November 3, 2013 CSL--Result of Division 1 and 2 Finals (from CSL website)

CHAMPIONSHIP DOUBLE FOR WATERLOO........ First time a club has won both titles

SC Waterloo won the Canadian Soccer League championship with a 3-1 victory over 
Kingston FC at the Kalar Sports Park at Niagara Falls, Ontario Sunday afternoon 
to follow an earlier victory for the club’s reserve team which captured the CSL 
Second Division championship. It’s the first time a CSL club has won both titles

The two First Division sides produced a fast-paced entertaining encounter which 
ended the six-month long CSL season and while Kingston were favoured to win 
following their impressive First Division winning campaign, the team from 
southwestern Ontario controlled the midfield for much of the game to eventually 
come through with the victory.

Defender Vladimir Zelenbaba opened the scoring for Waterloo at 30 minutes when 
he volleyed a knee high hard cross from the left wing to find the net past Kingston 
goalkeeper Jaroslav Tesar for a 1-0 score at the break.

Kingston midfielder Nathan Klemencic tied the game 1-1 at 60 minutes with a low 
shot from 18 yards, but Zelanbaba scored his second goal to put Waterloo in the 
lead 2-1 at the 74th minute mark.

Waterloo went further ahead by a 3-1 score at 81 minutes when a deflection off 
a Kingston defender struck the cross bar and went straight to Harris Fazlagic 
who headed into the net and the score held to the final whistle.

It completed the double for Waterloo with an earlier in the day Second Division 
championship win by the Waterloo reserve team which defeated Toronto Croatia 
Reserves, 2-0. Waterloo goals were scored by forward Erwin Uzunovic, who found 
the net from 20 yards from a pass by Mohamed Aborig, and Mohammed-Ali Heydarpour 
made it 2-0 at 88 minutes - the Waterloo forward found the net after collecting 
a pass from midfielder Edward Syllie.

Waterloo head coach Lazo Dzepina attributed his side’s championship win 
to a determination to be successful by strengthening the First Division team 
and a resolve to be ready for a game with high-scoring Kingston. 

“We added two important players and following a regular season loss to Kingston 
we worked on a number of things to give us a good chance if we were to meet this 
team in the playoffs and It all came together, ” said Dzepina following 
the final whistle.

Waterloo finished the regular season fifth in the First Division standings and 
defeated Brampton City Utd and Toronto Croatia in the playoffs, while Kingston 
ended the regular season on top as the league winner to follow-up with wins over 
Serbian White Eagles and London City on their way to the final.

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