Award winners of the 2012 CSL Awards Dinner held at The Mississauga Convention Centre on Sunday 
November 25, 2012 at 7:00pm.

After a dinner and very short speeches from CSL chairman Vincent Ursini, OSA President Ron Smale and Canadian
FIFA executive Dick Howard the awards were presented.

Phil Ionadi was the MC for the evening.  He is an executive for Brampton City United and a guest
each week on the 'This Week in the CSL' show broadcast on the Rogers Community channel.

The trophy table had the names on the trophies for any of the voted-on awards covered with tape while 
awards that were obvious like top goal scorer and team champions were already uncovered.

1st Division Awards:

1. First Divion Champions:  Toronto Croatia
(2nd year in a row).  Only one loss all season.

2.  Top Goal Scorer:  Drazen Vukovic of SC Waterloo
with 20 goals.

3.  Rookie of the Year:  Jonathan Osorio of SC Toronto
(nominated Sergio Camardo TFC Academy,  Yacine Ait Slimane
Montreal Impact Academy, Mohammed Mohammed Niagara United,
Abu Kamara St Catharines Roma Wolves, Michael Chandussi 
Windsor Stars, Kai Morton Montreal Impact Academy,
Petar Mingon Toronto Croatia, Mark Dano St Catharines Roma
Wolves, Nikola Paunic TFC Academy)

4.  Goalkeeper of the Year:  Antonio Ilic of Toronto Croatia
(nominated Anthony Santilli Windsor Stars, Milos Djurkovic
Serbian White Eagles, Sandy Matika Toronto Croatia, John
DeLuca Niagara United, Jason Beaulieu Montreal Impact
Academy, Scott Cliff SC Toronto)

5.  Defender of the Year:  Maxime Tissot of Montreal Impact
(nominated Nikola Paunic TFC Academy, Matt Waddington Niagara
United, Zvonko Bakula London City, Michael Chiandussi Windsor
Stars, Zoran Kukic SC Waterloo, Geoffrey Attard St Catharines
Roma Wolves, Joseph Keran Toronto Croatia, Gerard Ladiyou 
SC Toronto)

6.  Coach of the Year:  Stefano Vagnini of Windsor Stars
(nominated Velimir Crljen Toronto Croatia, Danny Dichio
TFC Academy, Lazo Dzepina SC Waterloo, Philippe Eullaffroy
Montreal Impact Academy, James McGillivray Niagara United)

7.  Most Valuable Player:  Marin Vucemilovic Grgic of
Toronto Croatia
(nominated Drazen Vukovic SC Waterloo, Wandrille Lefevre 
Montreal Impact Academy, Matt Waddington Niagara United,
Anthony Santilli Windsor Stars, Jonathan Osorio SC Toronto,
Claudio Perri St Catharines Wolves, Tihomir Maletic Toronto

8.  Referee of the Year:  David Barrie
(repeat winner from last year)

9.  Fair Play and Respect Award:  TFC Academy
(based on fewest Red and Yellow cards)

10.  Media Award:   Robin Glover
(aka Rocket Robin) 
The plaque reads:  Media Award presented
to Robin Glover For his continuing interest and loyalty
in reporting CSL news and game reports for the CNSL,
CPSL, and CSL since 1995.    2012

11.  Broadcaster Award:  Enio Perruzza
(has announced over 3000 games over 26 years in various

12.  Harry Paul Gauss Award:  Ryan Gauss
(the son of the longtime owner of the London City
franchise until his death.  Although the Gauss family
has sold their team, Ryan still does some consulting
work for the league)

2nd Division Awards

13.  Champions:  TFC Academy II
(that would be regular season champions with a 13-0-3
record as the playoffs final had SC Toronto B beat
Brampton City United B 3-1)

14.  Goalscorer:  Gino Berardi of Windsor Stars B

15.  Rookie of the Year:  Mark Wadid of TFC Academy II
16.  Goalkeeper of the Year:  Mark Rogal of TFC
Academy II

17.  Defender of the Year:  Malcolm Mings of Niagara
United B

18.  Coach of the Year:  James McGillivray of Niagara
United B

19.  Most Valuable Player:  Gino Berardi Windsor Stars B

On the trophy table were some of the new CSL game balls that will be used in 2013.

There was nothing really revealed in the speeches of the evening.  The Montreal Impact Academy guy I cornered
was unsure if they would be returning to the CSL next year.

Twenty tables with ten chairs per table would have meant 200 people but there were teams buying tables as is
the custom and not filling them.  York Region Shooters had no one show up at their table.  SC Toronto was another
empty table but their one rep sat at another table to at least have someone to talk to.  I might guess there
may have been 140 to 150 in attendance.

All the speeches and awards were presented within one hour as it was all over by 9:00pm.  The DJ (background
music tonight only) kept updating us on the score in the Grey Cup.

This year the awards dinner was four weeks after the season ended whereas last year it was only two weeks.
One year ago today I was only three days out of heart surgery and one year later I'm collecting an award!

Rocket Robin

The trophy table

Vincent Ursini presents Championship trophy to Toronto Croatia team president Joe Pavicic.

Dick Howard presents Top Goalscorer trophy to Drazan Vukovic of SC Waterloo.

Dick Howard presents Rookie of the Year to Jonathan Osorio of SC Toronto.

Dick Howard presents Goalkeeper of the Year to Antonio Ilic of Toronto Croatia.

Vince Ursini presents Defender of the Year to Maxim Tissot of Montreal Impact Academy.

Coach of the Year is awarded to Stefano Vagnini of Windsor Stars.

Vince Ursini presents Most Valuable Player to Marin Vucemilovic-Grgic of Toronto Croatia.

Stan Adamson presents Referee of the Year to David Barrie.

Stan Adamson presents the Media Award to Robin Glover (Rocket Robin)

Stan Adamson presents Broadcaster Award to Enio Perruzza.

Pino Jazbec (left) presents Harry Paul Gauss Award to Ryan Gauss. 2nd Division Awards

Pino Jazbec presents 2nd Division Champions trophy to TFC Academy II head coach Anthony Capotosto.
Capotosto also accepted awards for Rookie of the Year (Mark Wadid) and Goalkeeper of the Year (Mark Rogal).
Capotosto had earlier accepted the Fair Play and Respect Award for TFC Academy (First Division)

Ron Smale presents Coach of the Year to James McGillivray of Niagara United.
McGillvray also accepted the award for Defender of the Year (Malcolm Mings).

Ron Smale presents Most Valuable player to Gino Berardi of Windsor Stars.
Berardi also won Top Goalscorer.

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