Result of the Saturday October 13, 2012 CSL game between SC Toronto and Serbian White Eagles played at Lamport Stadium in Toronto at 7:00pm. This was a one game Quarterfinal.

SC Toronto (all navy, white numbers)

.................1 Adrian Ibanez
3 Evan Brandon John...6 Daniel Fabrizi...5 Gerard Ladiyou (cpt)...19 Anthony DiBiase
8 Adrian Perez...17 David Alva...21 Jonathan Osorio...22 Kyle Hall
............10 Dane Roberts...14 Jarek Whiteman

Subs:...12 Matthew Silva (gk)...2 Daniel Cramarossa (def)...7 Tre Crosby (mid)...11 Evroy Junior Ellis (fwd)...15 Sebastian Arangio (fwd)
...18 Jarred Phillips (def)...Jordan Kalk (fwd)
team officials:...assistant coaches Patrice Gheisar, Marco Reda, and Peter Milonas...assistant manager Mario Dias

Serbian White Eagles (all white, red numbers)

................1 Milos Durkovic
13 Andre Orlando...5 Goran Vlaski (cpt)...3 Vitomar Jelic...11 Misel Klisara
........10 Ramon Bailey...34 Ivan Stankovic...8 Richard West
.........7 Kirie Dimitrov...28 Zoran Rajovic...39 Diorjije Strunjas

Subs:...50 Patryk Zapotoczny (gk)...14 Aleksandar Milkovic (mid)...22 Milan Beader (fwd)...27 Nino Velimirovic (def)...30 Stefan Popovic (mid)
...44 Nikola Miodrag (mid)...45 Sasa Vukoje (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Uros Stamatovic...assistant coaches Sasa Vukovic...manager Predrag Milkovic...physio Karolina Bujak ...director Dragan Bakoc

Game officials:...referee Justin Tasev...referee's assistants Sean Hornsby and Michael Steinberg...fourth official Mack Meloche...(neon Yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game shorts 7:00pm...SCT defends south end on this cool night with a light rain falling.
5 min...SWE Dimitrov low 15 yard cross from right is smothered by goalie near right post.
7 min...SWE Rajovic 35 yard freekick from right has defender head ball away at 10 yards.
9 min...SWE goalie catches 40 yard cross from right.
10 min...SCT Whiteman 30 yard shot down middle is well high and wide right of net.
10 min...SWE Bailey blasts 28 yarder down middle is well wide right of goal.
13 min...SCT Hall is bumped off ball before he can get away 15 yard shot down middle.
15 min...SCT Hall cross from left from 15 yards has SCT Roberts one-touch 8 yarder from right well over net.
16 min...SWE West low 12 yard shot from left end line is caught by goalie.
18 min...SWE Stankovic 25 yard shot down middle wide of net.
18 min...SWE Rajovic runs up middle but doesn't get away shot and rolls off goalie for cornerkick.
19 min...SWE Klisara is injured making check at center line.
22 min...SCT DiBiase cornerkick from right has SCT Whiteman pops up header at 7 yards and is injured in collision with goalie.
23 min...SCT Hall cross from 25 yards on far left has defender head ball right through box.
24 min...SCT John cross from right from 30 yards has SCT Hall head ball down at 10 yards on left and off defender and then blasts 10 yarder well over net.
27 min...SWE Dimitrov on run on right pushes ball forward from 25 yards and goalie beats SWE West to dive on ball at 15 yards.
30 min...SCT goalie catches 30 yard cross from right.
32 min...SCT Whiteman cross from 15 yards on right is over box.
32 min...SWE Dimitrov 30 yard shot down middle is wide right.
36 min...SCT goalie dives right to smother through ball before SWE Rajovic can get to it.
40 min...SWE West rush on left to end line and 15 yard cross is over players in box.
45 min...SWE Rajovic pushes ball down middle that goalie dives on when it gets into box.
46 min...half ends 7:48pm.

2nd Half:...starts 8:00pm.
48 min...SWE Rajovic turns down middle and shoots well wide right of net from 30 yards.
50 min...SCT Osorio is injured at SWE 45 yards.
51 min...SWE Dimitrov charges to kick partially cleared ball and blasts 30 yarder well high and wide right of net.
53 min...SCT goalie misses diving on ball at 15 yards when SCT Ladiyou shields by forward but has time to get it on second try.
57 min...SCT DiBiase 25 shot from left is wide right of net.
57 min...SWE sub...Vukoje replaces Bailey.
59 min...SCT John chips 45 yarder from right over players and caught by goalie.
60 min...SCT Osorio cornerkick from left has ball rolled back to SCT DiBiase whose 25 yard shot from left is blocked.
61 min...SCT sub...Arangio replaces Roberts.
61 min...It's raining again.
66 min...SWE Klisara makes big check on SCT Whiteman on right edge of SWE box.
67 min...SWE West is injured on run to SCT box on left but was already checked off ball.
71 min...SCT Osorio feeds ball up middle from 30 yards which goalie picks up before SCT Hall and holds on when he's clipped for injury.
72 min...SWE Stankovic cuts shot up middle from 25 yards just over bar.
73 min...SCT Whiteman runs up right to get header from 12 yards across box but defenders clear.
75 min...SCT Osorio cornerkick from left has SCT Ladiyou flick header from left 8 yards through box wide right.
76 min...SCT Hall 22 yard shot from right is well over net.
79 min...SWE sub...Miodrag replaces Strunjas.
79 min...SWE YELLOW card...Dimitrov earns it for body check at SWE 35 yards.
80 min...SCT DiBiase 40 yard freekick from right has goalie bat down but he has trouble picking up the slippery ball.
81 min...SCT Whiteman is tapped pass forward on right and 12 yard shot deflects off SWE Vlaski for cornerkick on right.
82 min...SCT DiBiase cornerkick from right is short and low cross and defenders clear.
82 min...SWE Miodrag 45 yard freekick from left has SWE Vlaski in crowd of players head 10 yarder that goalie catches under bar.
85 min...SCT Osorio cornerkick from left has SWE Jelic head ball away at 5 yards.
86 min...SCT sub...Ellis replaces Hall.
87 min...SCT DiBiase cornerkick from right has defenders clear on right.
88 min...SCT DiBiase cornerkick from right is worked out with SCT Osorio but cross into box is cleared by defenders.
92 min...SCT Osorio 30 yard freekick down middle is caught by goalie.
92 min...SCT John cross from 40 yards on right is caught by goalie.
92 min...regulation time ends 8:47pm with a hard rain falling.

