Result and details of the Wednesday June 5, 2019 Canadian Championship game between York 9 FC and FC Edmonton
played at York Lions Stadium in North York at 7:00pm.

York 9 FC (black socks, names and numbers, white shorts and shirts, green trim)

......................29 Nathan Ingham
3 Morey Doner...13 Luca Gasparotto...2 Daniel Gogarty...20 Diyaeddine Abzi
......................23 Wataru Murofushi
22 Rodrigo Gattas...19 Kyle Porter...10 Manuel Aparicio (cpt)...18 Ryan Telfer
......................12 Simon Adjei

Subs:...1 Matt Silva (gk)...5 Justin Springer (def)...7 Austin Ricci (fwd)...8 Joseph Di Chiara (mid)
...11 Emilio Estevez (mid)...77 Steven Furlano (def)...92 Michael Cox (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Jim Brennan

FC Edmonton (white socks, names and numbers, navy shorts and shirts)

..............................13 Dylon Powley
3 Jeannot Esua...12 Kareem Moses...8 Mele Temguia...20 Bruno Zebie
...........5 Ramon Soria Alonso (cpt)...7 Son Yong Chan
......11 Randy Edwini Bonsu...10 Philippe Lincourt Joseph...26 David Doe
............................45 Oumar Diouck

Subs:...1 Connor James (gk)...14 James Marcelin (mid)...17 Marcus Velado-Tsegaye (fwd)...18 Oluwatomiwo Ameobi (fwd)
...23 Ajay Khabra
team officials:...head coach Jeff Paulus

Game officials:...referee Serge Topalian...referee's assistants Philippe Betez-Quessy and Jason Vaillancourt
...fourth official Filip Dujic (black socks and shorts, teal shirts)

First Half:...game starts 7:07pm...York defends north end on this cool and rainy evening.
1 min...York Porter 33 yard freekick down middle is blasted well over net.
3 min...FCE Lincourt Joseph slips and rolls 28 yarder up middle that goalie picks up.
4 min...FCE goalie is out to 15 yards on right to beat York Adjei to through ball pass.
5 min...York Gattas receives cross from left and 18 yard header down middle is wide right of net.
7 min...York Doner makes long run down right and cross near end line is over box.
8 min...FCE Soria Alonso makes sliding block on York Abzi on cross from left side of box that breaks up play.
13 min...York Telfer holds off defender on run down middle and low 28 yard shot is smothered by goalie.
14 min...York Adjei on 3 on 3 rush passes left for York Aparicio but his low cross from left side of box is blocked by FCE Moses.
16 min...York Gattas long cross from 30 yard line on right has York Adjei slide to pop up ball at 15 yards on left but he can't
control it.
17 min...FCE Doe rush down left but sliding York Doner knocks ball out near left corner flag.
18 min...FCE Yong Chan long throw-in from near left cornerflag has York Gogarty head ball through box out right side.
19 min...FCE Edwini Bonsu long 35 yard shot from right is caught by goalie.
22 min...York Gattas in middle tips ball to York Telfer in open but he skies 15 yarder from left high over net.
23 min...FCE Esua retreating ensures York Telfer can't get shot on left but gives up cornerkick.
24 min...York Porter cornerkick from left has FCE Yong Chan as nearest player on left head ball away.
26 min...York Gattas low cross from 25 yards on right has FCE Moses kick ball over own net.
27 min...York 9 FC Luca Gasparotto GOAL...York Ryan Telfer cornerkick from right has charging Gasparotto
step in front of two defenders and head 8 yarder down middle into left corner of net on single bounce past
flying goalie Dylon Powley.

.....FCE Moses was injured on last play and needs trainer.
30 min...York Gattas on run to ball on right and stops and 22 yard cross is bent wide left of goal but deflects off sliding
defender for cornerkick.
31 min...York 9 FC Rodrigo Gattas GOAL...York Kyle Porter cornerkick from left has charging Gattas head 6 yarder
down middle just under bar into center of net.

