August 25, 2019 League 1 Ontario--North Mississauga Panthers SC vs Alliance United FC (game report by Rocket Robin)

Result and details of the Sunday August 25, 2019 League 1 Ontario game between 
North Mississauga Panthers SC vs Alliance United played at Paramount Fine Foods Centre #1 at 2:30pm.  
This is the first game of their two game Quarter Final playoff series.  

26 min...AU Nicholas Osorio GOAL...AU Nirun Sivananthan rolls centering pass from 25 yard line 
on left over to charging Osorio who blasts 22 yard roller from slight right that banks in off 
the left post beyond diving goalie Jared Maloney.  

33 min...AU Kevin Da Silva GOAL...AU Koosha Nazemi kick from 40 yards on left is centered 
to AU Nicholas Osorio who bashes through players but taps ball over to Da Silva to get 
a clear shot from 12 yards roofing it over goalie into top center of net.  

58 min...AU Kevin Da Silva GOAL...AU Nicholas Osorio rolls a through ball pass up the middle 
and Da Silva has time to place 15 yard roller into right corner of net beyond diving goalie. 

65 min...NMP Sebastian Lach GOAL...Lach while even with left post leaps to head 10 yarder 
forward which hits defender Kenny Lioutas who is also jumping for the ball.  The ball then 
deflects back off Lach who is still in midair and drops into left side of net just inside 
post and beyond reach of goalie Denys Rylskyi.  

Final Score:....North Mississauga Panthers SC........1.......Alliance United FC........3........

Attendance was about 80 on this warm afternoon with a bright sun in the south west and a wind 
from the north which caused cleared balls to hang in the wind and drop against NMP 
in the first half and AU in the second.  

Alliance finished third of the sixteen teams in L1O and were playing North Mississauga who 
finished sixth.  Alliance in first place until they lost their first game of the season with 
two games to go.  North Mississauga needed a last weekend win to assure themselves they finished 
in the top eight and make the playoffs.  

Referee Braeden Krampert gave out only one Yellow card today and that was at 37 minutes 
to AU David Colelli for knocking over NMP Sundin Esperance injurying him although Esperance 
recovered and sent the 40 yard freekick just inside the box.  Both teams had some attacks 
thwarted by offside calls.     

Alliance started the game dominating the game in possession and playing in the NMP end.  I had 
NMP not having a shot until 16 minutes.  Alliance threatened to run away with this game 
and as is put three away goals on the board.  Giving NMP some hope was their goal at 65 minutes 
and some chances at the end when the game opened up although they risk going behind three goals 
again if AU had been able to capitalize on their chances.  

I had been tipped off by one of the game officials today that Alliance has 15 players playing 
pre season game with the University of Toronto so they have that to distract them.  I took that 
into consideration but it didn't seem to have an effect.  Biggest difference was they used 
Denys Rylskyi as goalie today rather than the usual starter Praveen Ahilan.  Rylskyi had only 
played one game this season but surprise that was on July 6th when he shut out 
Unionville-Milliken SC 2-0.  Ahilan has only allowed six goals in fourteen starts which was best 
in the league.  No L1O games are scheduled for the Labour Day weekend so there'd normally be plenty 
of time to rest but maybe the U of T schedule does figure into lineup plans.  Rylskyi is listed 
as a 1989 so I have my doubts he's a student.  Come to think of it, I remember hearing Ahilan was 
a fifth year grad of the school so he wouldn't be on their roster.  I looked up the U of T website 
when I got home and found but could only find their 2018 roster.  There were only five players 
at today's game at the school back then.  Maybe these are new recruits?   U of T played yesterday 
at Varsity Stadium and beat UTM (which is their Mississauga campus) 3-0.  I ws sure that I read 
a tweet last week that former UTM goalie Aaron Peters (who played for Pro Stars FC last season 
and was the reserve goalie for Oakville Blue Devils this year) has signed with a European team 
(third division of Spain??) but can't find it now. 

Rylskyi was helped by his defence lined across as Atchuthan Sivananthan, Jacob Maurutto-Robinson, 
Kenny Lioutas, and David Colelli breaking up many NMP plays before they even made the box. 

