Result of the Friday July 20, 2012 CSL game between SC Toronto and Mississauga Eagles FC played at Lamport Stadium in Toronto at 8:00pm.

SC Toronto (all navy, yellow numbers and trim)

.......................1 Adrian Ibanez
4 Shane Satar...5 Gerard Ladiyou (cpt)...3 Evan Brandon John...2 Casey D'Mello
8 Carlos Nogueira...21 Jonathan Osorio...15 Brennan McNicoll...19 Alon Badat
..............14 Jarek Whiteman...22 Kyle Hall

Subs:...12 Filip Ljubevski (gk)...6 Daniel Fabrizi (def)...9 Janer Guaza Lucumi (fwd)...11 Evroy Junior Ellis (fwd)...13 Sebastian Arangio (--)
...16 Charles Trafford (mid)...17 David Alva (mid)
team officials:...head coach Patrice Gheisar...assistant coaches Marco Reda and Peter Milonas...assistant manager Mario Dias

Mississauga Eagles FC (all white, green names and numbers)

.....................12 Ivan Skoko
2 Shaun MacDonald...48 Zottan Firta...8 Brandon Wellington...43 Orane Swaby
34 Krisztian Kollega...17 Sherwin Emmanuel...41 Darragh Roe...30 Bohdan Sulypka
..................10 Jose Melo...5 Ivan Juric

Subs:...79 Virun Singh (gk)...19 Dominik Blachut (mid)...20 Mujtaba Ameen (mid)...25 Daniel Borg (fwd)...27 Alexander Barr (def)
...32 Mohammed Habibzi (mid)...45 Roshane Clarke (def)
team officials:...head coach Alex Szczotka...assistant coaches Richard Machado and Paul Dhillon...massage therapist Jesse Asiedu ...director Josef Komlodi...president Susan Rossiter

Game officials:...referee Steve DePiero...referee's assistants Gianni Facchini and Mark Henoud...fourth official David Barrie...(neon red shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 8:03pm...SCT defends south end on this warm evening with the sun setting in the north west.
4 min...SCT Badat is injured at MEFC 40 yards.
8 min...MEFC Melo 40 yard freekick from right to MEFC Kollega who taps pass back to Melo who rolls ball into box but cleared by defender.
8 min...MEFC Juric low cross from 20 yards on left is picked up by goalie stepping forward.
9 min...MEFC goalie catches SCT Whiteman low cross from 35 yards on right that's over charging SCT player.
11 min...MEFC Swaby passes from left at 40 yards across field to MEFC Melo who's 35 yard blast up middle is well over net.
13 min...MEFC YELLOW card...Roe earns it for sliding tackle on SCT Badat at MEFC 45 yards.
15 min...MEFC Juric 35 yard shot from left is well wide left of net.
16 min...SCT Hall cross from 25 yards on right is behind net.
17 min...SCT Brennan McNicoll GOAL...McNicoll steals ball off defender and runs up middle from 40 yards while two offside forwards stop and watch and he kicks low 15 yard shot past sliding goalie Ivan Skoko.
19 min...SCT Badat cornerkick from right has MEFC Wellington on right edge of 6 yard box clear ball away.
23 min...MEFC Kollega blasts a 12 yard shot on run on the right into the outside webbing of the net.
24 min...SCT defender D'Mello is in trouble as he gets squeezed off ball on the right edge of the box but another defender and the goalie covered up to block a shot from MEFC Juric when ball centered to 18 yards.
26 min...MEFC MacDonald threads a 45 yard pass from the right that has MEFC Melo leap over a lunging defender and fall over at 8 yards as he whiffs his shot and goalie picks up ball.
28 min...MEFC Sulypka is given a pass by MEFC Juric from the left into the box at 10 yards but his shot is blocked by SCT John and ball pops up and another defender clears.
31 min...SCT Osorio 32 yard freekick down middle is caught by goalie.
33 min...MEFC Bohdan Sulypka GOAL...MEFC Jose Melo makes long run while holding off SCT Evan Brandon John and stops at 15 yards and turns to tap ball over to charging MEFC Juric who touches pass to 18 yards and Sulypka's shot from left is into top right corner of net beyond goalie Adrian Ibanez.
37 min...SCT Osorio low cornerkick from left has defender clear from left side of box.
38 min...SCT Osorio plays ball up the middle from 35 yards but rolls too far forward for charging SCT Badat at 18 yards and goalie makes easy pick up.
39 min...SCT Whiteman blasts 28 yard shot down middle is just high wide right of top corner.
41 min...SCT Osorio cornerkick from left is short and his recross is caught by leaping goalie over SCT player at 7 yards.
42 min...SCT Whiteman gets a shot from 8 yards on left blocked by the flying goalie at 5 yards. Whiteman is hurt in that collision.
43 min...MEFC Sulypka bursts down middle and cuts right and boots 12 yard roller wide left of net.
44 min...SCT Whiteman cross chip from 12 yards on right is headed away by defender on right.
45 min...MEFC Juric rolls ball from left along 8 yard line and SCT D'Mello makes clearance before MEFC Emmanuel can get to it.
46 min...half ends 8:49pm.

