Result and details of the Sunday October 26, 2014 Canadian Soccer League game 
between York Region Shooters and Toronto Croatia played at Esther Shiner 
Stadium in North York at 4:15pm.  This was the League Championship Final.

Note:  This is the only CSL game I've attended this year as I followed the 
new League 1 Ontario so my knowledge of the CSL isn't what it has been over 
the previous 19 years.  However it's still better than those media journalists 
who saw their first League 1 Ontario game last week at the final than faked 
their expertise in telling you their views. 

90 min...end of regulation score so there would now be 30 minutes 
of extra time.

110 min...Shooters Richard West GOAL...YRS Adrian Pena takes 28 yard freekick 
from 28 yards on right and West heads from 10 yards on left into top right 
of corner of net past flying goalie Antonio Ilic.

115 min...Toronto Croatia Shawn Brown GOAL...TC Roberto Galle rolls pass from 
left from 20 yards and Brown shoots 7 yarder down middle into net past goalie 
Emmanuelle Ameltonis.

119 min...TC subs goalies.  Faris Efendie replaces Antonio Ilic.

120 min...end of AET is 1-1.

Penalty kicks:

1st TC Pero Menalo GOAL...low shot to left corner.
1st YRS Desmond Humphrey GOAL...low shot to left corner.
2nd Hayden Fitzwilliams GOAL...low shot to right corner.
2nd YRS Babjide Fatoba GOAL...shot to top right corner.
3rd TC David Velastegui GOAL...low shot to right corner.
3rd YRS Hector Mackie GOAL...low shot down middle.
4th TC Ante Zivkovic shot low to right corner is pushed wide of post 
by goalie Emmanuelle Ameltonis.
4th YRS Ricky Herron GOAL...shot to top left corner.
5th TC Daniel Niksic GOAL...low shot to left corner.
5th YRS Richard Edwards GOAL...low shot to left corner.

Final Score:....York Region Shooters.....1.....Toronto Croatia....1
After 30 minutes of added extra time, Shooters win 5-4 on Penalty kicks.

Attendance was about 400 on this cold late afternoon which got brutally cold 
as it got dark.  There was a strong gusty wind from the west which affected 
Croatia in the first half and Shooters in the second.  Thankfully the final 
this year was two weekends earlier than last year.

York Region Shooters are the first CSL team to finish the season undefeated.  
They were 13 wins, 0 losses, 5 ties in the regular season then won the 
Quarter-Final, Semi-Final, and now the Final.  Toronto Croatia finished 
second in the regular season at 10 wins, 5 losses, 3 ties in the 
ten team league.

The referee crew consisted of Marco Jaramillo and his sons Joshua and 
Samuel on the line.  Marco let a lot of hard checks go but was fair 
to both teams.  All the officials used by the league this year are 
'outlaws' in the Ontario Soccer Association as is everything 
in this league.

Shooters had only allowed 15 goals in 18 game of the regular season meant 
we shouldn't have expected a shootout.  Besides goalie Emmanuelle Ameltonis, 
defenders Ricky Herron, Fitzroy Christey, Justin Soscia, and Desmond Humphrey 
limited the shots on net.  Actually Ameltonis and TC goalie Antonio Ilic 
(who played for first 119 minutes) had to make two spectacular saves each.

I'm not sure why Croatia switched their goalies right before the Penalty kicks.  
Maybe they were thinking they could be like the Netherlands in this summer's 
World Cup but Faris Efendie couldn't stop any of the spot kicks.

Winning head coach is Darryl Gomez who was a long time player for the Shooters 
and from the days of the Toronto Lynx when they were a pro team.  He is currently 
seen on the television show 'De Ro In The 6' on GOL TV in the part 
of a childhood friend who can comment on their early years in youth soccer.

Shooters Adrian Pena (who is a former Rookie of the Year) has a younger brother 
Alexander Pena who is currently on Toronto FC Academy (League 1 Ontario).  
Adrian won as Rookie on TFC Academy when they were in the CSL.

I get asked a lot by officials of both league whether the calibre of CSL 
or League 1 Ontario is 'better'.  I'll give more details if I get an editorial 
piece written in the next few weeks including my watching Toronto FC, 
Toronto Lynx, Toronto Lady Lynx and the Canadian National team in their 
Toronto games...however as a short answer I bring up the American Army just 
before their Civil War.  The Union vs the Confederates both weakened by splitting 
into two armies.

Rocket Robin

York Region Shooters starters

Toronto Croatia starters

York Region Shooters as winners

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