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Subj: Re: CNSL (S Ontario) Umbro Cup Final 2
Here are my comments on the second leg of the Canadian National Soccer
League (CNSL) Umbro Cup Final game between the Scarborough Astros and St
Catharines Wolves played Sunday October 15th, 1995 at Birchmount
Stadium in Scarborough.
The first game on Tuesday night in St Catharines had ended in a 0-0
tie.  This game would decide the Cup winner.  FIFA away goal rules would
apply so Wolves would win with any goals scored tie.  Rogers Cable Tv
was filming the game for Friday October 20th broadcast.  They had four
camera coverage so it should look pretty professional.  The only
concession was the players benches were moved to the west sideline so
the cameras could pick up comments nearby.  Attendance was an appalling
60 people and about 15 of that were tv crew.
The game was scheduled for 6pm kickoff but didn't get started until
6:30pm.  It seems the Astros uniforms weren't ready!!  The weather was
cold (~10oC 50oF and it got colder), wet and windy.
Scarborough Astros (yellow socks and shirts, blue shorts and numbers)
                           1 Paulo Silva
4 John DiBuono  18 Michael Marshall  3 Rene Martin  7 Alex Nardi
        8 Gad Espinosa  5 Leo Lopez  21 Rick Titus
        13 Audley Taffe  9 Laszlo Martonfi  11 Gary DeLeon
subs  12 Fiorin Oprea (GK)  19 Kerwin Skeete  14 Ednie Tavares  20 Alim
Rajan  10 Basil Hanna
St Catharines Wolves (white socks and shirts, red shorts, black numbers)

                              23 Dino Perri
5 John McNeil  12 Adrian Prence  3 Macgiver Broomes  2 Tony Carbonaro
10 Tom Bernardi  13 Lucio Ianiero  6 Shane Campbell  11 Carlo Arghitto
                        7 Gary Brian   9 Paul Moore
subs  15 Lee Burrows (GK)  8 Clay Holmes  14 Gary McGuchan
referee Gord Arrowsmith  linesmen Andrew ???????? and Glenn Sharkey
1st half (Astros defend North end, wind blowing from north)
Strategy was supposed to have the Astros press in the first half because
of the away goal fears.  Both 'coaches' mentioned this in the pregame
televised interviews.
10 min  Wolves Prence attended for bloody nose he got while jostling
before free kick.
11 min  Astros get backward header that Perri needs to catch.
14 min  Wolves Perri stops another backwards header from 5 yards after
30 yard free kick.
22 min  Wolves Arghitto runs along 15 yard line deking two guys,
Bernardi boots high over bar from 10 yards out.
23 min  Astros Martonfi takes good cross but booted wide about 5 yards
30 min  Wolves  long high cross that Arghitto heads into goalpost.  All
alone as defender and goalie out of position.  Silva grabs rebound.
32 min  Astros Martonfi takes shot so hard from 20 yards that it spins
off sliding defender one yard away and goalie has to make save.
38 min  Astros Titus streaks in on left side and goalie needs sliding
40 min  Wolves Moore lofts ball over bar after Campbell centres along
2nd half  (my comments are a bit short for the number of chances but my
hands were cold!)
47 min  ref Arrowsmith doesn't fall for trip in Astro's crease.
58 min  Astros Titus hurries shot from 10 yards.
59 min  Wolves sub  McGuchan replaces Bernardi.
60 min  Astros Martonfi takes free kick just outside the box.  Curves
over 5 man wall headed just under bar but goalie stops it.
63 min  Astros Nardi needs attention for leg injury.
67 min  Astros sub  Skeete replaces still injured Nardi.
72 min  Astros sub  Hanna replaces Espinosa.
79 min  Astros sub  Tavares replaces DeLeon.
85 min  Wolves Moore looks alone on break but defender gets foot to ride
his shot wide.
89 min  Wolves McGuchan takes free kick over wall, Silva tips it over
bar.  resulting corner kick has McGuchan head it over bar.
  5 minutes of injury time added.
Regular time result  0-0.  Now comes a five minute rest, players stay on
the field followed by 2 fifteen minute halves plus a 5 shot penalty
shootout if necessary.
1st Extra Time (Astros defend North end wind still gusting from North)
It's cold! Should I drink my hot chocolate or just use the full cup to
heat my hands?  I should be on tv here.  A ball rolls out of bounds and
I kick it back in to Silva.  Dark parka/red touque.  Attention
91 min  Wolves Campbell shoots through a crowd but Silva stops it.
95 min  Astros Hanna snakes shot that goalie has to jump for just under
96 min  Astros Taffe takes shot wide.
99 min  Astros Hanna? snakes shot goalie catches at his right post.
Astros had more chances overall.
2nd Extra Time
112 min  Astros Silva punches out corner kick cross in crowd.
118 min  Wolves Holmes replaces Brian
119 min  Wolves Burrows (the backup goalie) replaces Prence but takes a
field position.
Shootout (best out of 5) Shots taken against south goal.
1.  Wolves McGuchan right foot shot high to right hand side, Silva dives
left.                               GOAL
1.  Astros Hanna right foot shot hard to low left, Perri dives for stop!
2.  Wolves Moore to low left, Silva dives right.
2.  Astros Martonfi takes big wind up...low shot to right, Perri falls
and catches ball.                   SAVE
3.  Wolves Campbell far right corner shot low, Silva dives left.
3.  Astros Tavares kicks ball low left, Perri dives left for save.
Stop the shootout.  The Wolves win it 3-0!!!
Great display by Dino Perri who made three world class penalty saves.
He was also the player/coach tonight because the regular coach was
vacationing in the Bahamas (hey who knew the season would drag on this
This was the second consecutive year that St Catharines had won the
Umbro Cup.  They were St Catharines Roma last year but the organization
was the same.
I've got another posting about the League standings and future games and
playoffs.  This was the Astros last game of the year.  They are not
involved in the playoffs because they finished fifth in that
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