Result and details of the Saturday May 4, 2019 League 1 Ontario game between Masters FA and Pro Stars FC
played at L'Amoreux Park in Scarborough at 8:00pm.

Masters FA (all red, white numbers)

..................99 Adrian Ibanez
..........6 Eddy Dabire...3 Adam Czerkawski...2 Atif Muhammad
16 Akeem Priestly...18 Filip Dumbalovski...7 Richard Edwards (cpt)...5 Kemar Rowe...9 Stefan Nikolic
................10 Kiri Dimitrov...12 Hassan Oyedele

Subs:...55 Justin Barrett (gk)...4 Anthony Wright...8 Osman Hussein...13 Nathan Ferguson
...14 Tristan Frankson...15 Jalen Henry...19 Odam Simpson
team officials:...team head coach Rick Titus...manager Hubert Groves

Pro Stars FC (white socks and shirts, black shorts, blue numbers and sleeves)

............................1 Christian Campanico
5 Owen Carter...16 Aaron Reeves...4 Michael Borowski (cpt)...3 Nathaniel McAuley
11 Mikel Garrick...8 Adel Rahman...6 George Owusu...10 Navid Rahman...7 Uday Arora
...........................17 Aleksaner Zwierzynski

Subs:...22 Paul Simionescu (gk)...2 Jonathan D'Aguilar...14 Marco Polancec-Marin...15 Jasjit Singh
...18 Denny Donoso...19 Jason Muzuidziwa...20 Christopher Donoso
team officials:...team head coaches Josef Komlodi, Paul Dhillon, and Sam Medeiros
...assistant coach Stevin Mikhail ...manager Martine Eleuteri...therapist Katie Bartley

Game officials:...referee Mike Stacey...referee's assistants Ryan Schwenger & Roshan Mendonca
...fourth official Kuizan Weekes...(all black uniforms)

First Half:...game starts 8:01pm...MFA defends south end. I'm standing behind a table top scoreboard so all times
are converted from my wristwatch.
1 min...PS Carter sends high cross near right end line that's cleared on left side of box.
3 min...PS Adel Rahman centered low pass and shoots 20 yarder that goalie dives right to smother.
6 min...PS Arora is injured at MFA 25 yard line with head injury and needs trainer.
7 min...PS Navid Rahman blasts 15 yard shot from right that deflects off blocking defender for cornerkick.
8 min...PS Adel Rahman high cornerkick from right is cleared in box.
12 min...MFA Dumbalovski puts on a replacement pair of shorts over his torn ones after being told by game officials
he can't change on the field nor sideline.
12 min...MFA Oyedele is injured at PS 30 yard line.
15 min...MFA Dimitrov blasts 35 yard shot down middle between players and well over net.
19 min...MFA Oyedele is injured again at PS 30 yard line.
20 min...PS Adel Rahman 30 yard freekick from left deflects off player wall for cornerkick.
20 min...PS Adel Rahman cornerkick on left deflects around in box and is cleared in 6 yard box.
21 min...MFA Priestly low 25 yard blasts from right is smothered by goalie on near post.
22 min...PS Adel Rahman rush on left and rolls centering pass to PS Navid Rahman whose 20 yard shot
has goalie partially stop and defender behind him clears.
22 min...MFA sub...Frankson replaces still limping Oyedele.
24 min...PS Adel Rahman 45 yard freekick from left has PS Owusu outjump goalie at 6 yards on right but heads ball
wide right.
25 min...MFA Nikolic long run up middle and rolls pass to MFA Frankson to continue run and crosses on end line 22 yards
but defender knocks down ball and clears.
26 min...MFA YELLOW card...Rowe earns it for crunching tackle on PS Adel Rahman.
28 min...MFA Rowe follows up partial clearance with 28 yard blast down middle high and wide right of net.
30 min...PS RED card...team official Sam Medeiros is ejected from the sideline for unsporting behaviour.
32 min...PS Zweierzynski fights off two defenders and gets away 25 yard shot sent just wide right of goal.
34 min...PS Garrick dribbles from right and in middle shopots 22 yarder between defenders that goalie catches.
36 min...Masters Akeem Priestly GOAL...MFA Kiri Dimitrov 25 yard freekick from left side has Priestly charge
forward and flick header on short side from left at 10 yards over sprawling goalie Christian Campanico into low
right corner of net.

38 min...MFA Priestly cross from right has goalie fumble ball overhead and MFA Dabire rolls centering pass that is cleared.
40 min...Pro Stars Aleksander Zwierzynski GOAL...PS Uday Arora dribbles down left and rolls cross to middle
for Zwierzynski to blast 12 yard shot down middle to top left side of net over goalie Adrian Ibanez sliding in center
of goal.

