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Date: Sun,  2 Jul 95 22:39:00 -0500

Here's something I'd meant to compile and post a month ago but now it
makes sense as I've seen all the teams at least once.

This is my first year closely following the league.  I've been a close
follower of the Canadian Soccer League and the APSL when there were
Toronto teams represented.

Canadian National Soccer League (CNSL) for 1995

The league is in its 73rd year and is the longest running pro league
in North America.  It is billed as the only professional soccer league
in Canada!  (these facts were pulled by me from 'The Soccer News'
Canada's National Soccer Newspaper sold at the games but also it really
seems to cover the regional scene all across Canada.

There are six teams in the league this year.  Each team plays 20
games; half at home.  That's four games against each opponent.  Half of
the games are for the League Competition and half are for the Umbro
Cup. There are therefore two sets of tables kept.  Now that the Toronto
Star is publishing the standings they are keeping the double tables
too. I guess the argument is that a team can be doing poorly in the
league but still have a chance at the Cup.

Three teams play within the Metro limits of Toronto, the other three
are within a two hour drive of Toronto.

The league is using the FIFA 3-1-0 point system for the first time
this year.

The teams:

TORONTO ITALIA (uniforms I'm not sure if every team has both a home
and away kit.  white shorts and numbers, blue socks and shirts)
Home games played at Etobicoke Centennial Stadium (out near Pearson
airport) The CSL Toronto Blizzard and APSL Toronto Rockets have played
here in the past.
Admission: $10 for adults but children are admitted free.
Famous alumni:
This year's roster:
Raul Alfredo 'Lalo' Maradona (Argentina) a younger brother of Diego
Maradona. The marquis player of the league this year. midfield
Bryan Rosenfeld (played in CSL and APSL in the past). goalie
Omer Patrick Tobo (Cameroon international in 1990 World Cup, now
doesn't count as an import) sweeper
Mehrdat Amir (Iran international) forward
Rii Jin (Chinese born came to Toronto via Korea doesn't count as an
import) striker
Ryan Gamble (1994 rookie of the year and led league in scoring)
striker Franco Spadafina  (Italia MVP two years ago at age 18) fullback
goalie Roman Harapyn
defenders Goran Bakoe, Richard Alexander, Rick Titus
midfield Nick Maxwell
forward Tony Morrison
also Vladimir Kowal, Mehrded Amir Shiraz, Marc DiPiero, Edward
Rimmiceanu, Munya Kabba, Franco Vaiano

TORONTO JETS (blue socks, shorts, and shirts, black numbers, white
stripe at chest level running down sleeve)
Home games played at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York (Bathurst St
north of Finch Ave West) The CSL North York Rockets also played here
and in 1993 when they were in the CNSL.
Admission: $7 for adults
Famous alumni: Eddy Berdusco, Iain Fraser, Branko Segota, Ian Carter,
Paolo Ceccarelli (all have played on the Canadian National team and/or
are currently in the A-League for 1995).

This year's roster:
Orlando Rizzo (plays in Italy but what level?)
Rob Vacco sweeper
Goal Joe Ciaravino
defenders Emanoele Caroonara, Tom Perks, John Annissi,
midfield Lino Solomita, Garvin Houston, Marco Antonucci
forward Michele Gioia, Robert Marcucci (played for 1994 APSL Toronto
also Antony Zanini, Vince Cancelliere, Aldo Aiudi, Diego Alvarez, Jack

SCARBOROUGH ASTROS (yellow socks and shirts, blue shorts and numbers)
Home games played at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough (Birchmount and
Kingston Rd).
Famous alumni: article didn't list any.
This year's roster:
Basil Hanna (Iraqi National team 1986 and 1988 Olympics) midfielder
Paulo Silva (1994 CNSL goalkeeper of the year)
Rene Martin (2nd team CNSL all star) defender
Roosevelt Angulo (2nd team CNSL all star) midfielder
defenders Kerwin Skeete, Alex Nardi, Michael Marshall,
midfield Audley Taffe, Gad Espinosa, Leo Lopez
forwards Lazlo Martonfi, Gary DeLeon
also Bernardo Velha, Andrew Czalij, Ednei Tavares, Kevin Galindo,
Chris Ladelfi

LONDON CITY (white socks and shirts, red numbers, black shorts,
red/white/black diamond sleeves)
Home games are played at London Stadium (?) where the CSL London
Lasers played(?).
Famous alumni: Founded in 1973
This year's roster:
Andrew Loague (in his third year)
Shawn Taggart (won three club awards last season)
Mark Eys (20 year old defender)
Tony Commisso (21 year old midfielder one of league's top goalscorers)
Nathan Eldridge (fifth year, one of league's top goalscorers)
Goalie Craig Sinnott
defenders Marshall Spence, Jeff Brown, James Bayliss
midfield John Bottineau, Devere Hurley, Jody Catalan
forwards Mark Best
also Aaron Khitab, Stephen Cahill, Chris MacMillan

ST CATHARINES WOLVES (white socks, and shirts, red shorts, black
numbers, red and black triangles on sleeves)
Home games are played at St Catharines Stadium (?)
Famous alumni: Officially a new team but inherited roster from St
Catharines Roma 2nd place team in league last year, won Cup
competition. Martin Dugas (midfielder and winger now with Cambuur 1st
division team in Holland)
Thomas Radinski (striker with Ekeren in Belgium, also Canadian
national team)
Paul Fenwick (now in the English league and Canadian national team)

This year's roster:
Lucio Ianiero (played for the Toronto Blizzard) midfielder
Tom Bernardi (forward)
Goalie Lee Burrows
defenders Joe Belan, John McNeil, Maciver Brooms, Tony Carbonaro
midfield Chris Handsor, Shyne Campbell
forward Paul Moores, Carlo Archittu
subs Zoran Zubic, Adrian Prenc, Gary McGuchan, Jamie Perfetti, Dino

HAMILTON WHITE EAGLES (all white, black numbers, red collars)
Home games are played at Brian Timmins Stadium which is where the CSL
Hamilton Steelers played.
Famous alumni: this is a new team
This year's roster:
Lou Nagy (played with Hamilton Steelers)
Jerry McMillan (Scotland)
Sasa Vukovic (from Toronto Italia)
Goran Vauver (Croatian Republic national team goalie)
Lucio Bravo (Argentine Boca Juniors)
Goalkeeper Beader
defenders Ricky James, Bonic, Nalev
midfield Clsaaqauvi, Risgic
forwards Julisic, Dalido, Gary Tennant
(I don't have the first names of these guys.  There are no programs at
the games so it took me until the second game to bang on the press box
door and ask to copy down the rosters, I'm now a regular visitor).

The season started May 26th and should end September 24th.
Each team has a night of the week when they play all their home games:
Toronto Italia          Monday          8pm
Toronto Jets            Thursday        8pm
Scarborough Astros      Sunday          8pm (sometimes both teams are
Hamilton White Eagles   Sunday          8pm ( playing the same night)
St Catharines Wolves    Tuesday         8:15pm
London City             Friday          8pm

There is also another Toronto League called the CISL which plays all
its games at Lamport Stadium.  I may comment on that in another post.

Bye for now

Rocket Robin

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