Standings to October 21st

Conference selected is: U-SOCCER (4241) Conference  
U-SOCCER (4241) 
Subj: CNSL (S. Ontario) Results and Tables

Here are the latest standings in the Canadian National Soccer League
(CNSL).  The Umbro Cup competition is now over but the League and
playoffs have not been settled.  Standard FIFA 3-1-0 point system.

1995 UMBRO CUP (10 game schedule)

                           Games  Wins Losses Ties For Against Pts

1. Scarborough Astros       10      6     0     4   21    8     22
2. St Catharines Wolves     10      5     3     2   15   10     17
3. Toronto Jets             10      4     3     3   12    9     15
4. Toronto Italia           10      4     4     2   20   21     14
5. Hamilton White Eagles    10      2     6     2   16   25      8
6. London City              10      1     6     3   12   23      6

Cup Final Series
                                   home               away

        Tuesday October 10th   St Catharines   0   Scarborough 0

        Sunday October 15th    Scarborough     0   St Catharines 0
after regulation time and 2 15 min (non-sudden death) extra time halves,
St Catharines wins in a 5 shot shootout by scoring 3 for 3 while Wolves
goalie Dino Perri stopped 3 straight Astro penalty shots.  (This game
will be broadcast in the Toronto and St Catharines area on Rogers Cable
Community channel.   This Friday at 6:30pm in Toronto and at 8:00pm in
St Catharines).

1995 League (10 game season)

1.  Toronto Jets            10      6     2     2   23   13     20
2.  St Catharines Wolves     9      6     2     1   24   12     19
3.  Toronto Italia          10      4     3     3   19   16     15
4.  London City             10      4     5     1   10   15     13

5.  Scarborough Astros      10      2     4     4   12   15     10
6.  Hamilton White Eagles    9      1     7     1   10   27      4

Recent results:

Friday October 13, 1995    Toronto Jets   4     Toronto Italia  3
    This game had been rescheduled for one that had been postponed
earlier in the year.  This one counted as a home game for Italia but
was played at Esther Shiner Stadium (Jets home) as Centennial is no
longer available for the season.  I'd been asking for when this game
would happen so they sort of snuck this one in.  They even faked out the
league statistician too as he didn't know the game was on either.  Sure
I'd have gone if I knew the game was on!  Must have been pretty
exciting too.  We'd bet the attendance would be even less than 40!

unknown            St Catharines Wolves  at Hamilton White Eagles
        Now this one will be a sore spot!  Hamilton's last game they
lost 5-0 to Jets but they only had played 40 minutes and had FIVE men
red carded!!!  The game was ended (FIFA forfeit rule?) but the scoring
stats of the Jets were allowed to stand.  Hamilton, as are other teams
at this time of year have few subs and along with that the owner(?) has
suspended the whole team (cost cutting?).  This game may never be played
as Hamilton have let it be known that they won't be returning to the
League so NYAH NYAH!

The most prestigious trophy is the one for given for finishing first in
the league.  There is also a TOP 4 playoff home and away competition
1 vs 4, 2 vs 3, winner vs winner....but who do you consider first?
There's no scheduled dates for these games so I'll have to play "psst
hey when's the game?" again.  A guy from the league's supposed to keep
me up to date.  Hurry up the weather's getting colder......

Italia have committed to finish the year so that's better then last
week's news.  Also their star player Lalo Maradona (brother of someone
famous) has signed for the new Toronto Shooting Stars indoor franchise
of the NPSL that will play at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens.

Bye for now

Rocket Robin

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