Result and details of the Sunday June 9, 2013 CSL game between Brampton City United and Burlington SC played at Victoria Park in Brampton at 7:00pm.

Brampton City United (all white, gold numbers, blue trim)

..............................00 Camilo Benzi
16 Tarik Robertson...5 Denny Velastegui...2 Thomas McLean...3 Mirko Medic (cpt)
..........20 Damion Scott...22 Adrian Tismenar...10 David Velastegui
...........9 Marcos Nunes...7 Milos Scepanovic...15 Donavan Wilson

Subs:...1 Euloge Awitor Kodzo (gk)...6 Michael Da Silva (mid)...11 Ardit Xhameni (fwd)...12 Kevin McIntosh (def)...14 Brandon Simoes (mid)
...17 Mohamed Diaby (def)...18 Reisandri Fernandez-Cervantes (def)
team officials:...assistant coach Juan J Barreto...manager Michael DiMatteo

Burlington SC (all neon orange, white numbers)

...........................1 Vladimir Vujasinovic
22 Nikola Stanojevic...5 Mario Gavran...15 Miroslav Bjelos...17 Danilo Richards
10 Judah Hernandez...6 William Etchu Tabi...4 Obrad Dragosavac...8 Marco Machado
............9 Mohammed Mohammed...11 Nicholas Lindsay

Subs:...12 Michael Norsworthy (gk)...2 Mustafa Mohammad (mid)...3 Nam Topp-Ngyen (def)...7 Michael Tait (mid)...14 Abdullah Abdullah (mid)
...19 Jamal Allison (def)...20 Jennison Flores (def)
team officials:...head coach William Etchu Tabi...assistant coach Anthony Giaitzis...director Dean Milankovic

Game officials:...referee Ljubisa Vrljes...referee's assistants Allison Enright and Matt Arduini...fourth official David Barrie
...(all black uniforms, neon yellow trim)

Before the game started there was a moment of silence for BCU's late head coach Armando Costa who passed away in the off season.

1st Half:...game starts 7:05pm...BCU defends east end on this mile evening.
1 min...BCU Scepanovic rush down middle with Burl Bjelos even with him and pushes ball too far ahead and goalie dives on it.
5 min...Burl Lindsay blasts 18 yard shot from left that goalie catches on left post.
8 min...Burl Lindsay run on left has defender check him on edge of box.
10 min...Burl Machado can't win call when he crashes with defender on edge of box.
13 min...Burl Mohammed 25 yard blast deflects off player and ball is stopped in box.
18 min...Burl player flicks pass from 30 yards that Burl Mohammed pops up header from 20 yards and BCU goalie catches under bar.
20 min...BCU Wilson flicks header from 20 yards on left that bounces to goalie.
21 min...BCU Nunes passes from 40 yards forward to BCU Scepanovic who at 20 yards stops, spins and blasts shot that goalie palms over net.
22 min...BCU player's cornerkick from right has ball knocked around and BCU Scott lifts leg to flick 10 yard shot that goalie catches.
24 min...BCU David Velastegui spins and takes 15 yard shot from left is just over net.
25 min...Burl Dragosavac follow up of blocked shot shoots 22 yarder over net.
26 min...Burl Hernandez cornerkick from left has goalie catch in crowd of players near right post.
29 min...BCU David Velastegui cornerkick from left has BCU player heads down from right across box and BCU Scott blasts 12 yarder well over net.
30 min...Burl Dragosavac blasts 40 yard roller from right is tipped wide left but goalie dives on it anyway.
32 min...Burl YELLOW card...Bjelos earns it for sliding tackle on BCU David Velastegui at Burl 30 yards breaking up a possible 2 on 1 rush.
33 min...BCU McLean blasts 30 yard freekick down middle just over net.
35 min...Burl Machado cornerkick from right has Burl Hernandez scissor kick on 12 yards on near post just wide right of post.
37 min...BCU YELLOW card...Tismenar earns it for tackle at BCU 50 yards that injured Burl Machado after he'd passes ball to Burl Hernandez.
39 min...Burl Hernandez cornerkick from left has goalie catch in crowd of players.
42 min...Burl Lindsay 30 yard freekick down middle is caught by goalie under bar.
44 min...BCU Milos Scepanovic GOAL...BCU Adrian Tismenar receives pass from center line and he passes from 40 yards forward to Scepanovic who shoots low from 15 yards that goes under diving goalie Vladimir Vujasinovic at 8 yards into center of net.
45 min...Burl Hernandez 15 yard shot from right deflects wide right for cornerkick.
46 min...Burl Hernandez cornerkick from right has goalie in crowd of players punch ball away.
46 min...half ends 7:51pm.

