Result of the May 20, 2012 W-League game between Toronto Lady Lynx and Rochester Ravens played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 4:00pm.

Toronto Lady Lynx (all white, black numbers)

.......................00 Sabrina D'Angelo
19 Jade Kovacevic...4 Shannen Janudeen...7 Shelina Zadorski...22 Leticia Skeete
14 Nicole Waters...6 Samantha Valliant...16 Chelsea Spencer (cpt)...13 Kinley McNicoll
...............21 Cloe Lacasse...15 Ashley Campbell

Subs:...8 Maxine Murchie (fwd)...9 Shanyce Shaw (def)...11 Shannon Fisher (--)...12 Ashley Savona (mid)...17 Shelby Rolling (def) ...20 Noir Ghoneim (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Danny Stewart

Rochester Ravens (black socks and shorts, yellow & black striped shirts, white numbers)

......................1 Jessica Sanderson
6 Ivana Lahconski...17 Ashley Grove (cpt)...5 Sarah Henderson...15 Haley Macks
10 Isabella Mitrevski...4 Nicole Hercules...22 Courney Mann...9 Caitlin Pfeiffer
..............11 Jenna Raepple...13 Taylor Wingerden

Subs:...00 Victoria Christ (gk)...3 Lavren Testa (mid)...23 Annie Terilli (mid)...24 Morgan Gravs (mid/def)
team officials:...head coach Steve Christenson

Game officials:...referee Alexis Vaughan...referee's assistants Nikita Omiya Konyan and Sharon Welsby...no fourth official...(red shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 4:09pm...TLL defend south end on this hot afternoon with a bright sun in the west.
4 min...TLL Zadorski 37 yard freekick is palmed wide left by flying goalie but play is called back. TLL Zadorski rekick is caught by goalie.
5 min...TLL Lacasse cross from 20 yards on right has RR Lahconski head ball away.
6 min...TLL Waters 22 yard low blast up middle is smothered by goalie.
8 min...TLL Lacasse rush on right and short chip from 25 yards and TLL Waters pushes 20 yard ball over end line.
11 min...TLL McNicoll chips 30 yard shot from left is through crwod of players and bounces to goalie after TLL player had beaten goalie to ball at 5 yards but is passed to left and TLL McNicoll is going the wrong way.
13 min...RR Wingerden rush up middle and hurries to shoot 20 yarder roller wide left of net.
14 min...RR goalie and defender flub ball and TLL wins cornerkick.
14 min...TLL Kovacevic cornerkick from right is over players and TLL Waters heads ball back across box where RR defenders head ball until goalie grabs it.
17 min...RR Wingerden 20 yard chip from right has defender pop up ball. TLL goalie fumbles it but defender clears.
21 min...TLL Campbell receives dropped back pass and shoots 25 yarder down middle wide left of net.
27 min...TLL McNicoll cross from 22 yards from left near end line has flying TLL Campbell head 5 yard ball back to TLL McNicoll. TLL McNicoll recross over players in box and out right side.
33 min...RR Henderson is injured at RR 40 yard line.
34 min...TLL Lacasse rushes on left and crosses from 25 yards that a defender partially clears. Lacasse regains the ball and shoots a 12 yarder from the left low and wide left.
37 min...RR goalie charges out to pick up through ball on edge of box.
37 min...TLL YELLOW card...McNicoll earns it for pushing over RR Mitrevski at RR 40 yard line.
38 min...RR Grove 30 yard freekick has flying goalie catch a split second ahead of charging RR Hercules connecting on header at 7 yards.
40 min...RR Lahconski is ordered from field to treat head injury.
43 min...TLL Cloe Lacasse GOAL...TLL Ashley Campbell takes hard low shot from 25 yards that blocked by diving defender. Lacasse takes a low 20 yard shot from even with the left post and ball is into left side of net.
44 min...RR player's cornerkick from left has goalie punch up and ball headed around in box until offside flag goes up and referee blows whistle.
45 min...TLL Campbell 12 yard sharp angle shot from left is caught by goalie.
47 min...half ends 4:56pm.

