November 2, 2013--CSL Award Winners (from CSL website)

Toronto Croatia most honoured on awards night

Kingston FC and Toronto Croatia took most of the honours at the Canadian Soccer League’s 
annual banquet held at the Sheraton Hotel, Niagara Falls Saturday night, a prelude 
to the league’s two championship games set for the Kalar Sports Park a short 
distance away Sunday.

Guillaume Surot, a striker with Kingston, was presented with three awards, including 
the coveted Most Valuable Player trophy after scoring 28 goals in regular season play. 
A first year player in the CSL Surot, 25, also earned the Rookie of the Year award.

The MVP award for the best player in the CSL’s Second Division went to Yonan Samara 
of London City, while Mademba Ba, a prolific forward in the Kingston reserve team 
with 17 goals was the leading goalscorer.

Kingston, this year’s winner of the CSL First Division, was presented with six awards 
and Toronto Croatia, which won the CSL Second Division took away five.

The awards:
First Division:
Winner: Kingston FC, Runners-up: York Region Shooters
Most Valuable Player: Guillaume Surot (Kingston FC)
Top Goalscorer: Guillaume Surot (Kingston FC)
Goalkeeper of the Year: Antonio Ilic (Toronto Croatia)
Defender of the Year: Sven Arapovic (Toronto Croatia)
Rookie of the Year: Guillaume Surot (Kingston FC)
Coach of the Year: Colm Muldoon(Kingston FC)
Second Division
Winner: Toronto Croatia B
Runners-up: Niagara United B
Most Valuable Player: Yonan Samara (London City B)
Top Goalscorer: Mademba Ba (Kingston FC B)
Goalkeeper of the Year: Roy Seaboyer (Brampton City Utd B)
Defender of the Year: Daniel Stoker (Toronto Croatia B)
Rookie of the Year: Mykola Chachula (Toronto Croatia B)
Coach of the Year: George Jenkins (Toronto Croatia B)

Referee of the Year: Justin Tasev
Harry Paul Gauss Award: Pino Jazbec
The Fair Play and Respect Award: SC Waterloo

Added following Sunday's games:
CSL Champions: SC Waterloo SC
CSL Second Division Champions: SC Waterloo B

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