFC De Sousa beats offside trap on left and rolls cross from 25 yards that goalie dives forward to smother at 12 yards and MEFC Hong falls over him.
44 min...MEFC Melo 30 yard freekick from right has MEFC Sekhon on left head ball across box at 10 yards and MEFC Hong doesn't connect on bicycle kick.
45 min...MEFC MacDonald 30 yard shot from right is caught by goalie.
46 min...MEFC De Sousa running to end line on right and rolls ball along end line but it goes out of play.
47 min...half ends 8:49pm.

2nd Half:...starts 9:04pm...the sun is not before the hill on the north.
halftime sub:...MEFC Samuels replaces De Sousa.
46 min...MEFC Melo whiffs on 20 yard shot up middle and ball rolls along edge of 18 yard box and is cleared.
47 min...MEFC Melo cornerkick from right is cleared. MEFC Roe gets to clearance and chips 35 yards down middle that goalie catches.
48 min...WS Dragoi centers a short pass to WS Pio at 20 yards and the goalie makes a point blank smothering save at 16 yards.
49 min...MEFC goalie slides left to catch low 25 yard shot from right sent in by MEFC McLean.
50 min...WS Dragoi 50 yard freekick from left is caught by goalie.
53 min...MEFC Macri is tapped back pass and has 25 yard shot that diving goalie smothers on left.
53 min...MEFC goalie dives to beat WS Pio to through ball.
57 min...WS Pio shoots 25 yarder over net.
59 min...WS Dragoi falls as he spins for WS Pio pass on edge of MEFC box and defenders clear.
60 min...WS sub...Cirovski replaces Swiastyn.
61 min...WS defenders ensure MEFC Wellington doesn't get away shot in WS box.
62 min...WS player's cross from left has MEFC Sekhon in 6 yard box head ball behind end line on right.
62 min...WS Cirovski low cornerkick from right has defender clear.
65 min...MEFC Melo cornerkick from right has play whistled down in box.
66 min...MEFC sub...Juric replaces Macri.
.........MEFC sub...Scott replaces Hong.
67 min...MEFC Melo cross from 30 yards on right is wide left for goalkick.
69 min...WS Kelly long throw-in from left bounces through players in box.
69 min...WS Dragoi kicks 18 yarder down middle over net when given a pass from the right.
70 min...MEFC Melo 40 yard freekick from left is down middle wide left of goal instead of passing.
73 min...MEFC Samuels cuts towards goal from left shoots 25 yarder high and wide left of net.
73 min...WS Dragoi 30 yard shot down middle bounces to goalie.
74 min...WS Pio rushes down the right and crosses into the MEFC box with three WS players charging and WS Watson slides and takes a 15 yard shot down the middle just over the bar. MEFC Roe was injured earlier on the play.
75 min...MEFC sub...Kusiewic replaces injured Roe.
........MEFC sub...Habibzi replaces Sekhon.
76 min...MEFC YELLOW card...Samuels earns it at MEFC 50 yards for tackle from behind on WS Watson.
78 min...WS Cristian Dragoi GOAL...Dragoi takes 28 yard freekick from right that's bounce through box as goalie Ivan Skoko misses ball and ball is crossed back to Dragoi. He spins and takes 20 yard shot from right to left side of net.
82 min...MEFC Melo takes a 35 yard freekick from the right that has MEFC MacDonald slide over and head 10 yarder from the left over the net wide right.
83 min...MEFC Samuels is injured in collision with WS Chiandussi at WS 30 yards.
84 min...MEFC Melo 30 yard freekick down middle has goalie palm ball over net.
85 min...MEFC Melo cornerkick from left has goalie catch.
85 min...MEFC goalie beats WS Dragoi to pass on edge of box then has trouble clearing when he walks out of box.
87 min...WS sub...Codea replaces Rickett.
89 min...WS Pio is injured at WS 30 yards cramping up.
90 min...MEFC MacDonald long throw-in from left is caught by goalie.
91 min...MEFC Melo cross from the left end line that has MEFC Scott on right leap and pops header over the net from 7 yards.
92 min...MEFC Thomas Szczotka trips Stars Cristian Dragoi on run into left side of box. Referee Yusri Rudolph calls a Penalty kick.
93 min...WS Cristian Dragoi Penalty kick shot is wide right of net.
94 min...WS Cirovski cross from 15 yards on the right hits the top of the bar.
94 min...game ends 9:53pm.

Final Score:....Mississauga Eagles FC.....0.....Windsor Stars.......1......

Attendance was about 120 on this mild evening but with a breeze clearing out the hot air we've had for the last few days.

Rogers Community Television taped this game for broadcast on Saturday afternoon (said one of their crew) in the Mississauga area. The game would be perfect for the Toronto market too I'd say but Rogers Toronto on-line listing shows we'll get TFC Academy vs Kingston FC on Sunday night. That game was actually the first CSL game of the season played in Kingston on May 5th but has never been shown in the Toronto area.

Rogers threw their weight around by ordering the scoreboard not to count down the time because the noise would distract from the broadcast (?!) That was an inconvenience to the crowd here tonight but to be honest the table-top scoreboard they use is difficult to read across the field.

Anthony Santilli earned the shutout for the Stars. There weren't many good chances by either team as most of the action was in the midfield.

Best non-scoring chances were at (converted from my wristwatch) 15 minutes when WS Cristian Dragoi took a 35 yard freekick from the left that had the flying goalie push wide right for a cornerkick. 48 minutes had Dragoi center a short pass to WS Michael Pio at 20 yards and the goalie made a point blank smothering save at 16 yards. 74 minutes had Pio rush down the right and crossed into the MEFC box with three Stars players charging and Stars Michael Watson slid and took a 15 yard shot down the middle just over the bar. 82 minutes had MEFC Joey Melo take a 35 yard freekick from the right that had MEFC Shaun MacDonald slide and head 10 yarder from the left over the net wide right. 91 minutes had Melo cross from the left end line that had MEFC Tristan Scott on right leap and pop header over the net from 7 yards. 94 minutes had Stars Erik Cirovski cross from 15 yards on the right that hit the top of the bar.

The Stars only had three subs on their bench and one of them was a backup goalie. This is the first time I've seen the team this season but one of the problems of the roster last year and in their previous run as the Border Stars was bringing enough players to their road games. If they are assured of having a great home record they should be able to make the playoffs.

Windsor's record improves to 4-3-1 and 7th place in one of only five games this weekend. Mississauga falls to 2-4-1 and is tied for 12th place. Eight teams make the playoffs.

Rocket Robin

MEFC starters

Stars starters

Stars Cristian Dragoi (20) and Michael Pio (9) take kickoff.

Stars goalie Anthony Santilli picks up ball before MEFC Matthew Macri can get to it.

MEFC Peramvir Sekhon (6) with ball.

MEFC Thomas McLean (16) with fallen Stars Cristian Dragoi (20).

MEFC Jose Melo takes freekick.

A high ball with Stars Emilio Giorgi (21) having the best chance to make play.

Stars Cristian Dragoi misses this late Penalty kick.

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