Regulation time ends with no scoring.

1st Half Silver Goal Overtime (15 minute period):...starts 8:54pm...SCT defendes south end.
The rain is washing down the windows in the press box making the player numbers hard to see.
94 min...SWE Rajovic blasts 12 yarder on left into webbing of net after receiving cross over players on right.
96 min...SCT DiBiase 35 yard shot from left is well wide left.
97 min...SCT Arangio is injured at SWE 30 yards.
99 min...SCT player's 25 yard shot from right is rolled wide left.
101 min...SCT DiBiase low cross from 25 yards on left wins cornerkick off sliding defender.
102 min...SCT Osorio cornerkick from left has action in box whistled down.
103 min...SWE Richard West GOAL...SWE Zoran Rajovic at 25 yards in middle threads pass forward between defenders and West gets ball at 12 yards and shoots from 10 yards over sliding goalie Adrian Ibanez into low right corner of net.
105 min...1st half silver goal overtime ends 9:09pm.

2nd half Silver Goal overtime (15 minutes):...starts 9:10pm.
106 min...SCT Ellis wins cornerkick when rush up middle has defender deflect wide left.
107 min...SCT Ellis gets cornerkick from left and shot blocked at 12 yards.
108 min...SWE Stankovic jostled off ball on rush on right at 22 yards.
109 min...SWE Rajovic receives pass at 22 yards up middle from right and low shot is saved.
111 min...SCT Osorio cross from 40 yards on right bounces through to goalie.
112 min...SWE goalie beats SCT Whiteman to grab through ball.
113 min...SCT YELLOW card...Osorio earns it for body check of defender at right cornerflag.
114 min...SWE goalie gets to left to catch ball.
114 min...SWE goalie runs to right to grab through ball.
116 min...SCT sub...Crosby replaces injured John.
117 min...SWE Dimitrov crossed from 22 yards on left send in a pass to SWE Rajovic all alone and at 12 yards send a low shot that the sliding goalie caught at 6 yards.
118 min...SCT Fabrizi blast from 22 yards up middle deflects off defender for cornerkick.
118 min...SCT DiBiase low cornerkick from right has SCT player foot flick shot on short side that's cleared.
118 min...SCT Alva chests pass through middle at 15 yards and goalie picks up.
119 min...SWE Dimitrov blasts 15 yard shot is well over net.
120 min...SWE sub...Velimirovic replaces West.
122 min...game ends 9:26pm.

Final Score:.....SC Toronto......0....Serbian White Eagles......1....(after AET)

Attendance was about 100 on this cool night with rain varying between light and hard except for a short period between the halfs. People either seeked shelter under than shadow of the press box or lined the lower rows of the stands with with umbrellas.

The game was certainly not a classic with few opportunities by either team mostly caused by weather conditions. Passes sent forward skimmed across the artificial turf too far for charging forwards and were either over the end lines or picked up by the waiting goalie.

Milos Durkovic earned the shutout for the White Eagles. Both team's defenders played well limiting each team's chances.

Best non-scoring chances (that actually required saves rather than shots blasted off target) were at 82 minutes when SWE Nikola Miodrag took a 45 yard freekick from left had SWE Goran Vlaski in a crowd of players head a 10 yarder that goalie caught under the bar. 117 minutes had SWE Kirie Dimitrov crossed from 22 yards on left send in a pass to SWE Zoran Rajovic all alone and at 12 yards send a low shot that the sliding goalie caught at 6 yards.

Justin Tasev was the referee and only gave out one Yellow card to each team that I counted--the first not until 79 minutes.

The result of tonight's game is an upset in that SC Toronto was the 3rd seeded team and White Eagles were 6th. However SCT had lost their last two games and fallen from 2nd to 3rd place. White Eagles were unbeaten in four (including three wins) coming into tonight's game and had survived a four way tie for 7th in a pack of six teams trying for the last two playoff spots.

White Eagles opponent will not be known until tomorrow after the other three quarterfinals take place.

Rocket Robin

SC Toronto starters

Serbian White Eagles starters

SWE Richard West (8) and Zoran Rajovic (28) take opening kickoff.

SWE players rush near sideline.

SCT throw-in.

Another SWE rush near sidelines.

SWE players work out ball.

SCT cornerkick.

SWE players applaud their travelling fans.

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