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Result and details of the Sunday September 1st, 2013 CSL game between Brampton City United and Astros Vasas FC played at Victoria Park in Brampton at 5:30pm.

Brampton City United (all white, gold numbers, blue trim)

...................1 Camilo Benzi
18 Reisandri Fernandez-Cervantes...2 Thomas McLean...23 Mirko Medic (cpt)...16 Tarik Robertson
11 Oscar Cordon...22 Adrian Tismenar...12 Kevin McIntosh...10 David Velastagui
...........7 Milos Scepanovic...8 Stephen Mark Hall

Subs:...00 Eugenio Garro (gk)...4 Mark Jankovic (def)...17 Mohamed Diaby (def)...19 Olamilekan Jhon Fatoki (mid)...21 Leaford Allen (fwd)
...24 David Guzman (mid)...69 Alex Braletic (fwd)
team officials:...manager Michael DiMatteo...assistant coaches Juan J Barreto

Astros Vasas FC (all black, gold numbers, white trim)

...................1 Matt George
6 Jevon Vanderreyden...14 Kurt Damion Ramsey...13 Antoine Paul...3 Vincenzo Sasso
.........18 Karoly Csak...7 Kevin Dhillon...5 Jose Laudelino Goncalves De Sousa
.........11 Eric Luptak...10 Jose Melo (cpt)...21 David James

Subs:...12 Laszio Barna (gk)...2 Dominik Kaali (def)...4 Robert Christian Maria (def)...8 Adam Simon (def)...9 Adalbert Horvath (fwd)
...15 Robin Sibalin (mid)...17 Evan James (fwd)
team officials:...assistant coaches Gerardo Lezcano...manager Bruno Ierullo

Game officials:...referee Steve Depiero...referee's assistants Fabrizio Stasolla and Michael Bradley...fourth official Michael Stenbring
...(neon yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 5:39pm...BCU defends east end.
30 sec...AV player's 50 yard freekick from right has BCU McLean head ball away.
1 min...BCU goalie beats AV De Sousa to through ball pass to smother on left side of box.
4 min...AV goalie out of box to head ball away from charging BCU Cordon at 22 yards.
9 min...BCU Velastagui 40 yard freekick from left has popped up header at 15 yards and goalie catches at 5 yards.
10 min...AV Melo 40 yard freekick from left over players in box but charging AV Paul heads ball at 8 yards on end line wide right.
13 min...AV De Sousa cross from 20 yards on left over players in box but charging AV Paul heads ball at 8 yards on end line wide right.
13 min...BCU goalie catches 60 yard freekick from right in crowd of players in box.
17 min...AV Ramsey 40 yard chip down middle has goalie beat AV David James to catch at 15 yards.
20 min...BCU Hall charges to 20 yards near right end line with defender but cross is behind net.
23 min...BCU goalie charges out to 30 yards to head ball over AV David James to break up forward pass down middle.
24 min...BCU YELLOW card...Medic earns it for tackle on AV De Sousa at BCU 40 yards.
25 min...AV Melo 45 yard freekick down middle is over players in box and wide left for goalkick.
29 min...BCU Velastagui cornerkick from right has charging BCU McLean run up middle and head 6 yarder over net.
30 min...AV Sasso is cut open in collision with face badly bleeding above his eye.
35 min...AV Melo forward pass from 40 yards has goalie charge to edge of box to pick up ball in front of charging AV player.
36 min...AV Ramsey rush to pass on right and his 25 yard low cross is through BCU 6 yard box unplayed.
37 min...BCU Hall low 22 yard shot through crowd of players up middle has goalie catch.
37 min...Injured AV Sasso finally returns to the game.
38 min...Astros Eric Luptak GOAL...AV Jose Laudelino Goncalves De Sousa low cross from 28 yards on left has Luptak in crowd of players shoot 7 yarder on right forward into right side of net.
38 min...BCU YELLOW card...goalie Benzi earns it for hand ball as he hoofed away bouncer at BCU 30 yard line.
39 min...AV Melo tap around of short cross is wasted at BCU 30 yards with no shot taken.
41 min...BCU YELLOW card...either Cordon or Velastagui earns it for knock down of AV Ramsey at AV 40 yards.
44 min...BCU McLean 35 yard freekick from left is just wide left of net after two players run by.
47 min...AV Luptak 50 yard freekick from right is high and wide left of net.
47 min...half ends 6:26pm.

