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Result and details of the Friday October 11, 2013 CSL game between York Region Shooters and London City played at St Joan of Arc CHS in Vaughan at 8:00pm. This was a one game quarterfinal playoff game.

York Region Shooters (sky blue socks and shirts, black shorts and numbers)

.....................01 Emauelle Ameltonis
14 Tristan Jackman...3 Rick Herron...8 Dino Gardener...6 Fitzroy Christey
.........77 Desmond Humphrey...2 Gerard Ladiyou...99 Ryan Dummett
...........7 Richard Edwards...11 Kadian Lecky...20 Richard West

Subs:...00 Adrian Ibanez (gk)...15 Francisco Javier Perez (mid)...18 Wilson Martinez (def)...19 Oseald Adu (fwd) ...21 Darryl Gomez (mid)
...23 Mario Orestano (mid)
team officials:...head coach John Pacione...medical staff Roger Menta...president Tony DiThomasis

London City (red socks and shirts, black shorts, white numbers and sides)

......................1 Vladimir Markotic
38 Adam Magier...4 Rade Novkovic...30 Younan Samra...11 Branislav Vukomanovic
13 Gent Miftari...5 Tonci Pirija...15 Nenad Begovic...36 Robert Mutambala
...........24 Marin Vucemilovic Grgic...9 Aldin Kukic

Subs:...12 Jovan Stefan Brudiu (gk)...6 Jefferson Omide Agaiha (def)...8 Slavko Nenadov (def)...17 Justin Marques (def)
...27 Alseeni Mohamed (def)...18 Brandon Barbosa (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Tomo Danicevic...manager Jasmin Halkic...assistant coach Kathleen Nurse

Gaem officials:...referee Manuel Orellano...referee's assistants Saman Sahraeinejad and Lubisa Vrljes...fourth official David Barrie
(neon red shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 8:20pm...YRS defend north end. It's already dark and cool and getting colder.
1 min...YRS West rush down left and 25 yard cross is behind net.
2 min...LC Kukic 20 yard low shot is deflected wide right of net.
4 min...YRS Edwards rush on right and 25 yard shot is wide right.
5 min...YRS Humphrey pass forward on right to YRS Lecky and rush and crosses along 6 yard box just a step behind charging YRS West.
6 min...YRS Humphrey rush on right and low cross to YRS Lecky but blocked at 12 yards.
8 min...YRS West rush on left and cross to YRS Lecky in middle who heads 8 yarder wide right of net.
8 min...YRS defender gets good poke at ball to break up pass at YRS 12 yards.
9 min...LC Vucemilovic Grgic rush to through ball at 40 yards and TC Herron pokes ball away at 15 yards even with him giving up cornerkick.
9 min...LC player's cornerkick from right has defender on right head ball away.
13 min...YRS Humphrey low 25 yard shot has defender deflect wide left of net.
13 min...YRS player's work out short cornerkick from left and cross into box and YRS West heads ball over bar from 10 yards.
15 min...YRS goalie catches cross from 25 yards.
17 min...LC goalie rush wide left to clear ball before YRS West can get to it.
18 min...YRS Lecky runs and crosses from right over box.
19 min...YRS Humphrey freekick from 40 yards on far right has YRS player on left at 6 yards deflect ball wide left for goalkick on jump.
22 min...YRS Jackman is injured when LC Begovic collides with him chasing ball rolling towards YRS 35 yards.
24 min...YRS Lecky gets through ball at 40 yards on right anger LC Samra misses it and rush and takes low 18 yard shot from right that goalie makes slide to block at 4 yards. YRS Herron punts 60 yards skyball wide right of net on one bounce.
25 min...LC player's cornerkick from right has LC Mutambala pop up header on edge of box that's cleared.
29 min...YRS Lecky bursts around LC players at 30 yards on hand ball and runs to middle and 20 yard shot deflected wide left for cornerkick off defender.
29 min...YRS Edwards cornerkick from left has YRS Lecky head 10 yarder wide right of net.
32 min...YRS Ladiyou rolls ball up middle through defenders from 40 yards and YRS West rushes on right and shoots 20 yarder wide right.
35 min...YRS Edwards cross from left has YRS West on right shoot over net from 18 yards.
36 min...LC Pirija quickly takes 50 yard freekick from left that goalie catches high and left post.
38 min...YRS Jackman 25 yard shot between players in middle is caught by goalie.
39 min...YRS Dummett threads pass that has LC Novkovic knock away for cornerkick from YRS Lecky at 12 yards to prevent shot.
40 min...YRS Humphrey cornerkick from right is over box and YRS wins cornerkick on left.
40 min...YRS Christey cocrnerkick from left has defender head ball out of box.
43 min...LC Begovic bends 30 yard freekick from left over players on right side of box and ball is out for goalkick.
45 min...YRS Edwards 45 yard freekick is rolled forward to YRS player and cross to middle has YRS Edwards pushed easily off ball and no Penalty kick is given.
46 min...half ends 9:06pm.

