August 18, 2019 League 1 Ontario--Woodbridge Strikers vs Unionville-Milliken SC (game report by Rocket Robin)

Result and details of the Sunday August 18, 2019 League 1 Ontario game between Woodbridge Strikers 
and Unionville-Milliken SC played at Vaughan Grove in Woodbridge at 5:00pm.  

42 min...Woodbridge Matthew Santos GOAL...WS Emmanuel Issac sends high cross from left 
and WS Lucas Puntillo at 20 yards on right who centers pass to Santos who rolls 20 yarder between 
defenders into right side of net past diving goalie Alessio Carbone.  

54 min...Woodbridge Tyrell Rayne GOAL...WS Emmanuel Issac on run down middle rolls ball from 35 yard line 
between defenders over to right where charging Rayne gets ball at 18 yard line and runs towards end line 
and takes low 10 yard shot that diving goalie gets piece of wide right of post but it bounces under him 
into short right side of net.  

81 min...Unionville-Milliken Michael DiRienzo GOAL...UM Tristan Esprit cornerkick from right has DiRienzo 
head in 10 yarder on leap between crowd of players on left into low right corner of net past diving 
goalie Michael Markac.  

Final Score:...Woodbridge Strikers.....2.....Unionville-Milliken SC......1.......

Attendance was about 40 people with the game being held on the turf field further away from the dressing 
rooms and the main grass field.  Weather conditions resulted in more than a one hour halftime break.  

Woodbridge head coach Peter Pinizzotto again looks like a genius making a sub after the long break 
by bringing in Tyrell Rayne and him scoring nine minutes later.  I've seen him do that a few times 
and a goal happen even faster than nine minutes this season alone.

Referee Marko Ristic gave out only two Yellow card (one to each team) and they were both between 
71 and 74 minutes and both delayed calls.  First was for a tripping attempt on a UM rush but he let 
the play continue until the play was broken up and the other was for a shirt grab on a WS player running 
up the right sideline that fizzled with an offside call.  He also played advantages and then call 
a play back for a freekick if the advantage didn't pan out.   

The 'Man of the Match' are chosen by the coach of each team.  The sponsor is Coventry North Jaguar 
and the prize is not a car.  UM head coach Sanford Carabin chose goal scorer Michael DiRienzo which 
makes sense as he also had other chances.  Woodbine's Pinizzotto chose defender Joshua Parades-Procter 
who made some key stops and clearances.  
Woodbine's defensive line of Matthew Strangis, Francesco Sinopoli, Joshua Parades-Procter and captain 
Kyle Walton are among the league's best with only 18 goals allowed and very important to the team 
as Strikers have only scored 28.  Very important today as young goalie Michael Markac (2001) had some 
scary moments but that's not giving any slack for how slippery the ball was in the wet conditions.  

Unionville-Milliken with nothing to lose this late in the season had six starters born in 2000 or later.  
The team was 'up' for the game although their playoff chances were over a month ago.  After their goal 
so late in the game it was actually Woodbridge that had the better scoring opportunities because 
UM then opened up to try for the tying goal.  

Best non-scoring chances were at 19 minutes when a UM high cornerkick sent in from the right had 
UM Michael DiRienzo head from the left back across the box and UM Marcelius Paul lifted a leg to kick 
an 8 yarder just over the bar.  25 minutes had UM Tristan Esprit blast a shot between players 
from 25 yards that the goalie caught on the right post.  29 minutes had UM Tristan Esprit's cornerkick 
from the left and UM Cale Loughrey one-touch a 7 yard shot in crowd of players wide right.  33 minutes 
had UM Tristan Esprit cornerkick from right over to Loughrey who headed 12 yarder that a defender 
cleared from the right side of the net.  35 minutes had WS Lucas Puntillo rush down to the right 
end line and cross into the 6 yard box just a step ahead of charging WS Emmanuel Isaac heading attempt 
at 3 yards.  The next minute had Puntillo receive a cross and blast a shot off a sliding defender 
at 10 yards that deflected off the defender and the top of the bar.  The ball stayed in bounds along 
the wide left end line and was crossed in and WS Cristian Cavallini headed a 6 yarder from the left 
wide right of the post.  39 minutes had UM Kaleb Powell deke through two guys and take a 12 yard shot 
from the left that is caught by the flying goalie.  44 minutes WS Matthew Santos chipped a cross 
from 30 yards on the right to the center and the open Issac blasted an 18 yarder down the middle but 
over the net.  65 minutes had WS Tyrell Rayne beat the UM goalie and center from the right 
to WS Dante Ruddock whose low 12 yard shot had a defender shank a clearance on the goalline but 
wide enough for a cornerkick.  71 minutes and UM Trevor Carabin couldn't win a Penalty kick after 
he squeezed between two defenders and WS Joshua Parades-Procter bumped him over.  Parades-Procter 
had his arms raised over his head so Carabin didn't have much of a case.  79 minutes had a WS cornerkick 
from the right cleared away to WS Parades-Procter who blasted a 30 yarder between players in the box 
and the sprawling goalie stopped in the middle and WS Cavallini was called offside when he recovered 
the rebound.  87 minutes had WS Rayne elude a defender and send a 20 yard shot from the slight right 
that the goalie sprawled to save and deflect all the way over for a throw-in.  Added time had Rayne 
given a pass down the right but on a 1 on 3 took a 12 yard shot that was stopped but a defender almost 
deflected it into his own net.  

