Results and details of the Sunday November 3, 2013 CSL game between Kingston FC and SC Waterloo played at Kalar Sports Park in Niagara Falls at 2:30pm. This was the CSL Championship Final.

Kingston FC (navy socks and shorts, red shirts, white numbers)

...................30 Jaroslav Tesar
3 Rory Kennedy...6 Austin White (cpt)...5 Ryan McCurdy...17 Hugo Delmaire
7 Nathan Klemencic...32 Kenny Caceros...15 Jason Massie...12 Edgar Soglo
............23 Guillaume Surot...16 Catalin Lichioiu

Subs:...1 Yasuto Hoshiko (gk)...2 Tyalor Benjamin (def)...9 Mademba Ba (fwd)...11 Michael Smith (mid)...21 Tony El-Asmar (mid)
...28 Joey Pineo (mid)...29 Kihara Waiganjo (mid)
team officials:...head coach Colm Muldoon...assistant coaches Thomas Moran and Mike Akai...director Lorne Abugov

SC Waterloo (white socks and shirts, black shorts, blue numbers)

....................1 Imad Hakura
9 Shawn Brown...5 Dado Hadrovic...3 Nemanja Simeunovic...8 Mirza Colic
14 Adis Hasecic...4 Harris Fazlagic...6 Vladimir Zelenbaba...7 John Inglis...11 Ranko Golijanin
.....................10 Drazen Vukovic (cpt)

Subs:...12 Zoran Pusica (gk)...13 Dale Cudmore (def)...17 Darragh Roe (mid)...18 Edward Syllie (mid)...19 Mohammed-Ali Heydarpour (mid)
...20 David Muir (mid)...21 Thomas Sackor (def)
team officials:...head coach Lazo Dzepina...manager Vojislav Brisevac...physiotherapist Bojana Loncovic...director Tony Kocis

Game officials:...referee Justin Tasev...referee's assistants Michael Stenbring and Fabrizio Stasolia...fourth official David Barrie ...(all black uniforms, neon yellow trim)

1st Half:...game starts 2:46pm...KFC defends north end on this very cold afternoon with a bright sun in the south west.
1 min...SCW Fazlagic intercepts pass and takes low 28 yard shot up middle that's saved by the diving goalie.
3 min...SCW Simeunovic long throw-in from left is bounced through box.
5 min...SCW Zelenbaba slides and 8 yard shot tips off sliding goalie wide right for a cornerkick.
5 min...SCW Zelenbaba pops header from 12 yards over net after SCW Colic cornerkick from right.
6 min...SCW Zelenbaba low 28 yard shot through players is wide left of net.
7 min...SCW Vukovic blasts 20 yard shot that goalie catches.
8 min...SCW Vukovic has ball drop into KFC box and he spins and 15 yard shot is caught by goalie.
10 min...SCW Vukovic rush on right jumps over sliding goalie but ball is over end line wide right of net.
11 min...SCW Golijanin rolls through ball forward but goalie dives forward to smother.
14 min...SCW Vukovic has KFC Kennedy push ball over end line on check but wins freekick.
15 min...SCW Vukovic 20 yard freekick from left end line has ball fly over head of leaping SCW forward.
16 min...SCW defender makes key clearance of KFC cross from left into box.
17 min...SCW Vukovic taps pass from middle to SCW Golijanin at 15 yards and low shot from 15 yards is stopped point blank by goalie.
17 min...SCW YELLOW card...Kennedy earns it for grabbing at KFC player on rush at SCW 30 yards.
18 min...KFC Lichioiu 30 yard freekick down middle off head in player wall and ball deflects wide for cornerkick.
19 min...KFC Lichioiu cornerkick from right is low and nearest defender clears ball on edge of box.
20 min...SCW Brown passes forward to SCW player who has shot stopped.
20 min...SCW Simeunovic long throw-in from right is cleared from KFC box.
21 min...KFC Surot has 25 yard shot from right blocked then he crosses over box for throw-in.
22 min...SCW Vukovic taps pass forward and SCW Zelenbaba blasts 20 yard shot off defender.
22 min...SCW Colic cornerkick from left has ball cleared.
23 min...KFC Lichioiu cross from 28 yards on right is caught by goalie stepping forward.
24 min...SCW Hasecic 30 yard shot tips off defender and rolls to goalie.
25 min...KFC Massie 45 yard freekick from right has KFC McCurdy tip 25 yard header up middle wide left of net.
28 min...SCW Simeunovic long throw-in from left has SCW player head ball through box out right side.
30 min...SCW Vladimir Zelenbaba GOAL...SCW Drazen Vukovic pushes pass forward from 30 yards to SCW Ranko Golijanin at 20 yards on right and he crosses to center where Zelenbaba rushes between defenders to connect at 8 yards into center of net under bar past goalie Jaroslav Tesar.
31 min...KFC Soglo on rush rolls ball wide left over end line for goalkick.
35 min...KFC Surot flicks 18 yard header from middle getting KFC Lichioiu short cross pass from left and goalie flies over to catch at 10 yards.
37 min...KFC Surot shoots wide left from 22 yards on right.
39 min...KFC Massie quick freekick from 30 yards has KFC Lichioiu backheel pass onto his own knee over end line for SCW goalkick.
41 min...SCW Zelenbaba is injured at SCW 52 yard line with leg injury.
43 min...KFC Lichioiu cornerkick from right has defender in box head ball away.
45 min...SCW Fazlagic and SCW Vukovic on give and go ends with SCW Fazlagic having 16 yard shot attempt and he's injured as he and defender kick ball at the same time.
47 min...half ends 3:33pm.

