CNSL June 5th

CNSL Toronto Italia vs Scarborough Astros
Conf: U-SOCCER (4241) 

Results of game played Monday June 5, 1995 at Etobicoke Centennial

Toronto Italia (white shorts & numbers, blue socks & shirts)

                        1 Brian Rosenfeld
                        4 Alex Nedev
2 Goran Bakoe  6 Peyvan Mossavat  5 Patrick Tobo  3 Franco Spadafina
        8 Richard Alexander  11 Rick Titus  9 Miguel Ferreira
                10 'Lalo' Maradona  7 Jin Rii

Scarborough Astros (yellow socks & shirts, blue shorts & numbers)

                        1 Paolo Silva
4 Giovani Dibourn  18 Michael Marshall  3 Rene Martin  7 Alex Nardi
        8 Gad Espinosa  5 Leo Lopez  11 Gary DeLeon
        10 Basil Hannah  13 Audley Taffe  9 Lazlo Martonfi

Referee Julio Chewacco(sp?)
I have to put the goal descriptions straight from my notes as although
Channel 47 announced the score they didn't show the highlights in
tonight's news.  (Telesera 8-830pm Tuesday)

11 min Astro GOAL scored on a two on one.  Deleon finishes play after
receiving pass.

15 min Astro GOAL scored as Marantopi got behind defender covering one
on one.

18 min Astro Yellow Dibourn receives for hip check on Ferreira at Italia
35 yard line.

24 min Astro Goal.  Penalty shot given because Tobo had ball hit his
hand but looked to be on the outside of the crease.  Goaltender Silva
came all the way downfield to take the penalty kick.  He took chip shot
about 5 foot high and 2 feet inside right post. Rosenfeld dived left.

45 min Astro Yellow Espinosa for dissent while he was waiting for
teammate's throw-in.

Second Half

Italia subs  12 Franco Vaiano and 15 Nick Maxwell replace Nedev and Tobo
at halftime.

62 min Astro sub 21 Roosevelt Angulo replaces Hannah

69 min Astro GOAL Deleon banana kicks across net and knocked in by

73 min Italia Yellow Bakoe for pulling down player 25 yards out.

74 min Astro sub 16 Kevin Galindo replaces Dibourn

79 min Italia GOAL Goalie makes huge save but lets out big rebound which
is crossed over to Rii who puts it in far right corner.

85 min Astros GOAL from short corner kick, Astro player crosses to
centre for Marshall to head in.

Final score:  Scarborough Astros 5   Toronto Italia 1
This game was considered a CUP game.  Each team plays 10 league games
and 10 cup games in this 6 team league.  I'll be putting together some
type of table to keep up with these games, but that will be in another

Comments:  Bryan Rosenfeld just joined the team and was given the start.
He is a former member of the Toronto Rockets of the 1994 APSL.

Astro goalie Paulo Silva seemed very short but his tall defenders kept
him well protected all night.  The Soccer News lists him as being the
CNSL goalkeeper of the year for 1994 and on the All Star team.

This game reminded me somewhat of the Canada-Turkey game at Varsity
Stadium in that the home team was behind 2-0 very early in the game and
the leading teams goalie would kick the ball as far downfield as he
could and try to get some forwards behind the defenders. (seemed to work
40% of the time).

The Astro defenders were experts at the offside trap and must have
caught Italia players a dozen times. Any Italia chance was usually 2 men
trying to get past four or five defenders.

Next Italia home game is 8pm Monday June 12 vs St Catharines Wolves and
will also be considered a cup game.

The Thursday June 8 road game vs Toronto Jets at Esther Shiner Stadium
has been postponed probably because of the Provincial Election.

So let's see, league tables, review of the teams and leagues in Toronto,
maybe some comments about the Canada-Turkey game from someone who was
there! Well I've got a lot of posting to do.  Goodbye for now.

Rocket Robin

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