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Result and details of the Sunday July 21, 2013 CSL game between Astros Vasas FC and Burlington SC played at Downsview Park in North York at 12:45pm.

Astros Vasas FC (all red, gold numbers)

..................................12 Laszlo Barna
2 Dominik Kaali...6 Jevon Vanderreyden...14 Kurt Damian Ramsey (cpt)...3 Vincenzo Sassa
11 Sandor Varga...17 Conrad Kouame-Assane...7 Kevin Dhillon...5 Jose Laudeline Goncalves De Sousa
...........9 Horvat Adalbert...10 Jose Melo

Subs:...1 Antal-Andras Toth (gk)...4 Zoltan Szekely (def)...8 Robin Sibalin (mid)...13 Antoine Paul (def)...16 Jongwon Jung (def)
...18 Wiktor Janik (mid)...21 Dave James (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Laszlo Kiss...assistant coach Gerrardo Lezcano...manager Bruno Ierullo

Burlington SC (blue socks and shirts, black shorts, white numbers)

..............................1 Vladimir Vujasinovic
22 Nikola Stanojevic...5 Mario Gavran...15 Miroslav Bjelas...17 Danilo Richards
..........7 Marco Machado...4 Obrad Dragosavac...6 William Etchu Tabi (cpt)
.........11 Nicholas Lindsay...9 Mohammed Mohammed...10 Judah Hernandez

Subs:...12 Michael Norsworthy (gk)...2 Mustafa Mohammad (mid)...7 Michael Tait (mid)...8 Yan Ilic (mid)...14 Ali Mohammad (mid)
16 Abdullah Abdullah (mid)...19 Chris Thomas (mid)...21 Jamal Allison (def)
team officials:...head coach William Etchu Tabi...assistant coach Anthony Giaitzis...director Dean Milankovic

Game officials:...referee Lyes Arfa...referee's assistants Tatiq Parchment and Jagdeep Singh...fourth official Pierre Luc Ziere ...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 12:52pm...AV defends north end on this warm and sunny afternoon with the wind from the east...as there was no scoreboard, all times are converted from my wristwatch.
2 min...AV Kouame-Assane is injured near center line.
3 min...AV Jose Melo 25 yard freekick from left is just over net.
8 min...AV sub...Sibalin replaces injured Varga.
10 min...BSC Lindsay blasts low shot up middle and diving goalie blocks then smothers ball.
12 min...AV Dhillon chips 45 yard freekick down middle has goalie jump on right side of goal to catch.
15 min...AV Melo chips pass from 35 yards and BSC Stanojevic concedes cornerkick.
16 min...AV Melo cornerkick from left is bounced through box. AV Kouame-Assane gets to ball chipped back in from 45 yards at 25 yards but his shot is blocked and deflects for throw-in.
18 min...BSC Lindsay rolls cross from 25 yards on right but defender clears at 12 yards.
19 min...BSC Machado cuts 22 yard shot down middle low and wide right of net.
23 min...AV Melo cornerkick from right has defender in box head ball away.
25 min...BSC Machado cross from 25 yards on right has goalie dive forward and punch ball away at 10 yards.
27 min...AV goalie charges out to 25 yards to clear through ball before BSC Mohammed can get to it.
28 min...BSC Machado rolls pass from right and BSC Mohammed 22 yard low shot is stopped.
29 min...BSC Mohammed cross from right to BSC Lindsay on left has flying BSC Hernandez miss connecting at 12 yards down middle.
30 min...BSC Nicholas Lindsay GOAL...Astros defender shanks clearance attempt at 22 yards down middle and Lindsay steps in front of goalie Laszlo Barna waiting at 12 yards. Lindsay takes possession at 18 yards, runs to right and cuts low 15 yard shot into left corner of empty net.
33 min...BSC Hernandez 25 yard freekick from left is shot over net.
35 min...AV YELLOW card...Ramsey earns it for bump on charging BSC Lindsay at AV 15 yard line on right.
36 min...BSC Stanojevic 22 yard freekick from right has AV Ramsey lift leg to block ball at 12 yards and AV Sasso clears from box.
39 min...BSC goalie catches AV Dhillon 45 yard freekick from right.
40 min...BSC Stanojevic 35 yard cross from right as he slips drifts behind net.
43 min...BSC Lindsay high cross from 30 yards on left has BSC Dragosavac charge forward and get foot to it at 15 yards and goalie catches.
44 min...BSC Machado is tapped pass from left and his 22 yard shot is just over bar but wins cornerkick.
45 min...BSC Machado shot hits AV player in head and 15 yard rebound by BSC is chip flicked that's caught by goalie.
46 min...AV Sasso 50 yard low shot up middle is bounced to goalie.
46 min...half ends 1:38pm.