2nd Half:...starts 6:41pm.
halftime subs:...BCU Guzman replaces Fernandez-Cervantes.
................AV Evan James replaces David James.
47 min...BCU Tismenar takes 25 yard roller up middle as he slides and the shot is smothered by goalie.
49 min...BCU player gets short pass on right and his 15 yard shot deflects off goalie at 6 yards. BCU Velastagui backheels pass from 12 yards across box and defender clears.
52 min...AV De Sousa cornerkick from left has goalie catch in crowd of players and fast punt upfield has BCU Scepanovic not able to win freekick at AV 35 yard line as he was held back between two defenders up middle.
55 min...AV Evan James gets short pass forward on left and cuts towards goal at 25 yards and goalie makes point blank save from 8 yards on left.
58 min...BCU Cordon can't win penalty kick call on rush into left side of box.
58 min...AV goalie makes stand up save on line of a 10 yard shot from the right.
61 min...BCU Cordon shows good dribbling on the left and taps a pass to BCU Velastagui who crosses from 20 yards and BCU Scepanovic tips header from 7 yards that goalie swats wide right.
62 min...BCU Hall cross from left has BCU Tismenar blast 15 yard shot down middle well over net and into parking lot.
64 min...BCU Thomas McLean GOAL...A BCU player's cross from 30 yards on the left is tipped around in box and McLean blasts 15 yarder from right into top left corner of net past goalie Matt George.
66 min...BCU Tismenar 20 yard shot from right is across face of goal and wide left of net.
67 min...BCU Cordon passes over to BCU Hall and his cross from 25 yards on left has BCU Scepanovic pop up 10 yard header that goalie catches on right post.
68 min...AV Luptak bursts up middle through two pairs of players but is stopped by the second pair on edge of BCU box.
69 min...AV Melo 20 yard cross through box from left has defender clear.
70 min...BCU Robertson rush up left and rolls 15 yard shot to goalie on left post.
71 min...BCU Robertson rush up left and this time his 18 yard blast is just wide left of net.
73 min...BCU Guzman freekick from 35 yards on right dips just over bar.
74 min...AV Melo blasts 30 yard shot through players and ball is stopped.
75 min...BCU Hall receives short cornerkick from right and 20 yard shot from right has goalie push away shot.
77 min...BCU Guzman cornerkick from right is short to BCU McLean on right and his 25 yard shot has goalie fist ball away.
78 min...BCU Hall rolls ball forward from 28 yards up middle that BCU Scepanovic hesitates to run for and goalie picks up ball.
79 min...BCU Cordon blasts 40 yard freekick down middle off face in player wall then shoots low 40 yard shot through players wide right of net.
81 min...BCU Hall rush on left and cross from 35 yards is into middle and BCU Scepanovic spears down ball with foot then chips 15 yarder over goalie and just over net.
83 min...BCU RED card...Mirko Medic earns his second Yellow card for a handball near the center line.
84 min...Astros Jose Melo GOAL...AV Eric Luptak at 40 yards crosses to Melo who shoots 30 yarder from left low that diving goalie Camilo Benzi gets a hand to but he pushes ball into right corner of net.
86 min...AV Sasso is injured at AV 30 yards near sideline.
87 min...BCU McLean long throw-in from left has defender clear ball from box.
88 min...AV goalie falls foward to stop ball crossed into box.
88 min...BCU sub...Jankovic replaces Tismenar.
89 min...BCU McLean quick throw-in from left to BCU Hall who snakes 25 yard kick from left that goalie palms over net.
89 min...BCU Velastagui cornerkick from left has goalie on right fumble catch but defender clears.
90 min...AV Sibalin (I didn't notice when he came into the game) rolls pass on left forward to AV Melo whose roller from 30 yards saved wide right diving goalie.
91 min...AV YELLOW card...Dhillon earns it for pull down at AV 50 yards.
92 min...BCU McIntosh 55 yard yard freekick down middle has flying BCU goalie head 8 yarder just wide left of the AV net. (Yes that was BCU Benzi in the AV box).
93 min...BCU RED card...Thomas McLean earns direct ejection for complaining about throw-in call awarded by referee Steve Depiero. (He'd complained about other calls and non-calls before this one).
94 min...game ends 7:30pm.

