Result of the Sunday August 5, 2012 CSL game between Brampton City United and Brantford Galaxy played at Victoria Park Stadium in Brampton at 3:00pm.

Brampton City United (all white, blue numbers)

.................1 Euloge Awitor Kodzo
2 Matthew Smith...12 Kevin McIntosh...17 Mark Jankovic...5 Denny Velastegui
..........10 Judah Hernandez...16 David Velastegui...6 Andrew Da Silva
..........7 Milos Scepanovic...8 David Guzman...9 Alex Braletic

Subs:...00 Luca Leone (gk)...3 Michael Da Silva (mid)...4 Jean Tshimpanka (fwd)...11 Yanick Brown (--)...14 Ardit Xhameni (fwd) ...15 Jevon Gayle (def)...18 Harbinder Jawanda (def)
team officials:...head coach Armando Costa...assistant coaches Juan J Barreto and Pernell Mason...manager Michael Dimatteo

Brantford Galaxy (black socks and shorts, white numbers, red & black striped shirts)

........................1 Zoran Pusica
4 Arsenije Japalak...15 Zoran Maletic...18 Ranko Golianin (cpt)...9 Nicolas Ferreira
11 Yah Ilic...10 Erwin Uzumovic...17 Stefan Dancetovic...7 Marco Machado
...............23 Neven Vujinovic...22 Jeff Martins

Subs: [although none of them were there]...9 Erwin Uzunovic (fwd)...14 Nick Charles (fwd)...16 Mark Reilly (fwd)...also 16 Simo Vrakela (mid) ...20 Jacek Przednowek (fwd)
...?? Mark Bennett (--)...?? Mark Steeds (mid)
team officials:...assistant coach Tomislav Dancetovic...manager Jim Turnbull...assistant manager Michael Vicano...director Bosko Borjan

Game officials:...referee Matt Arduini...referee's assistants Fabrizio Stasolla and Dave Ashfield...fourth official Marie-Soleil Beaudoin ...(neon yellos shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 3:05pm...BCU defends south end on this hot and humid afternoon.
3 min...BG Uzumovic feeds through ball from 25 yards up middle just a step ahead of charging BG player at 20 yards.
5 min...BCU David Guzman GOAL...BCU Judah Hernandez feeds rolled pass from 60 yards on right forwad to Guzman and he rushes in and shoots low 20 yarder into left corner of net past sliding goalie Zoran Pusica at 8 yards.
6 min...BG Uzumovic chips goalie at 12 yards who expected easy catch and ball bounces off ground at 4 yards and hots over net.
8 min...BCU Scepanovic rolls a cross from 20 yards on left and BCU Braletic is behind the ball at 6 yards and he taps it back for BCU Guzman who shoots 12 yard roller up the middle wide left of the net.
17 min...BCU Denny Velastegui pushes pass forward on left from 55 yards and BCU Scepanovic shoots low 18 yarder from wide left that goalie slides at 10 yards to save.
19 min...BCU David Guzman GOAL...BCU Denny Velastegui pushes pass forward on left and BCU Milos Scepanovic crosses from 10 yards on left over goalie and Guzman heads in ball from 2 yards on right post into open net.
21 min...BG Machado 30 yard shot from left bounces just wide right of net.
22 min...BCU Hernandez crosses from right end line but ball is already out.
24 min...BCU Scepanovic 25 yard shot on right is off defender and has goalie smother ball at 10 yards.
27 min...BCU Milos Scepanovic GOAL...BCU Alex Braletic takes low 18 yard shot from left that had goalie dive to save but Scepanovic kicks 5 yard rebound into open net.
31 min...BCU Braletic rush on left and chips 15 yard cross that has defender head 3 yarder back to goalie for catch.
33 min...BCU David Velastegui cornerkick from left has defender on right post head ball away.
34 min...BG YELLOW card...Maletic earns it for check at BG 30 yards.
34 min...BCU Guzman 30 yard freekick down middle has leaping goalie palm ball over top right corner of net.
35 min...BCU Scepanovic takes a 12 yard shot up the middle that has the flying goalie push wide right of the post.
36 min...BCU David Velastegui cornerkick from right has BCU Jankovic head ball across 6 yard box and defender clears.
37 min...BCU Hernandez takes a 25 yard freekick down the middle that the goalie flew left to push the ball wide left.
39 min...BCU Guzman chips 30 yard shot from right that bounces to the goalie.
42 min...BCU Braletic blasts 30 yard shot down middle that goalie palms over net.
44 min...BG Vujinovic cuts around defender to get 22 yard shot from left that goalie catches at left post.
45 min...BG Uzumovic cross from 25 yards on right has BG Vujinovic blasts one-touch 20 yarder from left that flies just wide right.
47 min...half ends 3:52pm.