2nd Half:...starts 1:54pm.
halftime sub:...AV James replaces Adalbert.
45 min...AV Melo intercepts pass and quick 30 yard shot down middle is well over net.
46 min...BSC player's long throw-in from right wins cornerkick.
46 min...BSC player's cornerkick ends with shot and clearance. BSC Dragosavac shot from 12 yards wins cornerkick.
47 min...BSC Lindsay wins freekick on edge of box when tripped.
49 min...BSC Lindsay 20 yard freekick around wall and goalie catches near right post.
49 min...AV YELLOW card...Kouame-Assane earns it for tackle on charging BSC Hernandez at AV 25 yard line.
50 min...BSC Tabi blasts low 30 yard freekick from left that goalie smothers.
51 min...BSC YELLOW card...Bjelas earns it for tackle on AV De Sousa at BSC 35 yard line.
52 min...AV De Sousa blasts 35 yard freekick down middle that is eventually cleared from box.
53 min...BSC Stanojevic rush on right and blasts 30 yarder that's stopped.
54 min...AV James charges down right and low cross is through 6 yard box just step ahead of charging AV forwards.
55 min...AV Melo cornerkick from left is caught by goalie in crowd of players.
56 min...BSC Dragosavac blasts 28 yard shot through crowd of players just wide left of net.
57 min...AV sub...Szekely replaces De Sousa.
58 min...AV Sibalin long throw-in from right has AV James just miss connectcing on high 5 yard header.
59 min...AV YELLOW card...Vanderreyden earns it for knocking over BSC Lindsay on run at AV 30 yards.
60 min...BSC Machado 32 year freekick from left is cross to right that's intercepted.
60 min...BSC YELLOW card...Tabi earns it for high foot clearance that kicks AV Melo in face at BSC 35 yards.
61 min...AV Melo 35 yard freekick down middle is over net.
63 min...BSC Machado cross from 25 yards on right drifts behind net.
64 min...BSC Hernandez cornerkick from left has AV goalie miss on swat but BSC player shoots into right webbing of net from 5 yards.
65 min...AV sub...Janik replaces Douame-Assane.
66 min...BSC sub...Thomas replaces Mohammed.
67 min...BSC Tabi bends 35 yard shot between players and is caught by goalie.
68 min...AV sub...Paul replaces Vanderreyden.
69 min...BSC Nicholas Lindsay eludes players in middle and passes to BSC Judah Hernandez on left who rushes into box and AV Kurt Ramsay hip checks him. Referee Lyes Arfa calls for a Penalty kick.
70 min...BSC William Etchu Tabi GOAL...Tabi blasts Penalty kick to left that diving goalie gets hands to but momentum spins ball over and into net.
71 min...AV player's cornerkick from right is headed away.
72 min...AV Szekely 12 yard shot deflects for cornerkick.
73 min...AV Melo cornerkick from left has defender head ball away.
74 min...BSC Thomas blasts 25 yarder up middle has diving goalie smother on left post.
75 min...AV James rush down right and 7 yard low shot/cross near end line is blocked by diving goalie.
79 min...AV Melo rush on left and cross into 6 yard box just a step ahead of AV James.
82 min...AV Janik chips 35 yard cross from right is through players and bounces to goalie.
83 min...BSC Hernandez is injured in AV box with arm in face.
84 min...BSC sub...Ilic replaces Dragosavac.
85 min...AV Melo 30 yard freekick from left has closest defender head ball away.
87 min...BSC sub...Ali Mohammad replaces Machado.
.........BSC sub...Mustafa Mohammad replaces Tabi.
88 min...AV Melo cornerkick from right is into box and player steps on fallen goalie on left post but wins cornerkick.
89 min...AV player's cornerkick from left has defender head ball away.
90 min...AV Sasso 40 yard kick between players up middle and shot is wide left.
91 min...AV Melo bends 30 yard cross from right and goalie catches.
93 min...BSC Ali Mohammad 35 yard blast down middle is just over bar.
83 min...game ends 2:42pm.