Final Score:.....Brampton City United..........1..................Astros Vasas..........2...........

Attendance was about 125 by halftime after a slow build caused by the threat of rain from an hour before game time although it never got started during the game.

The game started off very slowly with few chances by either team in the first 30 minutes. The last 30 minutes of the game was just the opposite with end to end action. A goalie would make a save and punt the ball upfield for his team to then get a fast break.

Best non-scoring chances were at 29 minutes when BCU David Velastegui took a cornerkick from the right and the charging BCU Thomas McLean headed a 6 yarder over the bar. At 44 minutes McLean took a 35 yard freekick that was just wide left of the net with two players just missing connecting. 55 minutes had AV Evan James receive a short pass forward on the left and he cut towards goal at 25 yards and took a shot from 12 yards that the goalie made a point blank save at 8 yards on the left. 58 minutes had the AV goalie make a stand up save on the goal line of a 10 yard shot from the right. 61 minutes and BCU Oscar Cordon on a good dribbling run on the left and he tapped a pass to BCU David Velastagui who crossed from 20 yards and BCU Milos Scepanovic tipped a header from 7 yards that the goalie swatted wide right of the post. 81 minutes had BCU David Guzman rush on the left and cross from 35 yards into the middle and BCU Scepanovic speared the ball down with his foot then chipped a 15 yarder over goalie and just over net. 92 minutes had BCU Kevin McIntosh take a 55 yard freekick down the middle that had the flying BCU goalie head an 8 yarder just wide left of the AV net. (Yes that was BCU Camilo Benzi going airbourne in the AV box).

Camilo Benzi was back in the BCU goal after a lengthly suspension and played net like a sweeper as he often charged out 25 or 30 yards to make a clearance before the AVs could set up. He was almost sent off at 38 minutes when he was out to 30 yards to hoof away a bouncing ball and mistimed his kick and the ball hit him on the arm but he ended up with only a Yellow card. He had to make some good saves. AV goalie Matt George I'd never seen before but he was a stand-up goalie who didn't slide or dive often to make saves.

BCU played their recent signing Oscar Cordon for the entire 90 minutes in midfield. He started off slow like the rest of the team but looked better in the second half. He played for Toronto FC of MLS for the 2010 and 2011 season. He joins ex-TFC (2007) teammate David Guzman who subbed in during the second half and also played in the midfield. The hero of the game though was Astros ex-TFC player Joey Melo (2007) who scored today's winning goal. A BCU teammate said before the game that Cordon who is only 22 can't get a scholarship at NCAA because of once being signed to a pro contract and his only hope is to wait for a call from overseas. I hadn't seen Oscar since last year when I said hello when he was watching his younger brother Allan play for the North York Astros.

BCU waste an opportunity to keep pace with leading Kingston. They stay in 2nd place but are four points behind and now only have one game in hand. Their record is 12 wins, 4 losses, 0 ties. Astros jump up from 9th to 8th with a record now of 5 wins, 10 losses, 2 ties although they could be back to 9th as Burlington is playing a game later tonight and might flip back over them.

Rocket Robin

BCU starters

Astros starters

Astros Vincenzo Sasso (3) can't keep ball in bounds.

Astros Eric Luptak (11) on rush.

Astros Vincenzo Sasso (3) ready to cross through box.

midfield action

Astros Vincenzo Sasso (3) is tended to by trainer after being cut open above the eye.

BCU Milos Scepanovic (7) and Adrian Tismenar (22) take second half kickoff.

Astros Jose Laudelino Goncalves De Sousa (5) sends in cornerkick.

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