Result and details of the Sunday July 7, 2013 CSL game between York Region Shooters and Windsor Stars played at St Joan of Arc Catholic High School in Vaughan at 7:30pm.

York Region Shooters (all white, black numbers, yellow and light blue trim)

....................00 Adrian Ibanez
...........3 Ricky Herron...8 Dino Gardener...6 Fitzroy Christey
14 Tristan Jackman...20 Richard West...15 Francisco Javier Perez...77 Desmond Humphrey (cpt)...19 Ali Hanam
..............10 Nicolas Martinez...16 Matthew Rios

Subs:...01 Adam Majer (gk)...4 Marcelo Capazzolo (def)...5 Diego Hernan Maradona (mid)...7 Matthew O'Connor (mid)...11 Kacdian Lecky (fwd)
...21 Darryl Gomez (mid)...99 Ryan Dummett (def)
team officials:...head coach John Pacione...manager Ian McClure...president Tony DiThomasis

Windsor Stars (navy socks and shorts, teal shirts, white numbers)

.....................1 Anthony Santilli
2 Jamar Kelly...13 Michael Chiandussi...5 Chris Suta...4 Anthony Falkestaja
7 Erik Cirovski...16 David Kadoic...3 Patrick Lepera...10 Alexander Rickett
................9 Stephen Ademolu...8 Michael Kio

Subs:...23 Dejo Olagbegi (gk)...6 Gino Berardi (fwd)...11 Ciprian Codea (mid)...21 Leshorn Woods-Henry (mid)
team officials:...head coach Stefano Vagnini...manager Gino Berardi...chiropractor Anthony Meo...directors Filip Rocca and Vancho Cirovski

Game officials:...referee Manuel Orellana...referee's assistants Peter Pendli and Alex Orellano...fourth official Ramee Arbaji...(all black uniforms, neon yellow trim)

1st Half:...game starts 7:43pm...YRS defends south end on this hot and humid evening with rain falling.
2 min...YRS Hanam cross from 25 yards on left has defender head ball across box from right but another defender clears.
4 min...WS Rickett pushes ball too far forward on left and goalie diving to smother at 10 yards.
6 min...YRS Hanam charges for 25 yard cross from right and shoots 8 yarder up middle over net.
9 min...YRS Jackman bounces low 15 yard shot from right that goalie picks up.
10 min...YRS Humphrey rolls ball from 35 yarder to forward wide right and goalie trips up YRS West injurying him at 3 yards.
........YRS YELLOW card...West earns it for diving in the box on the last play.
13 min...play finally resumes.
15 min...WS Chiandussi blasts 45 yard shot over players well high and wide right of net.
16 min...YRS Humphrey cornerkick from left has YRS West pop up header in box and goalie catches wide left of net.
17 min...YRS Humphrey cornerkick from right has ball headed out of box.
19 min...YRS West 30 yard freekick from right has ball knocked around in box but cleared.
20 min...YRS Kadoic dribbles in to 25 yards down middle and shoots that flying goalie catches on left post.
21 min...WS goalie dives to smother low shot from 28 yards on right.
23 min...YRS West cornerkick from right is low and defenders clear on right side of box.
28 min...the rain has finally slowed down.
31 min...YRS Hanam blasts 25 yarder from left just wide left of post.
32 min...YRS Martinez cross from 20 yards on left has YRS Rios on right end line from 12 yards heads ball to center and YRS West bicycle kick from 10 yards is down middle just wide left of net.
36 min...YRS Martinez shoots 28 yarder from left that goalie catches wide right of net.
37 min...YRS Hanam charge up left and cross along end line has defender head ball for cornerkick.
38 min...YRS West high cornerkick from left over to right and crossed in and has goalie charge forward to punch ball forward and out of box.
38 min...it's finally stopped raining.
40 min...WS goalie charges forward at 22 yards to blast clearance off YRS Rios and YRS wins cornerkick on left on deflection back off goalie.
41 min...YRS Humphrey cornerkick on left is cleared from box.
42 min...YRS Humphrey 25 yard freekick from right has YRS Gardener finish with 20 yard shot deflect for cornerkick.
43 min...YRS Humphrey cornerkick from left has YRS West header win cornerkick on right.
43 min...YRS Christey cornerkick from right has YRS player leap and flick header wide left for goalkick.
44 min...YRS Perez is injured at YRS 45 yards.
44 min...YRS Gardener 60 yard freekick down middle is caught by goalie.
45 min...WS Ademolu cross from 25 yards has YRS Perez head for cornerkick.
45 min...WS Kadoic cornerkick from right has defender head away and another clear downfield.
46 min...half ends 8:29pm.