32 min...FCE Esua gets back to break up York Aparicio getting shot away at 10 yards on left on run for ball injurying both
on play. Apariacio needs trainer behind the end line where he'd slid out so no break in the action.
34 min...FCE Moses grab on York Porter just outside left of box wins York a freekick.
35 min...York Porter low freekick from 22 yards on left has FCE Esua clear away in center of box.
37 min...York Abzi long run down left taking on two defenders who finally check him off ball.
40 min...FCE Yong Chan long throw-in from left is headed into box by York Abzi but another defender clears it away.
41 min...FCE Edwini Bonsu long run up right and cuts to middle and is knocked over at 25 yards but no call is made.
42 min...York YELLOW card...Aparicio earns it for trip up of FCE Lincourt Joseph at FCE 40 yard line.
44 min...York Adjei run down right to get to ball in contest with goalie and ball rolls towards goal but would have
been wide but defender clears away for throw-in.
46 min...half ends 7:53pm.

Halftime Entertainment: There was nothing happening as this was the worst part of the storm. I saw no sign
of the mascot all of tonight. The trumpet playing fan arrived by the time the second half started.

Second Half:...starts 8:09pm.
halftime subs:...FCE Ongaro replaces Doe.
.............FCE Marcelin replaces Lincourt Joseph.
46 min...Two York defenders are able to jostle FCE Zebie off ball in left side of box without him able to get a shot.
47 min...FCE Esua 25 yard shot from rivght is low but caught by goalie near left post.
48 min...FCE Soria Alonso 33 yard freekick down middle is over to FCE Edwini Bonsu on right and his cross
is headed away.
49 min...York Telfer wins cornerkick on left on defensive deflection.
50 min...York 9 FC Simon Adjei GOAL...York Kyle Porter cornerkick from left has Adjei while even with the right
post head forward from 6 yards into the right side of the net on one bounce.

51 min...FCE Diouck cross from left is through York box unplayed.
53 min...FCE Diouck 25 yard freekick down middle has leaping goalie palm ball over net.
53 min...FCE Edwini Bonsu cornerkick from left has FCE Moses fall back and head 10 yarder over net.
54 min...York defenders are able to eventually able to clear two scrambly plays in box.
54 min...FCE Edwini Bonsu rolls ball past defenders but over end line.
56 min...York Abzi cross from 30 yards from left is stopped and spilled and York Murofushi basts 12 yarder up middle
over net.
56 min...York Abzi cross from near right end line is caught by goalie near short side post.
57 min...York Adjei blasts shot up middle that goalie stops at 7 yards.
58 min...FCE Yong Chan run up right and crosses from end line has sliding York Abzi concede cornerkick.
59 min...FCE Soria Alonso cornerkick from right is over players in box. FCE player on left has 15 yard shot blocked.
60 min...FCE Soria Alonso is tapped back ball and his 22 yarder up the middle is over the bar.
61 min...York Telfer can't win Penalty kick on fall just up middle on bounce.
63 min...York Telfer 40 yard freekick from right has charging York Gasparotto head 20 yarder down middle but wide left.
64 min...York Gogarty gets back to make key clearance of giveaway inside York box.
65 min...FC Edmonton Oumar Diouck GOAL...FCE Son Yong Chan takes long throw-in from left that defender
heads away. FCE Randy Edwini Bonsu at 22 yards has shot partially blocked by defender. Yong Chan blasts 12 yard
rebound into short right side of net between post and goalie Nathan Ingham.

