October 6, 2013 CSL--details of Sunday games (from CSL website)

YORK REGION CAPTURES RUNNER-UP SPOT.....Extraordinary Astros Vasas game well worth 
the price of admission

There were two First Division games to end the CSL regular season Sunday, with 
York Region Shooters gaining the runner-up position with a 1-0 victory over 
Kingston FC and Astros Vasas ended on a winning note with a 4-1 win 
over Windsor Stars.

The Astros Vasas 4-1 defeat of Windsor Stars at Esther Shiner Stadium Sunday 
afternoon is a once in a while story that befits the last day of the regular 
season, a game in which a goalkeeper scored a goal and a player who scored two 
goals also received two yellow cards, but only after he scored one of his 
goals directly from the centre spot to resume the game following half-time.

Matthew George, the goalkeeper for Astros Vasas opened the scoring for the 
home side from the penalty spot, a penalty ordered by referee Justin Tasev 
at the 40th minute mark, but midfielder Adam Philip of Windsor Stars tied 
the game 1-1 four minutes later, the score at the break.

Astros’ forward Jose Melo gained most of the attention in a game of unusual 
circumstances, however, when he resumed play for the second half at the 
centre circle by driving the ball straight at the opposing side’s goal 
– and scored. Windsor goalkeeper Josh Rogers was unable to stop the shot 
and it entered the net to give Astros Vasas a 2-1 lead.

Enio Perruzza, the game announcer, recalled after the final whistle that the 
last time he’s aware of a goal being scored from the centre circle when a game 
is being re-started, was in 1988. “It was Hector Marinaro who did it, he was 
playing for the Toronto Blizzard and he noticed the opposing goalkeeper wasn’t 
paying attention – one kick and it sailed into the net,” he said. Argentine-born 
Marinaro was one of the great imports of Canadian soccer with a professional 
background in Europe, South and Central America.

Astros Vasas increased their lead to 3-1 with a goal from forward Evan James 
at 53 minutes and Melo scored his second and Astros’ fourth at 83 minutes before 
receiving a second caution – a second yellow card - then shown the red card 
by referee Tasev.

Astros’ fans who enjoyed the unusual event were heard to ask the date of the 
next game with the Astros. Next spring, they were told on leaving the ground.

Francisco Javier Perez scored the only goal for York Region Shooters in their 
1-0 victory over Kingston FC at Maple, just north of Toronto, the last game 
of the regular season. The goal came at the 8th minute mark when Perez took 
a pass from Richard West to drive the ball into the net from 10 yards to the 
left of Kingston goalkeeper Jaroslav Tesar.

Stan Adamson
Director of CSL Media

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