42 min...PS YELLOW card...Reeves earns it for upending MFA Frankson at PS 40 yard line.
43 min...MFA Edwards blasts 35 yarder from right over bar after recovering partial clearance.
44 min...MFA YELLOW card...Edwards earns it for upending PS Zweierzynski, injurying him, but play carries on until
it fizzles out in the MFA end.
45 min...MFA Edwards rolls ball forward and MFA Priestly tangles with defender backing into him and can't draw Penalty kick.
45 min...MFA RED card...an unlisted official from the MFA bench is ejected for offensive language or gestures.
46 min...PS Adel Rahman receives cetnering pass from left sets up and blasts 25 yard shot over net.
48 min...Pro Stars RED card...Michael Borowski earns it for injurying MFA Adam Czerkawski at MFA 35 yard line
on right as he jumped for header in crowd of players and took an arm to the head which after seeing the play the
referee immediately signalled for the trainer.

49 min...half ends after freekick is wasted.

Second Half:...starts 9:08pm.
halftime sub:...MFA Wright replaces Muhammad.
47 min...PS goalie beats MFA Priestly on left side of box to pick up through ball pass.
49 min...MFA Dimitrov can't quite get to long pass down field before ball bounces over end line.
50 min...MFA Edwards is injured at MFA 45 yard line. PS Owusu weak 40 yard chip bounces to MFA goalie.
52 min...MFA Dumbalovski good dribbling between defenders on run up right but rolls ball over end line before he can cross.
53 min...MFA Nikolic gets away cross from right and MFA Frankson takes 15 yarder in crowd of players up middle but over net.
54 min...A players collision at MFA 35 yard line near sideline with both players needing trainer. PS Owuso is hurt worse.
57 min...play resumes.
59 min...MFA Dumbalovski rush on right to cross ball and MFA Frankson heads 10 yarder down middle that flying goalie
palms over bar.
60 min...MFA Frankson cornerkick from right has goalie punch ball away. MFA Dabire blasts 12 yarder from right that
goalie palms over net.
60 min...MFA sub...Hussein replaces Nikolic.
63 min...MFA Dimitrov cornerkick from right has MFA Czerkawski head 6 yarder from left into ouside webbing of net.
64 min...PS Arora 25 yard shot deflects forward off defender for goalie to pick up easily.
65 min...PS goalie beats MFA Frankson to through ball pass to smother ball at 15 yards.
66 min...PS Navid Rahman cornerkick from left has PS Owusu on right pop header across box but defender clears from
left side of box.
68 min...PS YELLOW card...Owusu earns it for holding back an MFA player breaking out at center line.
73 min...PS sub...Muzuidziwa replaces Zwierzynski.
73 min...MFA Dimitrov 25 yard freekick from right has defender head ball away on left while surrounded by three
MFA players.
74 min...MFA sub...Ferguson replaces Dimitrov.
79 min...PS sub...Polancec-Marin replaces Navid Rahman.
80 min...MFA Hussein shoots 22 yarder that goalie flies wide right of post to stop.
81 min...MFA Hussein rush down left aqnd sharp angle 12 yard shot has sliding defender deflect for cornerkick.
82 min...MFA Hussein cornerkick from left has PS Garrick as nearest defender on the left head ball away.
83 min...MFA Rowe blasts 25 yarder down middle well over net after two MFA players flub shots inside box.
84 min...MFA Priestly center ball finding charging MFA player who is called offside in PS box.
86 min...PS sub...Singh replaces McAuley.
87 min...MFA Priestly 25 yard freekick from far left is over players and net.
87 min...MFA Ferguson cross from 18 yards on far right lands on top of net.
88 min...MFA YELLOW card...Ferguson earns if for tackle on PS player at center line.
89 min...PS sub...Denny Donoso replaces Arora.
90 min...MFA player makes clearance in MFA box starting fast break with MFA Frankson. MFA Priestly shoots wide
on first touch from 8 yards on right wide left of post.
91 min...PS YELLOW card...Singh earns it for knock over on his sliding tackle just outside PS box.
92 min...MFA Priestly 22 yard freekick from right is cleared in box. Priestly gets ball and chips 20 yarder
that the goalie catches then starts a fast break.
92 min...MFA Ferguson makes long run up right and low cross from 10 yard line is through box unplayed.
93 min...MFA Ferguson low cross near right end line has defender clears but concede cornerkick.
94 min...game ends 9:57pm.

Final Score:....Masters FA.......1......Pro Stars FC.......1.....