2nd Half:...starts 8:47pm.
49 min...YRS Rios pushes ball too far forward for YRS West and goalie picks up on right side of box.
51 min...YRS player taps to YRS Perez who shoots low 28 yarder from left that diving goalie smothers.
53 min...WS Ademolu run down middle and passes right to charging WS Kio who shoots low 22 yarder that ogalie dives to block then crawls to smother rebound at 10 yard before WS Kio can get to it.
55 min...YRS Richard West GOAL...YRS Matthew Rios passes forward up middle from 30 yards. West gets ball and cuts arond defender to take low 18 yard shot into right corner of net over diving goalie Anthony Santilli.
58 min...YRS West rush to right end line and rolls cross that YRS Hanam is pushed over backwards and can't connect at 7 yards and ball rolls out left side of box.
59 min...WS sub...Berardi replaces Kelly.
60 min...YRS Ali Hanam GOAL...YRS Richard West on right centers pass from 35 yards and misses YRS player running down middle. Hanam trailing on far left follows up and is in alone at 25 yards and shoots low into right corner of net.
64 min...YRS sub...Lecky replaces Rios.
66 min...WS sub...Codea replaces Kio.
67 min...WS Kadoic low 35 yard kick from right is wide left. WS Ademolu is injured earlier in play on edge of YRS box on left when he runs YRS Herron into defender who then holds hands up that he hadn't knocked him.
70 min...WS RED card...Stephen Ademolu earns a direct ejection from referee Manuel Orellana for pushing over YRS Ricky Herron on YRS edge of box when WS players had rush forward on left.
72 min...YRS sub...Gomez replaces Martinez before play resumes.
75 min...YRS Hanam can't win Penalty kick on left when he falls on check.
76 min...YRS Lecky wins cornerkick on right on deflection of cross near right end line.
77 min...YRS sub...Dummett replaces Perez.
77 min...YRS Christey cornerkick from right has charging YRS Herron head 7 yarder well over net.
79 min...YRS Gardener passes forward from 75 yards and charging YRS Lecky in clear on right blasts 25 yarder well wide right.
81 min...YRS Humphrey in middle rolls ball forward and right to YRS Lecky in clear and his 18 yard shot has sprawling goalie on right post deflect wide right.
82 min...YRS sub...Maradona replaces West.
82 min...WS goalie swats cornerkick from right through left side of box.
83 min...WS Suta charge on 2 on 2 has goalie block 10 yard shot and defender clears.
84 min...YRS Lecky point blank shot has goalie sprawl to stop at 10 yards and YRS player's follow up shot is also stopped by prone goalie.
85 min...WS Codea 33 yard freekick from right is rolled to center to WS Kadoic who blasts 30 yard shot over net.
86 min...YRS Ryan Dummett GOAL...YRS Kadian Lecky pokes ball away that was loose in box and goalie had called for. Lecky then taps ball over to Dummett and his low 12 yard shot has goalie get piece of but ball rolls under him to center of net.
88 min...YRS Humphrey cross/shot from 22 yards on right is wide left for goalkick.
90 min...game ends 9:32pm.

Final Score:...York Region Shooters........3...Windsor Stars........0.........

Attendance was about 80 with rain falling most of the first half.

Referee Manuel Orellana gave out only one Yellow card that I counted and that was at 10 minutes when he booked YRS Richard West for diving in the box when the goalie dove for the ball. West went down for an injury on the play but returned to the game. Orellana's son Alex was a referee's assistant.

Most of the first half was played in the Stars' end.

Stars only had three outfield players and a goalie on the subs bench and one of them was the manager. I wouldn't expect them to be home until 1:30am on the four hour drive home.

Adrian Ibanez earned the shutout for the Shooters having to make only a few key saves. He was well protected by the defensive line of Ricky Herron, Fitzroy Christey, and Dino Gardener. The team has only allowed 8 goals in 9 games (second only to Toronto Croatia).

Diego Hernan Maradona came into the game at 82 minutes to replace Richard West. The middle name now shown on lineups will go far so Googlers won't confuse him with his famous uncle.

Richard Edwards will be on the Shooters by their next game after weeks of negotiations. The 29 year old midfielder played earlier this year for Harbour View and has been capped by the Jamaican national team 24 times.

Best non-scoring chances were at 6 minutes when YRS Ali Hanam charged for a 25 yard cross from right and shot an 8 yarder up middle over the net. 20 minutes had YRS Matthew Rios dribble in to 25 yards down middle and shoot that the flying ogalie caught on the left post. 32 minutes had YRS Nicolas Martinez crossing from 20 yards on the left and YRS Rios at 12 yards along right end line head ball to center and YRS Richard West's bicycle kick from 10 yards was just wide left of the post. 53 minutes had WS Stephen Ademolu run down the middle and passed to right for charging WS Micheal Kio who shot low 22 yarder that goalie dove to block then crawled to smother rebound at 10 yards before Kio could get to it. 81 minutes had Desmond Humphrey in middle roll the ball forward and right to YRS Kadian Lecky in clear and his 18 yard shot had the sprawling goalie right post deflect the ball wide right. 84 minutes had YRS Leckie shoot and the goalie sprawled to make a point blank stop and a YRS player's follow up shot was stopped by the prone goalie.

Shooters record improves to 6 wins, 2 losses, 1 tie after this weekend's wins against Serbian White Eagles and Windsor. They are in 3rd place. Stars record drops to 3 wins, 3 losses, 1 tie. They beat Burlington 3-0 in a home game on Friday. They are 6th in the standings but hold between 1 to 3 games in hand on all the teams ahead of them.

Rocket Robin

Shooters starters

Stars starters

Stars Michael Kio (8) and David Kadoic (16) take opening kickoff.

YRS Fitzroy Christey (6) takes throw-in.

Stars with ball.

Stars goalie Anthony Santilli with ball.

ball is popped up

YRS Richard West (20) and Matthew Rios (16) take second half kickoff.

Stars Michael Chiandussi (13) with ball.

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