2nd Half:...starts 9:05pm.
46 min...MEFC Juric bounces through ball forward but goalie beats MEFC Melo to ball.
46 min...SCT goalie dives out to left to beat MEFC Juric to through ball.
49 min...SCT Badat couldn't draw a penalty kick when MEFC Wellington slid in from behind to make a check inside right side of box. Wellington got 'all ball'.
49 min...MEFC Sulypka low shot from 17 yards on left has goalie slide out to make good foot save on left at 12 yards.
50 min...MEFC goalie dives to left at 10 yards for ball and trips up SCT Kyle Hall who's on run up the middle. Referee Steve DePiero signals for a Penalty kick.
51 min...SCT Jarek Whiteman GOAL...Whiteman rolls Penalty kick to left and goalie dives to right.
56 min...MEFC Roe is tapped back pass from MEFC Melo and low 20 yard shot up middle is saved by diving goalie on right.
58 min...SCT Jarek Whiteman GOAL...Whiteman on right side rush eludes three defenders and shoots sharp angle shot from 12 yards into top left corner of net.
59 min...MEFC sub...Habibzi replaces Emmanuel.
59 min...SCT Whiteman is checked off ball at MEFC 15 yards inside box.
61 min...SCT Osorio cornerkick from left has MEFC defender kick ball away on right side of box.
62 min...MEFC Juric blasts 28 yard shot down middle high left of net.
64 min...SCT Nogueira low pass from 12 yards on right has MEFC Firta get foot to it at 5 yards and concede cornerkick.
65 min...SCT Gerard Ladiyou GOAL...SCT Alon Badat cornerkick from right has Ladiyou charge over from left to head 7 yarder to top right corner of net.
67 min...SCT sub...Arangio replaces Badat.
68 min...MEFC sub...Blachut replaces Juric.
70 min...MEFC sub...Borg replaces Melo.
.........SCT sub...Trafford replaces Nogueira.
70 min...SCT Hall cross from 22 yards on right has defender inside box head away.
71 min...SCT sub...Ellis replaces Whiteman.
72 min...MEFC Borg cross on run down left has charging MEFC Kollega head 12 yarder just over net.
74 min...SCT Osorio heads 18 yarder up middle that bounces to goalie.
75 min...MEFC Borg pops up chip kick at 18 yards in middle and another MEFC player on left shoots low 16 yarder that goalie smothers.
76 min...SCT Brennan McNicoll GOAL...SCT Sebastian Arangio on run with McNicoll down right rolls him a short pass for McNicoll to shoot low 12 yard shot from right to left side of net.
77 min...MEFC sub...Barr replaces Swaby.
...........SCT sub...Alva replaces Osorio.
78 min...SCT Alva cornerkick from left has MEFC defender head ball from left through the box and another player clears.
79 min...SCT Hall receives tapped pass from SCT Alva and blasts 22 yard shot up middle wide right of goal.
80 min...SCT sub...Lucumi replaces Hall.
81 min...MEFC sub...Singh replaces Skoko in goal.
82 min...MEFC Wellington skies 30 yard shot down middle that bounces wide right of net.
83 min...SCT McNicoll cornerkick from right is partially cleared and SCT Lucumi shoots 18 yarder down middle just over bar.
85 min...MEFC Kollega cornerkick from left is over box and MEFC player on right heads 8 yarder that's headed back to him by SCT player and he jabs foot at ball and SCT Ladiyou makes clearance..
87 min...MEFC Habibzi quick 35 yard freekick up middle hits 3 man player wall not backed up 10 yards but there's no call.
88 min...SCT Arangio rushes on right and low cross from 18 yards has defender clear out of box.
88 min...SCT Lucumi is rolled pass as offside SCT player lets ball run and he rolls 15 yarder down middle wide just left of net.
90 min...SCT Ellis as he falls cut in 25 yard shot down middle wide left of net.
90 min...SCT McNicoll low 30 yard low shot up middle that's picked up by goalie.
92 min...MEFC Kollega taps pass to MEFC Borg but play is broken up on edge of SCT box.
92 min...MEFC Borg slips on 15 yard shot up middle wile covered by defender.
92:30 min...game ends 9:53pm.

