November 18, 2013--NEW ERA FOR CANADIAN SOCCER LEAGUE: URSINI...(from CSL website)


Vincent Ursini, chairman of the board and president of the CSL told an enthusiastic meeting 
of team owners November 18 following agreement to become a founding member of the newly-formed 
Soccer Federation of Canada with the prospect of a new league structure to more easily accommodate 
prospective teams and eventually women's pro soccer: “This begins a new era for the Canadian Soccer 
League and for semi-professional soccer in Canada and we are excited at the prospect of working 
within the framework of the SFC, to do our part to strengthen soccer in Canada and provide many 
players with a higher level opportunity in which to play and further develop – an opportunity 
they may not otherwise get,” he said.

Applications, together with policies and procedures for the new CSL Second Division will be available 
as of Monday, December 9, 2013. Interested teams and newly formed groups should contact the CSL for 
further information at 905 564-2297 (toll free 1 888 216-9913) or email to 

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