Results and details of the Sunday November 3, 2013 CSL game between Toronto Croatia B and SC Waterloo B played at Kalar Sports Park in Niagara Falls at 12:00pm. This was the CSL 2nd Division Final.

Toronto Croatia B (blue socks, white shorts and numbers, red shirts)

...................36 Fiore Costa
9 Ivan Beram...22 Ivica Sunjka...6 Daniel Stoker (cpt)...3 Alexander Manta
24 Ahmed Salama...7 Jack Crawford...10 Peter Vidovic...8 Mykola Chachula
...........15 Josip Stanic...11 Bohdan Sulypka

Subs:...1 Ivan Skoko (gk)...4 Luke Sperr (fwd)...14 Nikola Bosnjak (mid)...16 Arthur Kopycki (def)...20 Mark Grzesiowski (mid)
...21 Patrik Dolowicz (mid)
team officials:...head coach George Jenkins...assistant coach Silvester Trograncic...manager Igor Beram

SC Waterloo B (white socks and shirts, black shorts, blue numbers)

....................12 Zoran Pusica
2 Zoran Kukic...6 Terel Christian...9 Stefan Brisevac...3 Dale Cudmore (cpt)
8 Erwin Uzunovic...19 Mohammed-Ali Heydarpour...4 Xavier Gillespe...17 Darragh Roe
............11 Mohamed Aborig...10 Kevin Benavides

Subs:...5 Marko Djukic (def)...7 Saul Campos (mid)...13 Mohammad Hassan Syed (mid)...15 Luis Cordero Monroy (def)...16 Thomas Ang (fwd)
...18 Edward Syliie (mid)...21 Thomas Sackor (def)
team officals:...head coach Lazo Dzepina...manager Vojislav Brisevac...director Tony Kocis...massage therapist Bojana Loncovic

Game officials:...referee Ramee Arbaji...referee's assistants Benjamin Jacobs and Scott Bowman...fourth official Brian Butler ...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 12:05...TC defends north end on this very cold afternoon with a bright sun in the south.
8 min...TC Vidovic 30 yard blast down middle has goalie fly to right to push wide of post.
8 min...TC Beram low cornerkick from right has TC Sulypka tapped back pass and shanks 22 yard shot from right that has SCW players start fast break out.
9 min...SCW Brisevac on fast break passes too far forward and defender clears from 25 yards.
11 min...SCW Erwin Uzunovic GOAL...SCW Mohamed Borig taps forward pass from 30 yards up middle and Uzunovic shoots low 20 yards with goalie Fiore Costa either losing the ball in the sun or he and the defenders stopped because they thought the play was offside.
13 min...SCW goalie catches 55 yard freekick wide left of net.
13 min...SCW players on rush pushes ball too far forward on right over end line.
15 min...TC goalie catches cross from right on left post in front of SCW player who was ready to head ball.
19 min...SCW Heydarpour cornerkick from left has defender head ball away from 10 yards.
20 min...TC Sulypka and SCW Uzunovic are both injured in crash of heads jumping for header at TC 50 yards.
22 min...TC YELLOW card...Crawford earns it for sliding tackle on SCW Aborig at TC 45 yard line.
23 min...SCW Christian chips 50 yard freekick from left that is whistled down in box.
26 min...TC Beram low 45 yard freekick from left is blocked on edge of box.
27 min...SCW Aborig 22 yard freekick from right has goalie dive to right and pushes ball far enough for throw-in.
32 min...TC sub...Bosnjak replaces Crawford.
35 min...TC Stanic rush on right and cross from 22 yards drifts behind net.
36 min...SCW Christian 35 yard freekick from left has defender head ball down. SCW Heydarpour recovers and dribbles away to left and taps pass back to SCW Gillespe and his 18 yard shot is well high and right of net.
39 min...SCW player's 30 yard freekick from extreme right is whistled down.
40 min...SCW player's retake of freekick has SCW Uzunovic head 7 yarder on right post just wide left of post.
45 min...TC Manta long throw-in from right has defender head ball behind end line.
46 min...TC Bosnjak cornerkick from right is through box and two TC player miss header at 12 yards.
48 min...half ends 12:53pm.