The parking lot near the main field and dressing rooms was almost full as much of it was roped off 
for a fun fair that must have just ended.  I ended up moving when I found the game would be at the 
far field and was glad when at halftime the rain started from nothing to full faucet within 30 seconds.  
I stayed sheltered in my car as the lightning passed overhead and was facing the field so could 
see when the players returned and retook my seat.  

The weather started hot, humid, and sunny with a breeze from the south but before halftime there were 
two outbursts of rain with the sun still out.  The game continued until halftime even though a match 
official said they could see/hear lightning/thunder in the distance.  I finally turned around at halftime 
to face west and saw the darkened sky.  Someone said look at that rain and within 30 seconds the sky 
opened up harder than the other times put together.  I fled to my car and waited for the game 
to restart...half hour after the last bolt I've heard.  

It is possible the video of this game will never make the League website.  The camcorder-on-a-pole guy 
disappeared at halftime and didn't return.  I timed the halftime break as 1 hour, 12 minutes.  I figured 
the guy maybe was hired by the hour and bolted but found by asking around that his rig was damaged 
in the storm when it blew over and the wire to his camera was severed.  If he has a memory stick I'd 
expect at least they could rescue the first half.  

The goals were good but there was no 'Goal of the Year' candidates today.  

Woodbridge needed a positive result in this game Pinizzotto answered me before the game.  There were 
four teams fighting for the last two playoff spots after North Mississauga won on Friday night to clinch 
a spot.  Darby FC beat Toronto Skillz 8-0 this afternoon to rise into the top eight.  FC London were 
in the GTA to beat Pro Stars 1-0 at the same time as our game although their game had weather delays 
as well.  Aurora FC was hosting front running Vaughan Azzurri and ended up losing 4-1.  
The results mean both Woodbridge and FC London finished tied with identical records of 8 wins, 6 losses, 
1 tie for 25 points in the 15 game regular season.  The tie breaker is the game against each other back 
on July 12th in London when FCL won 1-0.  That places FC London seventh and Woodbridge eighth.  
Darby gets frozen out as ninth and Aurora ends up tenth.  

Unionville-Milliken finishes their season with a record of 3 wins, 9 losses, 2 ties for 11 points.  
That places them twelfth of the sixteen teams.  That is one less game then the other teams but with 
the playoffs starting next weekend it's doubtful they will duel thirteenth place Windsor TFC for 
that spot.  Their game on May 25th was never rescheduled—quite a Saturday that day in that three 
L1O games were effected by storms.  I was at the CPL game at York University for York 9 FC's first 
ever league home game against Forge FC.  That game didn't go well at all as with the confusion of security 
announcements and instructions during a thunderstorm sent thousands of fans home who'd travelled from 
as far away as Hamilton.   

So attending tonight's game and watching Unionville-Milliken means that I've now seen all sixteen 
of the League 1 Ontario men's teams at least three times this season and the playoffs haven't started yet!  
That's 29 regular season games not counting a Canadian Championship game and a pre-season friendly.  
That's difficult with covering York 9 FC and Toronto FC II games as well.  

Playoffs start next weekend.  Quarters and semis will be two game series with a one game final from 
what I've heard.  

Rocket Robin
twitter @RocketRobin01   

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