66 min...FCE YELLOW card...Moses earns it for knocking over York Telfer at FCE 30 yard line.
67 min...York Aparicio 33 yard freekick from slight left is high and wide left of net.
68 min...York Abzi long run up middle and low 25 yard shot between defenders is smothered by goalie.
69 min...FCE Diouck has shot stopped from 15 yards in middle.
70 min...York sub...Cox replaces Adjei.
71 min...FCE Edwini Bonsu cross from 35 yards on right is between two charging FCE players and bounces for throw-in.
72 min...FCE Soria Alonso cornerkick from left is cleared but Soria Alonso steps up and York Gasparotto clears
high deflection.
73 min...FCE YELLOW card...Edwini Bonsu earns it for dissent protesting for a hand ball on York Doner not called
just outside box.
73 min...FCE Edwini Bonsu cornerkick from left has FCE Moses sent 12 yard header up the middle that goalie catches
up middle just under bar.
77 min...FCE Yong Chan long throw-in from right wins cornerkick on deflection of header.
77 min...FCE Soria Alonso cornerkick from right has defender head ball out left side of box.
78 min...York Porter cross from 22 yards on far right has flying goalie miss but a defender deflects ball back to goalie.
79 min...FCE sub...Velado-Tsegaye replaces Edwini Bonsu.
80 min...York sub...De Chiara replaces Gattas.
81 min...FCE Diouck 15 yard blast up middle is saved point blank by goalie.
81 min...FCE Yong Chan long throw-in from left is popped up and over to right side of box. FCE Diouck bicycle kicks ball
back into center of box where defender makes clearance. The ball is chipped from 30 yards up the middle back into box where
an FCE player heads down over to 10 yards and FCE Marcelin has his shot blocked by York Doner.
82 min...FCE player cornerkick from left has FCE player in crowd of players at 15 yards head forward and FCE Diouck called
offside when he received the ball at 3 yards on right post.
83 min...York Cox wins cornerkick on retreating FCE Esua poking ball away before 12 yard shot attempt.
83 min...York Telfer cornerkick from right has FCE goalie punch away in crowd of players at 6 yards.
84 min...York Abzi high cross near left cornerflag is over to right side of box to waiting defender.
86 min...FCE Yong Chan cornerkick from left has charging FCE Moses head 8 yarder from right wide right of net.
86 min...York Aparicio 30 yard shot down middle is just over bar.
90 min...FCE Zebie receives long cross from right and rolls 12 yarder on left wide left of post.
91 min...York sub...Springer replaces Murofushi.
92 min...FCE goalie 60 yard freekick from right has leaping FCE Marcelin look like ball hits his shoulder
as he bumps into goalie at 8 yards and ball flies into net.
92 min...FCE YELLOW card...Marcelin earns it for dissent protesting the last play.
93 min...There's a bit of pushing before a long freekick is taken by the FCE goalie from 70 yards up middle. When freekick
is taken, a defender heads away at 12 yards in crowd of players in box.
93 min...game ends 8:57pm.

Final Score:.......York 9 FC.......3.......FC Edmonton........1........
York 9 FC leads two game aggregate series 3-1

Attendance was not announced but it was extremely low.  Soccerway.com listed it at 728 
and some in attendance on the message boards put it at 200 but that was countered by others 
who said some of the crowd were pushed back inside and were watching it from shelter.  
The weather was miserable with a light rain falling most of the afternoon and the 
intensity growing as the game started to a downpour.  The only event missing from 
the Saturday May 25 opener was the lack of lightning.  The rain finally stopped 
by the end of the game so I had an easy walk to the bus stop.  

Other reasons that hurt attendance were that this game was NOT part of the season ticket 
package and seats were being offered from the club for $10 or free if you wanted to claim 
you were sent home from the May 25 home opener by security staff or the police.  We were 
being bombarded by the media including a message I heard while exiting Pioneer Village 
subway station recorded by Toronto mayor John Tory to please use TTC to get to wherever 
we were going to cheer on the Raptors basketball team.  That game started at 9:00pm 
and was taking place in California! 

The smoke from nearby forest fires had enveloped Edmonton and caused FCE's game to be 
postponed from Saturday night to Sunday morning giving them even less rest before 
their trip to Toronto.  

FCE announced that they were practising for this game by narrowing their field to simulate 
what York Lions field would be like.  They let Sun Yong Chan take all the close 
in throw-ins because he could bomb them straight into the York box.  He kept trying 
to dry the ball as best he could with either his shirt or a towel before he'd launch one.  

York 9 FC score three goals tonight and all were headers from cornerkicks.  Head coach 
Jim Brennan said the team had been practising them this week both offensive and defence 
set pieces.  Each one had a York player rush for the ball and head it in right in front 
or between the waiting defender.  It was the most they've scored all season.  He said 
his team did have to adapt and defend when FCE got desperate to score a goal.  He said 
he was happy with their performance.  

Referee Serge Topalian from Montreal gave out four Yellow cards (three to Edmonton).  
The last two to FCE were for dissent.  Most controversial was in injury time when 
FCE Bruno Zebie 'scored' on an 8 yard header but he was ruled to have bumped the goalie 
so the goal was not counted.  A second road goal may have been crucial to the return leg 
of their series because of the 'away goal'  rule. It proved crucial in an earlier round 
when Vaughan Azzurri upset HFX Wanderers in Halifax but lost on the away goal rule.  
Topalian had refereed the first round of that series held at the Ontario Soccer Centre 
a few kilometres from here.  

FCE did score one away goal.  They had been in a four game goal slump until tonight.  
Head coach Jeff Paulus answered at the press conference that he told his players 
at halftime to “get one goal”.  That was not considering that York would scored right 
after the break to go up 3-0.  He insisted it was not a push and the second goal should 
not have been disallowed.  