A great game for Nicholas Osorio who I have with one goal and two assists.  He is listed on the 
U of T roster (at least for 2018).   His brother Jonathan played 10 minutes yesterday for TFC 
in the MLS game against Montreal.  TFC had zero Canadian starters.  

Kevin Da Silva scored two goals.  While talking to him to double check on assists he answered that 
he is not a U of T student and is age 24.  Going back through my records after I got home, I found 
that he played for AU in their inaugural 2018 season but in 2017 he was with North Toronto Nitros 
in their last year in L1O.  They had a link with the U of T roster and even played their early 
season games at Varsity Stadium (part of the downtown campus).  

Sundin Esperance was the star for NMP.  He seemed to take all the freekicks and cornerkicks and 
even the throw-ins with his ability to catapult balls into the AU box from the 30 yard line and closer.  
He was a participant in the CPL-L1O combine on January 24, 2019 and played the morning and afternoon 
games scoring a goal in both.  Impressive as he played those games as a defender.  Today I positioned 
him as the left wing and he was sending in a lot of centering crosses.     

NMP uses a smaller table top scoreboard rather than what Sigma used yesterday—a portable small billboard 
sized one.  A game official suggested they move the scoreboard to the side of the fourth officials 
table—as if someone had read one of my previous game reports where I said the fourth official stands 
in front of the table blocking our view.  Today it didn't matter as the sun was so bright, I couldn't 
decipher the numbers on the clock anyway even with binoculars.  That means all times are translated 
from my wrist watch.  

Best non-scoring chances were at 40 minutes when AU Koosha Nazemi passes over to AU Kevin Da Silva who 
holds on to ball as he steps to right and finally gets 12 yard shot that deflects off the sprawling goalie.  
AU then had three cornerkicks with AU knocking down a ball but couldn't connect on a 6 yard shot 
on the left post, Kenny Lioutis sent in another cornerkick that the goalie punched away for another 
cornerkick and finally Lioutis sent one over the box.  49 minutes had AU Atchuthan Sivannanthan chip 
from 45 yards on the right that found Nazemi all alone but his one-touch 15 yard shot down the middle 
was easily caught by goalie.  Next minute had Nazemi thread a through ball pass up the middle for 
AU Nicholas Osorio whose low 10 yard shot was saved point blank by the goalie.  52 minutes had Lioutis 
chip a 40 yard freekick from the right that an AU player headed a 15 yarder down the middle that was caught 
by the goalie under the bar.  80 minutes had NMP Sundin Esperance rush down the left and send in a low cross 
that an NMP player shot an 8 yarder over the net. 83 minutes had Esperance take a 40 yard freekick down 
the middle.  Lioutis headed it away on the edge of the box and NMP Adam Boafo rolled a 25 yard shot between 
players just wide left of the post.  92 minutes had Esperance with a long throw-in from the right headed 
away in the box but NMP Adel Rahman gets a shot from 22 yards on the left just wide right of the post.  

With Aurora FC not making the playoffs, defender Michael Fayehun was at the game taking pictures using 
his business banner F10 Studio for the league.   

Also before the game a North Mississauga official said the team would be moving in 2021 to 'Park 459' which 
is between Eglinton and Brittania, the 407 and Ninth Line.  Better facilities are promised 
'Churchill Meadows Community Centre'.  Hmm now maybe there won't be the noise of planes flying overhead 
every 90 seconds—but instead the sound of traffic from the toll road—or because it's still in alignment 
with the airport only further west—both!  And no I was assured this will NOT be the site of a potential 
CPL franchise.  

The second game in the series is scheduled for Thursday September 5th at 8:45pm at Centennial College 
in Scarborough.  An unusual date for a playoff game until I saw the U of T schedule where on the weekend 
they play Queen's University on Sunday the 8th at Varsity Stadium.  Now an interesting decision for 
head coach Ilya Orlov—how many U or T players does he use if he thinks this series is over.  

Rocket Robin
twitter @RocketRobin01  

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