Final Score:.......Astros Vasas FC...........0............Burlington SC..........2..............

Attendance was about 40 on this game that had to be rescheduled earlier in the week because of the damage done to their home stadium. The weather was hot and sunny. There was a sound system rigged up but no timer/scoreboard.

The game was moved here and the time changed from 4:00pm. Astros have played here within the last few years when Esther Shiner Stadium was being renovated. TFC Academy used this field and an adjacent field last year when they were playing in the CSL.

Nicholas Lindsay was a force throughout the game. He played on the MLS Toronto FC last year after being out injured for more than a year but was cut during the offseason.

Astros were missing their tall forward Tristan Watson who was serving a suspension for being Red carded during their game against Toronto Croatia last Saturday when they hung on to a 3-3 tie for a second positive result after beating Serbian white Eagles 1-0 the week before which was the day before the storm knocked out their stadium. Today Jose Melo paired up with Horvat Adalbert but it wasn't near the same. Midfielder Sandar Varga had to be replaced at just 8 minutes after picking up an injury.

Vladimir Vujasinovic earned the shutout for Burlington. He had a few key saves to make.

Referee Lyes Arfa gave out four Yellow cards to Astros and two to Burlington from what I counted in a game that did get rough at times.

Best non-scoring chances were at 29 minutes when BSC Mohammed Mohammed crossed from the right to BSC Nicholas Lindsay on the left and his short pass had the flying BSC Judah Hernandez miss connecting on a header at 12 yards. 44 minutes had BSC Marco Machado receive a tapped pass from the left and his 22 yard shot was just over the bar but wins a cornerkick. 49 minutes had BSC Lindsay's 20 yard freekick fly around the player wall but the goalie caught it near the right post. 54 minutes had AV David James charge down the right and send in a low cross through the 6 yard box just a step ahead of some charging players. 58 minutes had AV Robin Sibalin take a long throw-in from the right and AV James just missed connecting on a high 5 yard header. 75 minutes had AV James rush down the right to near the end line and his 7 yard low shot/cross was blocked by the diving goalie. 79 minutes had AV Joey Melo rush on the left and his cross into the 6 yard box was just a step ahead of AV James.

The artificial turf at Esther Shiner Stadium has buckled during the storm of Monday the 8th. Tenders are still being taken in for who will do the repairs. This is the same situation for the closing of Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke (home of both Toronto Croatia and Serbian White Eagles)--when I first saw the damage at Centennial I thought it was just the flooded dressing rooms.

Burlington was in a tie for 8th place before this game. Their record improves to 4 wins, 6 losses, 0 ties and they move up to a tie for 7th. [spoiler alert: because of the time of this game being moved earlier, I was able to see two games today and saw Brampton City beat St Catharines--the other 8th place team]. Astros record falls to 2 wins, 8 losses, 2 ties.

Rocket Robin

Astros Vasas FC starters

Burlington SC starters

BSC William Etchu Tabi (6) and AV Kurt Damian Ramsey (14) at coin toss.

BSC Nicholas Lindsay (11) and Mohammed Mohammed (9) take opening kickoff.

ball is popped up in BSC box

players jump for ball

BSC Marco Machado (7) readies for shot.

AV Horvat Adalbert (9) and Sandor Varga (11) take second half kickoff.

BSC Nicholas Lindsay (11) takes freekick.

BSC William Etchu Tabi (6) takes Penalty kick.

BSC Chris Thomas (19) gets ready to shoot with AV Kurt Damian Ramsey (14) in his way.

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