York 9 FC and FC Edmonton will play each other three Wednesday's in a row!  Tonight's 
game was the first leg in the second round qualifier for the Canadian Championship.  
The second leg is next Wednesday in Edmonton at 9:30pm EDT.  Then there's a league game 
back at York Lions Stadium on Wednesday the 19th. Both teams play a league game 
the Saturday in between.  York 9 FC will be home on Saturday the 15th at Noon—a time 
that was moved up an hour so it could be shown live on the CBC network.  

The winner of this series moves on to play the MLS Montreal Impact.  July 10 is the first
game and it will be at the home of the CPL team.  The return match is two weeks later
in Montreal.  Neither coach wanted to speculate about that match until this series is over.

Current York 9 FC goalie Nathan Ingham played for FC Edmonton in 2016 and 2017 which 
would have been their NASL days.  Researching this I also found he had a brief time 
with TFC II in 2016 for two games.  I saw him play against New York Red Bulls II 
on August 24, 2016 losing 1-0.  I thought up to now I'd only seen him play for K-W United 
at the PDL level when they'd visit Toronto at most twice a year.  

Other scores in Canadian Championship games last night and tonight were Forge FC 
and Cavalry FC playing to a 1-1 scoreline with controversy and a dust-up at the end 
of the game when Cavalry scored on an added time Penalty kick and, a few hours before 
this game started, HFX Wanderers winning 2-1 against Valour FC.  That game ended just 
two minutes before the York 9 FC game started so on Onesoccer the national anthem 
and starting lineups were missed.   The dust-up at the end of the Forge game was 
much worse than tonight's pushing match. 

Rocket Robin
twitter @RocketRobin01  

York 9 FC starters

FC Edmonton starters

FC Edmonton Oumar Diouck (45) takes opening kickoff

York 9 FC Kyle Porter (19) and Ryan Telfer (18) line up freekick.

York 9 FC Kyle Porter (19) with ball.

FC Edmonton Philippe Lincourt-Joseph (10) leads rush.

York 9 FC Manuel Aparicio (10) takes second half kickoff.

Players jostle for position waiting for a FC Edmonton cornerkick to come in from right side.

The ball was cleared from the York 9 FC end but the whistle has been blown.

June 5, 2019 Canadian Premier League--Post game press conference after York 9 FC vs FC Edmonton 
game held at York Lions Stadium (by Rocket Robin)

FC Edmonton defender Kareem Moses and head coach Jeff Paulus answer questions  

FC Edmonton Jeff Paulus and Kareem Moses...8 min 19 sec
Your thoughts on the match?  What went wrong with defending set pieces tonight? What was the
mood and the message at halftime?  What do you get with Oumar Diouck playing?  What was your 
decisions on not using all your starters?  What will playing on a bigger playing field provide?
What does this Cup competition mean to you?  Did you get an explanation on why the second
goal was disallowed? The team's scoring problems? Will you use your first team next game and the
week after that (both games against York 9 FC? (my questions).  How does the CPL compare
with your time with Soca Warriors in quality? 

York 9 FC defender Luca Gasparotto and head coach Jim Brennan answer questions  

York 9 FC Luca Gasparotto and Jim Brennan...10 min 49 sec
Thoughts on the game?  Have you been working on set pieces?  How did you adjust to their changes?
How important is this win to your confidence?  How was it good to have Joseph Di Chiara back in 
the lineup? Is it satisfying to finally see some results?  The defence has been good but is it better
now that you have some offence coming through?  How important is the Generation IX fan support?
What would having Montreal Impact mean in the next round? Any strategy in next week's game? 
(that was my question)  What is it about Cup competitions that's exciting?      

Match Stats   (given out at the game) 

York 9 FC                                        FC Edmonton      
  3         Goals                                    1  
 14         Total Shots                             14   
  6         Shots on Target                          5   
  7         Shots off Target                         5   
  1         Blocked Shots                            4  
  6        Shots from inside box                    10
  8        Shots from outside the box                4 
  4        Headed Shots                              4
  5        Corners taken                             7
 17        Fouls conceded                           14   
  9        Open Play crosses                        17   
  1        Offsides                                  3   
 56       Duels won                                 58  
 48.7%    Duels won %                               50.4%  
489       Total passes                             383  
 76.1%    Passing accuracy                          72.3%
 52.9%    Possession                                47.1%  

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