2nd Half:...starts 8:07pm.
halftime subs:...BCU Fernandez-Cervantes replaces Denny Velastegui.
45 min...BCU YELLOW card...someone earns this as Burl Hernandez trips over that fallen guy.
46 min...Burl Machado 40 yard freekick from right is well wide left of net.
48 min...BCU Fernandez-Cervantes cross from 25 yards on right is well over box.
50 min...BCU Wilson first touch is too far from 25 yards and goalie dives out to smother ball.
52 min...BCU Nunes survives defenders bump on pass up left and blasts 22 yarder well over net.
53 min...BCU McLean suffers leg injury at BCU 40 yards.
54 min...BCU Medic is injured as he kicks ball at same time as Burl 8.
57 min...Burl Lindsay can't draw freekick near edge of BCU box.
60 min...BCU YELLOW card...Robertson earns it for clipping heels of Burl Lindsay at BCU 30 yards.
60 min...Burl Stanojevic chips 35 yard freekick from right that goalie charges forward to punch away in crowd of players.
62 min...Burl sub...Allison replaces Machado.
.........Burl sub...Abdullah replaces Mohammad.
65 min...BCU goalie to 22 yards to head away high through ball.
68 min...BCU goalie has leg injured when he's clipped when running to right outside of box to boot ball away ahead of Burl Abdullah.
69 min...Burl Stanojevic gets throw-in back from right and crosses into box but ball cleared.
70 min...BCU David Velastegui shoots 12 yarder that he took before BCU Scepanovic can get shot away and ball deflects wide.
70 min...BCU David Velastegui cornerkick from left is high and goalie catches ball on right side of box.
71 min...BCU YELLOW card...Scott earns it for tackle at BCU 45 yard line.
72 min...Burl Etchu Tabi 56 yard freekick from left has goalie catch wide right of net.
72 min...BCU Scott blasts partially cleared from 30 yards that flies just over net.
74 min...Burl Hernandez 35 yard freekick from left is just over net.
75 min...BCU sub...McIntosh replaces Tismenar. Injured BCU Robertson is helped off field.
76 min...BCU sub...Diaby replaces Robertson before play resumes.
77 min...Burl Hernandez on run on left pushes ball over end line when he tries to cut in on defender.
80 min...Burl Allison cross from 25 yards on far left is over box and wide right for goalkick.
81 min...BCU Scepanovic slides forward to right end line and pops ball over net.
83 min...BCU Medic kick from 70 yards down middle and BCU Scepanovic has shot blocked.
84 min...BCU Nunes rush to through ball and goalie slides to stop his point blank 20 yard shot. Burl goalie is injured but stays in game.
85 min...Burl Allison cross from left has Burl Stanojevic win freekick.
86 min...Burl Hernandez 25 yard freekick from far right has defender head ball away for throw-in.
87 min...Burl Etchu Tabi blasts partially cleared throw-in that Burl players can't deflect in with legs raised and ball is wide right.
88 min...Burl Stanojevic cross from right has defenders clear.
93 min...BCU player is injured on tackle attempt chasing Burl player at BCU 40 yards.
95 min...BCU sub...Xhameni replaces injured David Velastegui.
95 min...Burl Stanojevic 45 yard freekick from right has defenders clear from box. Burl Lindsay can't win Penalty kick when he rushes into box and trips without ball.
96 min...game ends 8:58pm.

Final Score:.....Brampton City United..........1........Burlington SC.........0............

Attendance was about 250 on this mild evening. This game was broadcast live on Rogers Community channel for those who lived in Brampton and local area.

Camilo Benzi earned the shutout for BCU. (He was on the roster of York Region Shooters last year). He had a few key stops to make to ensure United won today mostly batting away cornerkicks and crosses.

Referee Lubisa Yrljes gave out five Yellow cards that I counted, four to United in the close marking game.

Best non-scoring chances were at 21 minutes when BCU Marcos Nunes passes from 40 yards forward to BCU Milos Scepanovic who at 20 yards stops, spins, and blasts a shot that the goalie palmed over the net. From the resulting cornerkick the ball was knocked around in the box and BCU Damion Scott lifted his leg to flick a 10 yard shot that the goalie caught. 29 minutes had BCU David Velastegui take a cornerkick from the left that a BCU player headed down from the right across the box and BCU Scott blasted a 12 yarder over the net. 87 minutes had Burlington William Etchu Tabi blast a partially cleared throw-in that Burlington players couldn't deflect in with their legs raised try to tip.

The Burlington team kit caught me by surprise. They wore all orange--neon orange and could probably play without stadium lights. They certainly didn't play like highway pylons though.

Burlington SC is the only new team in the CSL this season. They've put their senior team together player personnel wise with experienced players from other past and present CSL teams. Let's see--midfield player/coach William Etchu 'Tabi' from London City, defender Nikola Stanojevic and midfielder Mustafa Mohammad also from London City, midfielders Michael Tait and Marco Machado from Brantford Galaxy, forward Mohammed Mohammed came over from from Niagara United. Defender Danilo Richards played for Milltown FC. Defender Nam Topp-Nguyen was with the TFC Academy.

Most famous Burlington player is forward Nicholas Lindsay who played for TFC Academy last year as he was recovering from a long term injury and recovered enough to play for the MLS Toronto FC team before being cut after the end of their season. He played well last night with his speed but went down a bit too easily trying to draw foul calls and a Penalty kick.

Burlington midfielder Judah Hernandez played for Brampton City last year. A woman and her daughter were talking in the stands and one said "He used to play for us last year so now I call him 'Judas'!".

Brampton has picked up players besides Camilo Benzi. Midfielders Damion Scott and Thomas McLean both played for Mississauga last year and Adrian Tismenar played for Serbian White Eagles.

The Toronto Rogers Community channel had a lacrosse game scheduled instead. The Rogers Superchannel for sports has no rebroadcast of this game on their schedule. The only benefit to me was that the game was moved to 7:00pm from 5:30pm. I just had enough time to get here after a PDL league game ended an hour earlier. With my crowded schedule I wasn't expecting to see the new Burlington team until next month.

Looks like I won't be able to hear if the play-by-play guys actually called out "And Abdullah Abdullah passes forward to Mohammed Mohammed and he takes a shot..."

Rocket Robin

BCU starters

Burlington starters

Burlington Mohammed Mohammed (9) and Judah Hernandez (10) at opening kickoff.

BCU Marcos Nunes (9) and Burlington Danilo Richards (17) run for ball.

BCU Marcos Nunes (9) flicks header.

Burlington Nicholas Lindsay (11) being closed down.

BCU goalie Camilo Benzi catches cornerkick in crowd of players.

action in the Burlington box

BCU Milos Scepanovic (7) discusses his goal at halftime interview.

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