2nd Half:...starts 1:07pm.
46 min...TC Bosnjak cornerkick from left has ball headed away. TC Bosnjak cross from 25 yards on left has defender head away.
46 min...TC goalie slides to poke ball away from SCW player at 20 yards to break up play.
49 min...TC Bosnjak rush on left and 15 yard shot batted down and picked up by goalie on left post.
50 min...SCW Heydarpour 40 yard freekick from right has goalie punch away in crowd of players but play is whistled down.
51 min...SCW Uzunovic is injured at SCW 35 yard line.
52 min...SCW Heydarpour dribbles from 50 yards on right to middle at 35 yards and rolls ball too far forward for SCW Roe and goalie picks it up.
54 min...SCW player rolls 28 yarder that goalie smothers.
54 min...SCW goalie is injured diving for defender's back header on right end line and TC player bumps him.
57 min...SCW Christian dribbles out of SCW box after breaking up a 2 on 1 rush.
58 min...SCW Aborig intercepts ball and 35 yard blast up middle is bought by goalie.
59 min...SCW sub...Syllie replaces Aborig.
60 min...TC Bosnjak bends 40 yard freekick from left high and wide right of net.
63 min...SCW Heydarpour is injured at TC 35 yard line.
64 min...TC Sulypka 30 yard chip from left is over defender and one-bounces to goalie.
65 min...SCW Heydarpour cornerkick from left has defender pop header behind own net.
66 min...SCW Heydarpour cornerkick from right has defender head ball away and start fast break.
67 min...TC sub...Dolowicz replaces Stanic.
68 min...SCW Heydarpour taps pass forward for SCW Roe but sliding goalie pokes ball away at 20 yards.
70 min...SCW Uzunovic low cross from 28 yards on right has defender clear in center of box.
71 min...SCW Roe rush down left and cross is cleared away.
72 min...TC Sulypka gets pass for run on left and 20 yard shot is wide left of goal. TC Sunjka cross from right end line has ball cleared.
73 min...TC Sulypka slides on left for 10 yard scissor kick bounced to goalie when crossed from right.
74 min...SCW Heydarpour rush on left to get to ball and outjumps to head ball over goalie at 18 yards on left and ball bounces wide left.
75 min...TC Vidovic rolls loose ball at 10 yards up middle wide left after cross from left drops into box.
76 min...TC Manta is injured on sliding lunge for ball on edge of TC box.
77 min...SCW sub...Sackor replaces Benavides.
79 min...TC Sunjka rolls pass forward on right and TC Sperr (when did he come into game?) shoots high and wide right from 22 yards on right.
80 min...SCW Uzunovic long throw-in from right has SCW player knock ball over and SCW Syllie takes 25 yard blast down middle that's caught by goalie.
81 min...SCW sub...Campos replaces Uzunovic.
81 min...TC Vidovic is ready to play high chip into SCW box but defender clears ball.
82 min...TC Chachula rush into SCW box but is checked off ball.
83 min...TC YELLOW card...Bosnjak earns it for kicking ball away after whistle.
84 min...SCW player's 35 yard freekick from left is well high and wide right of net.
84 min...TC sub...Grzesiowski replaces Manta.
84 min...TC Grzesiowski cross from left has SCW Christian head ball away.
87 min...TC goalie smothers ball a step ahead of SCW Roe on right side of box.
88 min...SCW Mohammed-Ali Heydarpour GOAL...SCW Edward Syllie rolls pass from 30 yards in middle to left and Heydarpour holds on to dribble on left and gets away low 20 yard roller past goalie at 12 yards into right side of net.
89 min...TC RED card...An assistant coach is ejected from the bench for complaining about the goal.
.........TC YELLOW card...Sperr earns it for argueing the call. He'd walked towards the TC bench when he saw what was happening.
90 min...SCW Heydarpour blasts 28 yarder from left is off the bar.
92 min...TC Sunjka takes 22 yard freekick down middle that's just over net.
92 min...SCW sub...Ang replaces Roe.
93 min...TC Sunjka taps 12 yard shot from right that bounces to goalie.
94 min...game ends 1:56pm.

Final Score:...Kingston FC.......1.......SC Waterloo........3.........

Attendance started out at about 100 when the game started but picked up as people arrived for the First Division Championship game that was scheduled to start at 2:30pm. The weather was very cold with a blinding bright sun from the south.

This final was held on a neutral site but because Toronto Croatia had finished first in the league while SC Waterloo were sixth, Croatia was considered the Home team.

This game was scheduled for silver ball overtime if the game had been tied. (two 15 minute extra time then Penalty kicks if the game was still tied). I was muttering "Please no overtime" during this and the First Division game because I knew my feet would be numb if these games went any longer than the 90 minutes of regulation time. There was no television coverage...this is Cogeco territory (not Rogers) and they are a sponsor of Niagara United but for whatever reason they were not here.

SC Waterloo were playing both Championship games today. Starting goalie Zoran Pusica was the back up for the First Division game but not used. Starting forward Mohammed-Ali Heydarpour and substitute defender Thomas Sackor were both listed as subs for the next game but neither was used. Substitute midfielder Edward Syllie came into this game at 59 minutes but did not get into the next game as a sub.

SC Waterloo limited Toronto Croatia chances especially at the end although only their second goal at 88 minutes put the game away.

Referee Ramee Arbaji gave out three Yellow cards that I counted--all to Toronto Croatia plus the Red card near the end of the game to an assistant coach on the Croatia bench, he had good control over this game.

I must admit it was the first 2nd Division game I've seen all year as I don't have time to follow this league, I was very entertained.

The win was a good day's start for SC Waterloo. We'd see if the momentum would lift the first team for their Championship game a few minutes later. Interesting also that the SC Waterloo coaching staff for this game is the same for their 'first team' while Toronto Croatia B has a completely different set of coaches for their main team.

Rocket Robin

Toronto Croatia B starters

SC Waterloo B starters

SC Waterloo B Dale Cudmore (3) and Toronto Croatia B (6) at coin toss.

SC Waterloo B Mohamed Aborig (11) and Kevin Benavides (10) take opening kickoff.

SC Waterloo B player sends cornerkick into box.

SC Waterloo B Xavier Gillespe (4) rushes over center line.

SC Waterloo B Terel Christian (6) takes freekick.

Toronto Croatia B Josip Stanic (15) and Bondan Sulypka (11) kickoff the second half.

Toronto Croatia B Mykola Chachula (8) plays header at center line.

SC Waterloo B players with the championship trophy.

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