2nd Half:...starts 4:09pm.
47 min...BG goalie catches 30 yard chip from left.
49 min...BCU Braletic cross from 30 yards on left to center and BCU Guzman blasts one-touch roller just wide left of post.
49 min...BCU Mark Jankovic GOAL...Jankovic dribbles up left to BG end line, then along end line to shoot in 6 yarder from sharp angle to right corner of net past sprawling goalie. He must have weaved through five defenders on his run.
51 min...BCU sub...Gayle replaces Smith.
.......BCU switch goalies with Luca Leone replacing Euloge Awitor Kodzo.
53 min...BCU Guzman rolls ball forward at 20 yards up middle to BCU Scepanovic but defender checks him off ball.
57 min...BG Erwin Uzumovic cross from 18 yards is off the hand of BCU defender Mark Jankovic at 15 yards. Referee Matt Arduini signals for a Penalty kick.
58 min...BG Erwin Uzumovic GOAL...Uzumovic shoots low Penalty kick to low center of net as goalie Luca Leone slides to right.
59 min...BCU Scepanovic blasts 35 yard freekick from left that goalie palms over top right corner.
62 min...BCU Guzman is tapped over pass and blasts 25 yard shot that's deflected over back fence.
62 min...BCU David Velastegui cornerkick from left has leaping BCU Hernandez head away from net at 10 yards.
64 min...BG Uzumovic 35 yard freekick from right has ball cleared from edge of box.
65 min...BCU Hernandez in middle taps ball left for BCU Guzman to blast 25 yarder high and wide left of net.
66 min...BCU David Velastegui taps ball from left to center for BCU Guzman to shoot 15 yarder wide right of goal.
67 min...BCU Guzman rolls cornerkick from left into 6 yard box where defender clears.
67 min...BCU David Velastegui injured cutting around BG Ferreira on right.
68 min...BCU Hernandez cross from 18 yards on left is chested down and cleared on right by defender at 5 yards.
69 min...BCU Scepanovic on left shoots 20 yard wide right.
70 min...BG Machado blasts 25 yarder from right that's high left of goal.
71 min...BCU David Guzman GOAL...Guzman rushes down middle from 40 yards and dribbles by two defenders at 30 yards and 20 yards and shoots low 15 yarder into right side of net.
73 min...BCU Denny Velastegui cross from 35 yards on left has goalie catch, drop ball, and recovers.
74 min...BCU player on rush down left pushes ball too far forward and over end line.
75 min...BCU sub...Da Silva replaces Guzman.
75 min...BG Golianin is injured on edge of BG box.
78 min...BCU Hernandez cornerkick from right has defender clear from left side of box.
79 min...BG Dancetovic cornerkick from right has BCU Scepanovic heads out of box. BG player's recross from right is wide left for a goalkick.
80 min...BG Machado blasts 30 yarder up middle that goalie bats down and picks up.
82 min...BCU sub...Xhameni replaces Hernandez.
82 min...BCU Ardit Xhameni GOAL...BCU Jean Tshimpaka crossed from left from 30 yards and finds Xhameni on right and he takes low 12 yard shot to short side between sliding goalie and post.
84 min...BG Machado cornerkick from left has leaping defender heads away.
85 min...BG defender gets back to head cross giving up cornerkick.
85 min...BCU Scepanovic cornerkick from left has defender clear.
86 min...BG Vujinovic blasts 25 yarder from right that goalie bats down.
87 min...BCU David Velastegui 20 yard shot from left has diving goalie block and ball spin towards goal but defender clears on right before BCU player can get to it.
89 min...BCU Ardit Xhameni GOAL...Xhameni gets to ball crossed from 60 yards and he chips goalie from 22 yards up middle and ball bounces into open net.
90 min...BCU YELLOW card...Jankovic earns it for sliding tackle on BG Martins at BCU 50 yards.
91 min...BG Ilic rush on left has goalie fumble ball on left post but play is whistled down.
93 min...game ends 4:57pm.