Halftime: I confirm it would be silver ball overtime (2 15 minute periods then if it's still tied, a shootout). It was officials from Toronto Croatia who knew this after initial confusion by YRS staff). Then I informed the camera guys to budget their film.

2nd Half:...starts 9:23pm.
50 min...LC Begovic cornerkick from right is over players in box.
50 min...LC Vucemilovic Grgic blasts 28 yarder up middle that hits underside of football goalpost which is two feet above the soccer bar. LC Vucemilovic Grgic cheers for his goal until he realizes what's happened.
51 min...LC Begovic 35 yard freekick from left has YRS Herron head ball away in box.
54 min...LC Mutambala low 20 yard shot from left has goalie dive to right to push wide of net.
54 min...YRS YELLOW card...A player earns it for either dissent or a delay or a pull down.
55 min...LC Begovic cornerkick from right is headed away by YRS Christey.
55 min...YRS goalie catches 20 yard chip from right.
56 min...YRS Edwards cornerkick from right is knocked around in box. YRS Ladiyou 10 yard blasts is blocked by defender.
57 min...LC Begovic is injured at LC 30 yard line.
58 min...YRS sub...Perez replaces Dummett.
60 min...LC Begovic 35 yard freekick from right has LC Vukomanovic run past ball on left post trying for header.
61 min...LC player's cross from has LC Miftari cross from 20 yards is cleared by defender.
62 min...YRS Perez midair scissor kick from 25 yards has defender block.
65 min...LC Vucemilovic Grgic is injured away from play.
66 min...LC Begovic 40 yard freekick from right has defender clear. LC player low 40 yard rebound has defender tip wide left for cornerkick.
68 min...LC Vucemilovic Grgic blasts tipped off YRS Christey for cornerkick.
69 min...LC Begovic cornerkick from right bounces through box unplayed.
72 min...YRS sub...Orestano replaces Lecky.
73 min...YRS Christey sliding tackle injures LC Magier at LC 35 yards.
74 min...YRS Edwards cross from 35 yards on far right has YRS West twist header from 15 yards that goalie catches.
76 min...LC YELLOW card...Magier earns it for sliding tackle on YRS Christey at center line.
78 min...YRS YELLOW card...Humphrey earns it for blasting freekick before whistled near LC bench.
78 min...YRS Orestano 35 yard freekick from right wins cornerkick on left on tip.
79 min...YRS Edwards cornerkick from left has YRS player's header from 15 yards headed away by defender at 7 yards.
80 min...YRS Orestano 30 yard freekick on right has LC Magier head behind end line.
81 min...YRS Edwards cornerkick from left has defender head wide right of net.
81 min...YRS Orestano cornerkick from right has defender head away on left.
82 min...YRS Perez fed pass on right and 20 yards shot tipped wide right by defender.
83 min...YRS Edwards cornerkick from right has YRS Herron head 15 yarder that goalie stops.
84 min...YRS player's cornerkick from right works out short from right and goalie picks up 25 yard shot at 15 yards.
84 min...YRS Humphrey is injured at LC 50 yards on ankle clip.
88 min...YRS Edwards 35 yard freekick is cleared from box.
89 min...YRS Edwards is injured charging for ball on that clearance.
90 min...YRS Edwards 30 yard freekick from right has goalie punch away on left side of box.
91 min...YRS Perez cross from 20 yards on left has LC Begovic concede cornerkick.
92 min...YRS Humphrey cornerkick from left has YRS Herron head 8 yarder in crowd of players that just bounces wide right of net.
93 min...LC Begovic is injured at YRS 50 yard line.
93 min...LC Begovic 40 yard chip from left bounces wide left of net.
94 min...half ends 10:12pm.

Regulation time: York Region Shooters..........0.........London City.......0.........

1st Overtime: (15 minutes Silver Goal)...starts 10:17pm...YRS defends north end.
91 min...YRS West rolls 22 yard shot from left that goalie smothers on left post.
92 min...LC Magier is injured in LC box when they concede cornerkick.
92 min...LC sub...Marques replaces injured Magier.
94 min...YRS player shoots wide right from 15 yards although the offside flag was up.
96 min...YRS Ladiyou kicks ball away for cornerkick when LC Vucemilovic Grgic beats YRS goalie who misses ball on edge of box.
101 min...YRS Edwards taps pass he'd received to YRS West who shoots 15 yard roller wide left of net.
102 min...YRS West slips at LC 6 yards and hand touches ball as he taps pass back to YRS Perez who shoots 15 yarder off post but the hand ball was finally called.
103 min...LC Begovic 35 yard freekick from right has defender knock ball wide out left side of box. LC Kukic is injured on edge of box on play.
105 min...LC Samra 40 yard cross fromleft bounces wide right of net for goalkick.
105 min...YRS Tristan Jackman on right does step-overs against defender at 25 yards until he runs by him and defender pulls him down inside box on shoulder grab. Referee Manuel Orellano calls a Penalty kick.
106 min...YRS Richard West shoots Penalty kick low to right and diving goalie Vladimir Markotic stops low on right and YRS player crosses from 10 yards on right and defender clears.
108 min...half ends.