Attendance climbed to almost 100 by the second half. The night was cooling quickly especially after it got dark.
I drove from Vaughan after the Vaughan Azzurri vs Sigma FC game for which a light windbreaker was almost too warm
to tonight where I changed to a parka before the game started and was glad I had it by the end of the game.

Masters played the entire second half with a man advantage and certainly got more chances in the last half with the
only worry being the few breakouts that Pro Stars could come up with. The first half was especially rough with MFA Hassan
had to come out at 22 minutes after twice being injured within 7 minutes at the PS 30 yard line. A collision at 54 minutes
at the MFA 35 yard line had both players needing a trainer.

Best non-scoring chances were at 3 minutes when PS Adel Rahman was centered a low pass and shot a 20 yarder that the
goalie dived right to smother. 22 minutes had PS Adel Rahman rush on the left and roll a centering pass to PS Navid Rahman
whose 20 yard shot had the goalie partially stop and a defender behind him able to clear the ball. 24 minutes had
PS Adel Rahman take a 45 yard freekick from the left that had PS George Owusu outjump the goalie at 6 yards on the right
but headed the ball wide right of the post. 38 minutes had MFA Akeem Priestly cross from the right that the goalie
fumbled overhead and MFA Eddy Dabire recovered on the left and rolled back to the center of the box but a defender cleared.
59 minutes had MFA Filip Dumbalovski rush on the right to cross a ball and MFA Tristan Frankson heads a 10 yarder down the
middle that the flying goalie palmed over the bar. The resulting cornerkick taken by Frankson from the right had the goalie
punch away then MFA Eddy Dabire blast a 12 yarder from the right that the goalie palmed over the bar. 63 minutes had
MFA Kiri Dimitrov take a cornerkick from rhe right had MFA Adam Czerkawski head a 6 yarder from the left into the outside
webbing of the net. 90 minutes had MFA break out of their own box quickly on a few passes had MFA Frankson rushing down left
and rolling a cross through the box and MFA Priestly shot wide left of the post from 8 yards on the right charging to take
a one-touch shot.

This was the opening game for each team. Both teams struggled last year missing the line where almost 50% of the
teams made the playoffs.

Referee Mike Stacey gave out three Yellow cards to each team and the direct Red to Pro Stars Michael Borowski. He also
gave out one Red card to an official on each team. One was at around 45 minutes to a Masters official for either offensive
language or a gesture. More of a surprize was at 30 minutes for PS co-head coach Sam Medeiros for what was referred to me
as taking a whiz against a fence. Har har the bawdy humour started at 12 minutes when Masters Filip Dumbalovski tore his
shorts and the Stacey said he couldn't change on the field even though it was far away from the stands so he just put on
a spare pair over the torn ones and kept playing.

Masters have many new players this year. There were three players picked up from Sanjaxx Lions who are not fielding a L1O
team this year. Defender Atif Muhammad, and midfielders Kema Rowe and Stefan Nikolic have come over with assistant coach
Devon Porter. Midfielders Kiri Dimitrov and Richard Edwards (now captain of Masters) have come over from Unionville-Milliken.
Those two were among the oldest on the U-M roster. U-M were a new team last year and may not have been set up to bring the best
young players from Markham over to the team for their first season. They have extensive experience with the desanctioned CSL
with Edwards captaining the York Region Shooters to the championship in 2017—their last year until the owner merged with
U-M group. I haven't checked them out U-M so far this year.

Pro Stars brothers Adel and Navid Rahman (and Masters Kiri Dimitrov) all tried out in the CPL Open Trials last Fall travelling
out to Halifax and all 'passing' from the 200+ trialists down to the final 25. They've brought in Sam Mediros and manager
Martine Eleuteri both from last year's L1O North Mississauga team and Paul Dhillon as head coach Josef Komlodi said they're
expanding their academy.

Rocket Robin
twitter @RocketRobin01

Masters FA starters

Pro Stars FC starters

Pro Stars Aleksander Zwierzynski (17) takes opening kickoff.

Pros Stars Owen Carter (5) has taken throw-in.

midfield action

Pro Stars Nathaniel McAuley (3) lines up freekick.

Pro Stars defence has held off another play.

Here are the sound files:

MP3 file...Pro Stars FC head coach Josef Komladi...2 min 44 sec
Komladi talks about tonight's game, the Rahman brothers, new staff coaches,

MP3 file...Masters FA head coach Rick Titus...4 min 21 sec
Titus talks about tonight's game, last season's fade that missed the playoffs, new players
this season, the long history of coaching CPL York 9 FC's Cyrus Rollocks from the age of 10.

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