Halftime Entertainment: Kids were invited on the field to play with an oversized soccer ball about three times bigger than a beach ball.

2nd Half:...starts 3:49pm.
46 min...KFC Klemencic crosses from right but he's already over the end line.
49 min...SCW Vukovic 40 yard freekick from left is over net.
51 min...SCW Simeunovic long throw-in from left has SCW player flick header from 12 yards and defender clears.
52 min...KFC Massie gets pass on left and 20 yard shot has SCW Brown block.
53 min...KFC Massie 22 yard freekick from left has charging KFC player miss header at 2 yards.
54 min...SCW Vukovic stops run on right and cuts 25 yard bender that leaping goalie palms over the net.
55 min...SCW Colic cornerkick from elft has goalie punch away on right post but play is whistled down.
56 min...SCW Vukovic on 2 on 1 after interception with SCW Zelenbaba and 20 yard shot is saved point blank by sliding goalie at 15 yards.
57 min...KFC YELLOW card...Soglo earns it for pushing over SCW Brown on run down right.
57 min...SCW Vukovic 30 yard freekick from right has defenders clear.
58 min...SCW Vukovic backheels pass and SCW Fazlagic blasts 30 yard shot up middle wide right of net.
60 min...KFC Nathan Klemencic GOAL...KFC Guillaume Surot on right rolls pass forward for Klemencic who rolls 15 yarder into right side of net under diving goalie Imad Hakura.
62 min...KFC Lichioiu is threaded through ball and his 18 yard shot is stopped point blank by sliding goalie.
63 min...KFC Klemencic rush on right and shot deflects off defender for cornerkick.
63 min...KFC player's cornerkick fronm right has scrambly play in box and goalie punches ball away from head of KFC player at 2 yards on right post.
64 min...SCW Vukovic 25 yard shot from left is caught by goalie.
66 min...SCW Zelenbaba cross to left has SCW Vukovic take 30 yard shot that's caught by goalie.
67 min...SCW goalie catches low 20 yard shot from left.
68 min...SCW Brown clears ball behind own net to prevent KFC Soglo from beating goalie to ball.
68 min...KFC Massie cornerkick from left has defender clear.
70 min...KFC Lichioiu receives short throw-in on right and runs it over end line.
72 min...SCW Vukovic cuts in from right across to center and has shot blocked.
73 min...SCW sub...Muir replaces Golijanin.
74 min...SCW Vladimir Zelenbaba GOAL...SCW Dado Hadrovic passes from near center over to Zelenbaba who takes 30 yard shot from right that bends inwardly around goalie and just inside left post.
75 min...KFC sub...Benjamin replaces injured KFC Delmaire.
76 min...SCW Colic is injured at SCW 50 yards.
79 min...SCW Harris Fazlagic GOAL...SCW Drazen Vukovic 35 yard freekick from right is forward to SCW Adis Hasecic on right end line crosses from 15 yards that deflects up off defender, over goalie guarding right post and off underside of bar. That looked like a goal but because no signal was given Fazlagic who was following up near left post headed ball into left side of open net from 2 yards.
80 min...KFC Surot rush on left and shot is over goalie wide left.
84 min...SCW Vukovic 30 yard freekick from right bends wide right on bounce.
85 min...SCW sub...Smith replaces Klemencic.
86 min...KFC YELLOW card...Lichioiu (?) earns it for sweeping trip on SCW Vukovic.
87 min...SCW Vukovic 25 yard shot from right deflects off defender and charging SCW Muir kicks ball over net from 8 yards on left.
88 min...KFC sub...El-Asmar replaces Caceros.
88 min...KFC Smith 55 yard freekick from left has goalie punch ball away in crowd of players.
93 min...SCW Vukovic rush on right into box and he's checked off ball.
94 min...KFC El-Asmar shot from 30 yards on right is caught by goalie.
95 min...game ends 4:39pm.

Final Score:...Kingston FC.......1.......SC Waterloo........3.........

Attendance was about 400 on this very cold day with a blinding bright sun from the south west.

This final was held on a neutral site but because Kingston had finished first in the league while SC Waterloo were fifth, Kingston was considered the Home team. (in terms of fan support, they would have been the Home team anyway).