Final Score:......Brampton City United.......7.......Brantford Galaxy............1.............

Attendance was about 100 on this hot and humid afternoon. It had rained earlier in the day and rain threatened again until the second half when the sun came out.

I've read the linescores in the last few weeks and thought something had gone wrong with the Galaxy because they'd lost their last two games. After losing June 10th at home to Brampton 8-2, the Galaxy then won five games in a row to climb to 3rd place a few weeks ago. They beat SC Waterloo away 7-1, London at home 4-0, North York away 5-2, Niagara at home 3-0, and Windsor at home 1-0. Then starting July 29th they've lost 5-0 at home to SC Waterloo, and 4-2 away to London. The answer was delivered very quickly when I saw the lineup with just eleven players and no bench although a full list of subs was on the list. As the game wore on I knew Galaxy would tire but the game was put away in the first half because their team included many players who were at best bench players or reserves. I'd never find anything official from the league but did notice earlier this week that the Reserves League game between these two teams had been listed on their website as 'Postponed--to be rescheduled'.

After the game I asked some of the Galaxy officials who'd been carrying the supplies about the reason. Apparently the coach has quit and eight players quit in support (that number I'm quoting from a message board poster). The roster list for today still has the coaching staff preprinted on it.

Best non-scoring chances were at 8 minutes when BCU Milos Scepanovic rolled a cross from 20 yards on left and BCU Alex Braletic was behind the ball at 6 yards and he tapped it back for BCU David Guzman who shot 12 yard roller up the middle wide left. 35 minutes had Scepanovic take a 12 yard shot up the middle that had the flying goalie push wide right of the post. 37 minutes had BCU Judah Hernandez take a 25 yard freekick down the middle that the goalie flew left to push the ball wide left. Guzman had quite a few shots off target before he connected for his third goal.

BCU's Ardit Xhameni proved very efficient as a substitute as he scored within 20 seconds of coming into the game on his first touch.

Mirko Medic a defender on BCU watched the game from the stands today as he was serving a Red card suspension picked up in last Sunday's game. This week he had the freedom to heckle the game officials dressed in street clothes as last week when he tried it while still in uniform he was expelled from the stadium.

BCU head coach Armando Costa confirmed that defender Matthew Smith was the same player I had watched this spring play for Toronto Lynx of the PDL. Since most of those players returned to their colleges when the season ended Costa answered that Smith will be staying with BCU for the rest of the season.

>Note: Yikes David Guzman is narrating the broadcast of the North York Astros vs Mississauga Eagles FC game played on Friday night but shown for the first time tonight at 8:00pm on Rogers Community channel as I'm typing up this report.

Rocket Robin

BCU starters

Galaxy starters

BG Stefan Dancetovic (17) and Jeff Martins (22) take opening kickoff.

BCU Denny Velastegui (5) leads charge.

BCU Alex Braletic (9) on rush. Notice that the the jungle of trees and vines covering the scoreboard have been clipped since last week's game.

Galaxie goalie Zoran Pusica waits for cornerkick.

BCU Alex Braletic (9) ready to tap ball over to BCU Denny Velastegui (5).

Galaxy Erwin Uzumovic lines up for Penalty kick.

Uzumovic puts Penalty kick behind BCU goalie Luca Leone.

BCU Ardit Xhameni (14) rushes by goalie after chipping him and watches ball bounce into net.

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