2nd Overtime: (15 minutes Silver Goal)...105 min.
109 min...London Aldin Kukic GOAL...LC Branislav Vukomanovic rushes on right and rolls pass to center where Kukic kicks low shot up middle from 10 yards to right corner of net past diving goalie Emanuelle Ameltonis.
110 min...LC YELLOW card...Kukic earns it for tearing off his shirt to celebrate the goal.
111 min...YRS Herron 28 yard scissor kick from left bounces to goalie.
114 min...YRS player's kick bounces through box for goalie to grab.
116 min...YRS Edwards bends in 30 yard cross from left that goalie catches after YRS couldn't win hard ball sliding tackle by defender.
117 min...LC Samra is forced to concede cornerkick when goalie lets ball past him and YRS player crosses ball into box.
117 min...YRS sub...Gomez replaces Edwards.
118 min...LC Mutambala is injured at LC 35 yard line.
119 min...YRS Mario Orestano GOAL...Richard West chips pass from 25 yards on right and Orestano lobs 15 yard shot up middle into center of goal just under bar.
119 min...YRS YELLOW card...Orestano earns it for tearing off his shirt celebrating goal.
120 min...LC sub...Barbosa replaces injured Mutambala.
120 min...LC player tries to lob kick right from the kickoff but shot is wide. (must be the legend of the Jose Melo goal from last week at the Astros Vasas game must have made the rounds).
122 min...half ends.

Penalty kicks:
1. YRS Francisco Javier Perez blasts shot that goalie palms over net on left side.
1. London Marin Vucemilovic Grgic GOAL...Grgic blasts low to left corner as goalie dives to left but ball is under him.
2. YRS Dino Gardener GOAL...Gardener shoots low to left as goalie dives right.
2. London Tonci Pirija GOAL...Pirija shoots to left side of goal and goalie slides right.
3. YRS Fitzroy Christie blasts shot just over middle of bar as goalie dives right.
3. London Branislav Vukomanovic GOAL...Vukomanovic shot is high to left side of net as goalie flies to right.
4. YRS Darryl Gomez GOAL...Gomez stutter steps to ball then shoots to left side of net as goalie dives right.
4. London Younan Samra GOAL...Samra blasts shot to left as goalie slides right.

Final Score:.....York Region Shooters.....1.........London City......1.....
After Extra time, London City wins 4-2 on Penalty kicks.

Attendance was about 120 on this cool night with the temperatures cooling rapidly as the game wore on. I'm glad I was wearing my parka.

This was a one game Quarterfinal game with the seventh seed London City upsetting the second seed Shooters. The game was delayed by 20 minutes to allow London to properly warm up because of traffic problems for the visitors.

Shooters had the advantage for most of regulation time except from the start of the second half to the 70 minute mark but they couldn't score. Richard West was tied for second in the CSL scoring race with 19 goals so the team couldn't have made a better choice to take the Penalty kick. Their defence played solid and really limited London to a handful of chances. They couldn't win a second Penalty kick with a few close looks for handball by defenders in the London box.

The game had some rough challenges but referee Manuel Orellano gave out few cards and that was for the really dangerous challenges causing injury. Two exceptions were Yellows to each goal scorer in the overtime for pulling his shirt off and waving them around as he charged down the field to celebrate.

Best non-scoring chances were at 8 minutes when YRS Richard West rushed on the left and crossed to YRS Kadian Lecky who charged down the middle and headed an 8 yarder wide right. 24 minutes had Lecky get a through ball at 40 yards on the right after LC Younan Samra whiffed at a clearance and Lecky rushed forward and took a low 18 yard shot that the goalie made a sliding save to block at 4 yards. 50 minutes had LC Grgic blast a 28 yarder up the middle that hit the underside of the football goal post that was 2 feet above the soccer bar. 54 minutes and LC Robert Mutambala's low 20 yard shot from the left had the goalie dive to the right to push the ball wide of the post. 92 minutes (2nd half) and YRS Desmond Humphrey's cornerkick from the left had YRS Ricky Herron head an 8 yarder in a crowd of players that just bounced wide right of the post.

London moves on to the semi-final for another road game and an opponent to be determined based on other results this weekend but most likely would be 1st seeded Kingston FC.

Rocket Robin

York Region Shooters starters

London City starters

YRS Kadian Lecky (11) and Richard West (20) take opening kickoff.

YRS Desmond Humphrey (77) takes freekick.

LC Nenad Begovic (15) gets ready for freekick but YRS Richard Edwards (7) will have to back up.

LC players defend YRS freekick.

LC Aldin Kukic (9) and Marin Vucemilovic Grgic (24) kickoff first overtime half.

YRS Richard West (20) lines up Penalty kick at 106 minutes.

LC player puts ball dsown for Penalty kick.

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