SC Waterloo is the hottest team in the league as this was their seventh win in a row combining regular season and playoffs. Their last loss was on September 15th in a home match against Kingston FC when they were beaten 2-0.

Referee Justin Tasev (who'd been named the Referee of the Year at the CSL Awards Banquet the night before) had a quiet game to call that wasn't too rough but had long periods of open ended play. I only counted him giving out one Yellow card to SCW then two the rest of the afternoon to KFc.

Kingston's Guillaume Surot (who'd been named the CSL MVP and won the Top Goalscorer trophy with 28 goals) was very quiet in this game. He and his teammates had some good chances though slightly less than SCW but made some unforced errors like when at 39 minutes KFC Jason Massie took a quick freekick from 30 yards that had KFC Catalin Lichioiu run in alone on the wing and backheel a pass from 10 yards on the right near the end line but it hit his other leg and deflected over out of play for a goal kick. A few passes of theirs by feet or heads were also sent out of bounds.

SCW could have put this game away in the first half but because they only connected on one chance and KFC then scored with half hour to go, many expected the momentum shifted and KFC would then take the lead. Many also expected the older SCW roster would tire against the young KFC players as the game wore on. The last two goals being scored so close together put the game out of reach.

Best non-scoring chances were at 5 minutes when SCW Vladimir Zelenbaba slid and got away an 8 yard shot that tipped off the sliding goalie wide right for a cornerkick. Zelenbaba then popped a header over the net from 12 yards on the cornerkick cross. 8 minutes had SCW Drazen Vukovic receive a ball that dropped just inside the KFC box and he spun and blasted a shot that the goalie caught. Two minutes later Vukovic rushed down the right and jumped over the sliding goalie but the ball rolled over the end line before he could get to it. 17 minutes had Vukovic tap a pass from the middle to SCW Ranko Golijanin and his low shot from 15 yards was stopped point blank by the goalie. 23 minutes had KFC Guillaume Surot flick an 18 yard header from the middle finding KFC Catalin Lichioiu on left and sent in a short cross that the goalie flew forward to catch at 10 yards. 45 minutes had SCW Fazlagic and Vukovic worked a give and go up the middle which finished with Fazlagic ending up injured when he and a defender kicked the ball at the same time at 16 yards. 53 minutes had KFC Jason Massie take a 22 yard freekick from the left that a charging KFC player missed a header at 2 yards. The next minute had Vukovic stop his run on the right and cut in a 25 yard bender that the leaping goalie palmed over the net. 56 minutes had Vukovic on a 2 on 1 rush with SCW Zelenbaba after Vukovic intercepted a pass and instead of passing shot a 20 yarder that was saved point blank by the sliding goalie at 15 yards. 62 minutes had KFC Lichioiu threaded a through ball and his 18 yard shot was stopped point blank by the sliding goalie. The next minute had a KFC player send in a cornerkick from the right with some play in the box and the SCW goalie punched the ball away from the head of a KFC player waiting at 2 yards on the right post. 87 minutes had SCW Vukovic take a 25 yard shot from the right that deflected off a defender and the charging SCW David Muir kicked over the net from 8 yards on the left.

SCW Shawn Brown played on defence although he also made runs up the wing as he has all season. He has just been introduced for his scoring touch as a late call in on Episode 7 of the reality series 'One Last Shot' broadcast on GOL Tv. The finale of that show was filmed on September 11th at BMO Field after the Toronto FC vs Chicago Fire game. The Danny Dichio led team was training to play the Adrian Serioux led team of former Canadian national team players. I didn't ask Brown if his team won because I don't want to spoil the ending for myself. Gerard Ladiyou of York Region Shooters is the other CSL player on Dichio's squad.

There was no television coverage of this game. This is not Rogers area but Cogeco who I've heard has televised Niagara United games this season (well at least in 2012) but I never got an explanation as to why not today. The Niagara United owner said this was a great day for the Finals because last week was a heavy rainstorm.

This was a great day for SC Waterloo because their reserves team had just won the CSL Second Division Championship Final 2-0 against Toronto Croatia 'B' hours earlier today at this venue. (details of that game and the CSL Awards Banquet held on Saturday night I'll have typed up soon).

Rocket Robin

SC Waterloo starters

Kingston FC starters

Kingston FC Austin White (6) and SC Waterloo Drazen Vukovic (10) at coin toss.

Kingston FC defenders squeeze SC Waterloo Drazen Vukovic (10) off ball.

SC Waterloo Ranko Golijanin (11) rushes to pass on left.

SC Waterloo Drazen Vukovic (10) and (11) kickoff the second half.

SC Waterloo Mirza Colic (8) is still injured as time is running down. SCW added their third goal within the same minute.

SC Waterloo captain Drazen Vukovic (10) hoists trophy.

SC Waterloo players and officials pose with Championship trophy.

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