2nd Half:...starts 5:12pm...the sun is still out in the north west.
45 min...TLL Campbell takes 15 yard shot that hit the bar. An RR defender tries to clear the ball with a header from 6 yards out of play on the left for a cornerkick but instead hits the bar in almost exactly the same place and then the rebound was finally cleared.
47 min...TLL Lacasse low cross from 18 yards has goalie sprawl to save and defender clears rebound.
48 min...TLL Campbell on rush down middle and 20 yard shot is wide right of net.
48 min...TLL YELLOW card...Campbell earns it for foot up after goalie rushed forward and had caught ball.
50 min...RR YELLOW card...Mann earns it for tackle at RLL 45 yards.
51 min...TLL McNicoll 35 yard cross from right bends in for goalie to catch.
53 min...TLL Kovacevic cornerkick from left has TLL McNicoll head ball across box from 8 yards on right and goalie catches in crowd of players in box.
55 min...TLL Kovacevic cross from 25 yards on right is just a step ahead of TLL Campbell charging in to try to head ball.
56 min...RR sub...Testa replaces Wingerden.
56 min...TLL Janudeen 25 yard shot up the middle has flying goalie bat down on the left post and the ball trickles wide for a cornerkick.
57 min...TLL Kovacevic cornerkick from left has TLL Janudeen not able to turn 12 yard header.
59 min...TLL Lacasse rush on left and chips centering cross that goalie catches at 12 yards beating TLL McNicoll.
60 min...TLL Lacasse fed ball over defrenders up middle at 40 yards and her 20 yard shot is well over net.
60 min...TLL McNicoll cross from 22 yards from right is caught by goalie.
61 min...TLL sub...Ghoneim replaces Campbell.
.........RR sub...Gravs replaces Mitrevski.
63 min...TLL Noir Ghoneim GOAL...TLL Kinley McNicoll pushes ball forward and RR goalie Jessica Sanderson at 15 yards blasts ball off Ghoneim. Ghoneim has ball fall for her behind goalie and defender RR Caitlin Pfeiffer and she shoots low 12 yard shot into middle of empty net.
64 min...TLL Ghoneim 12 yard header from left is caught by goalie at 4 yards.
65 min...TLL sub...Rolling replaces Skeete.
66 min...TLL sub...Murchie replaces Spencer.
67 min...TLL Ghoneim blasts 30 yarder down middle wide right when she sees no on to pass to.
69 min...TLL Murchie can't get strong shot from 12 yards and ball is cleared.
70 min...TLL Kovacevic cornerkick from left has TLL Ghoneim head wide right from 10 yards on right.
71 min...TLL Lacasse on left dekes defender and 12 yard shot into left webbing of net.
72 min...TLL Rolling cross from 18 yards on left is through box but cleared.
73 min...TLL Zadorski chips a 30 yarder up the middle that the leaping goalie catches over her head at 5 yards.
74 min...RR Hercules 25 yard shot from left is caught by goalie.
75 min...RR Pfeiffer gets low cross from right and shoots 20 yarder over net.
76 min...TLL sub...Fisher replaces McNicoll.
77 min...TLL Murchie blasts a 22 yard shot from the right just over the bar.
78 min...TLL Ghoneim 25 yard shot from left is wide right.
84 min...TLL Ghoneim 30 yard shot bounces to goalie.
85 min...TLL sub...Savona replaces Valliant.
86 min...RR sub...Terilli replaces Gravs.
87 min...TLL Savona chips 25 yarder down middle over crowd and goalie catches.
88 min...TLL Lacasse rushes in from 40 yards but her 12 yard shot is blocked against two defenders.
88 min...TLL Waters chips 40 yarder that bounces to goalie ahead of charging TLL forward.
89 min...TLL Waters 25 yard shot is over net.
92 min...game ends 5:59pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto Lady Lynx.......2....Rochester Ravens.....0....

Attendance was about 150 on this hot late afternoon with a bright sun in the west. The crowd was well over 50% American but had not much to cheer for as the Lady Lynx had a great territorial edge throughout the game. This was the third year in a row that the Lady Lynx opened up their season with a home game against the Ravens.

Sabrina D'Angelo earned the shutout for the Lady Lynx and had to make only a few stops. Both goalie's fumbled some crosses and shots but the defenders were usually able to clear the rebounds or the shooters rushed their second chances wide.

The substitution of of Noir Ghoneim for the Lady Lynx was very 'efficient' because she scored within two minutes of coming into the game. She also had four shots after that trying to increase her total. Her goal was crucial as although the Ravens had few chances it only would take one good shot to tie. Two years ago in their season opener the Ravens scored at 93 minutes to earn a 1-1 tie. Last year's season opener had the Ravens win 2-1 so this has been the Lady Lynx best start in three years.

Best non-scoring chances were at 34 minutes when TLL Cloe Lacasse rushed on left and crossed from 25 yards that a defender partially cleared. Lacasse regained the ball and shot a 12 yarder from the left low and wide left. First minute of the second half had TLL Ashley Campbell take a 15 yard shot that hit the bar. An RR defender tried to clear the ball with a header from 6 yards out of play on the left for a cornerkick but instead hit the bar in almost exactly the same place and then the rebound was finally cleared. 56 minutes had TLL Shannen Janudeen take a 25 yard shot up the middle that had the flying goalie bat down on the left post and the ball trickle wide for a cornerkick. 73 minutes had TLL Shelina Zadorski chip a 30 yarder up the middle that the leaping goalie catches over her head at 5 yards. 77 minutes had TLL Maxine Murchie blast a 22 yard shot from the right just over the bar.

Referee Alexis Vaughan only gave out three Yellow cards--one to the Lady Lynx in the first half and then one card per team near the beginning of the second half to keep the game well under control.

The Lady Lynx roster has almost completely changed from last year's playoff qualifying team. I only recognized midfielder Kinley McNicoll. Head coach Danny Stewart said after the game there was a second player from last year's team. I asked if all these new players were from the Lady Lynx youth teams but Stewart said most had come from the NTC (National Training Centre). Most are from the Greater Toronto Area but Stewart said Cloe Lacasse (the first goal scorer) was from Sudbury Ontario and goes to the school at (the University of) Iowa.

The Lady Lynx next game is a home game on (next) Sunday May 27th at 1:00pm at Centennial Stadium against Laval Comets.

Rocket Robin

Lady Lynx starters

Ravens starters

Ravens Taylor Wingerden (13) and Jenna Raepple (11) at kickoff.

TLL Nicole Waters (14) gets ball between Ravens Caitlin Pfeiffer (9) and Nicole Hercules (4) for TLL Jade Kovacevic (19).

TLL Nicole Waters passes forward.

Ravens Nicole Hercules (4) and TLL Shannen Janudeen (4) battle for ball.

Ravens Ashley Grove (17) takes freekick.

TLL Jade Kovacevic (19) taps ball to Leticia Skeete (22).

TLL cornerkick.

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