Final Score:.......SC Toronto.......5........Mississauga Eagles FC.....1....

Attendance was about 100 on this warm evening although it did pick up to 150 by the end of the game with permit holders watching before their rec league started.

SCT unveiled a new player--Janer Guaza Lucumi had just arrived from Colombia yesterday and came into tonight's game at 80 minutes. He had two shots on net with the best being when an offside player froze to left him to continue a run and roll a 15 yard shot wide left. (similar to the opening goal).

The bio on Lucumi from the SCT website states: SC Toronto recently signed Janer Guaza Lucumi from Colombia, an outstanding 19 year old forward and Colombian U-20 national team player who has played professionally in that country. Guaza is expected to be in the line up in the next few weeks and will be a strong addition to the already powerful forward line.

SCT exec Isac Cambas said the team has Lucumi under contract for the rest of the season.

Best non-scoring chances were at 23 minutes when MEFC Krisztian Kollega blasted a 12 yard shot on run on the right into the outside webbing of the net. A minute later SCT defender Casey DMello was in trouble as he got squeezed off the ball on the right edge of the box but another defender and the goalie covered up to prevent a shot. 26 minutes had MEFC Shawn MacDonald threaded a 45 yard pass from the right that had MEFC Jose Melo leap over a defender and fall over at 8 yards. Two minutes later MEFC Bohdan Sulypka was given a pass by Melo from the left in the box at 10 yards but is checked before he could get a shot away. 42 minutes had SCT Jarek Whiteman get a shot from 8 yards blocked by the flying goalie at 5 yards. Whiteman was hurt in that collision. SCT Alon Badat couldn't draw a penalty kick at 49 minutes when MEFC Brandon Wellington slid in from behind to make a check. The crowd's booing may have played a part in the more obvious Penalty call one minute later.

From 65 minutes onward both teams emptied their benches with the SCT victory almost assured with a 4-1 score by that point. MEFC switched their goalies at 81 minutes with Virun Singh coming into game.

SC Toronto moved into 1st place for about ten minutes until the result of the TFC Academy game was known as they beat North York Astros 2-1 to flip up to 1st over the idle Toronto Croatia. A battle for 1st will take place Sunday when Toronto Croatia hosts SC Toronto while TFC Academy is idle.

MEFC stays in 10th place after tonight's loss.

This game was taped by Rogers TV for broadcast in Toronto on the Rogers Community channel on Sunday night at 8:00pm.

Rocket Robin

SCT starters

MEFC starters

Captains MEFC Jose Melo (10) and SCT Gerard Ladiyou (5) at coin toss.

MEFC Jose Melo (10) and Ivan Juric (5) take kickoff.

midfield action

SCT Shane Satar (4) dribbles on sideline.

MEFC Krisztian Kollega (34) passes to MEFC Bohdan Sulypka (30).

SCT Jonathan Osorio (21) takes freekick.

MEFC player heads away cornerkick.

SCT Jarek Whiteman scores on this Penalty kick.

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