CNSL July 17th

SUBJECT:CNSL Toronto Italia vs Toronto Jets                        

Results of the CNSL soccer game on Monday July 17/95 at Etobicoke
Stadium 8pm between the Toronto Italia (home team) and Toronto Jets.
This was considered a CUP game.

ref Tony Comacho

Toronto Italia (blue socks & shirts, white shorts & numbers)

			1 Roman Harapyn
4 Franco Vaiano  6 Peyvand Mossavat  5 Jens Kraemer  3 Franco Spadafina 
13 Anton Skerritt  10 Lalo Maradona  9 Mike Mazza  7 Mike Palmiotta 
		8 Jin Rii  15 Peter Firebrace

subs bench  12 Vladimir Kowal  22 Patrick Bradley  11 Munya Kabba
14 Ralph Golen    Team Manager Elio Scarcello

Toronto Jets (white socks & shirts, blue shorts & shoulders, black

			1 Joe Ciaravino
2 Emanoele Caroonara  5 Tom Perks  6 Richard Alexander  3 John Annissi
7 Garvin Houston  4 Henrique Ferreira  10 Roberto Marcucci  8 Orlando Rizzo
		9 Michele Cioia  11 Ryan Gamble

subs bench  14 Marco Antonucci  15 Antony Zanni  13 Vince Cancelliere
12 Aldo Aiudi  16 Jack Samparelli   coach Vice Solomita

Lots of lineup changes:  Former CSL and APSL players Jens Kraemer and
Ralph Golen (North York/Toronto Rockets) are both on the Italia
roster. Kraemer gave the Italia defense instant stability.  They have
always seemed vulnerable to counteracts until tonight.  Kraemer can
also thread 40-50 yard passes to the midfielders and forwards.

Italia players Ryan Gamble and Richard Alexander are now Jets players!

Italia are now owned by the league after Rocco Lofranco resigned after
13 years with the team.  The teams financial obligations are
guaranteed and Lofranco on AM590 (The Fan) Canadian Soccer Report
denied he's given up his ownership so he can work with the new Mike
Harris provincial government nor that he'd never come back to soccer.

1st half  Italia defends north goal

13 min Jets Yellow  Annissi for tripping player on sideline

15 min Italia Yellow  Spadafina for knocking down Ferreira at midfield

26 min great header by Firebrace of Italia that goalie jumps to catch

40 min Jets Yellow Caroonara for handball 25 yards out

42 min Alexander and Annissi of Jets carry an injured Maradona to the
sidelines!  He'd been down for a long time and Jets probably wanted to
get on with the game.

corners Italia about 8, Jets 0

2nd half

63 min Jets sub Zamparelli replaces Gamble

67 min Jets yellow Caroonara for obstruction (nah maybe that was his
first yellow of the night).
Maradona drives the resulting freekick off crossbar.

73 min Jets sub Antonucci for Rizzo

76 min Italia sub Kowal for Rii
77 min Italia RED card!   Kowal for trip from behind on Caroonara at
40 yard line.  Senseless play; let him go, Caroonara only had eight
more men to beat.  That must be the quickest sending off I've ever
seen.  (as fast as WC94 Etchevery)

80 min  Maradona corner to Kraemer heads it and saved on line by

82 min  Italia GOAL  Maradona takes free kick from 20 yards out over 4
man wall and ball dips down and hits inside of post just inches under
crossbar.  This was Maradona's league leading 7th goal of the year.

83 min Jets GOAL  Jets run upfield after kickoff and draw free kick
from 25 yards out.  Using right foot, either 2 or 3 or 9 (tough to see)
blasts ball into wall hitting Maradona in chest, rebound comes back to
him.  this time he dribbles left and uses left foot to take hard shot
that Harapyn makes diving save on deflecting left of goal but Perks
runs through to tap it in.  Offside appeal ignored.  (good call as I
saw on CFMT sport news hilights.

90 min Jets get chances on goalmouth scramble but goalie clears it.

Attendance was about 700.  I'd be disappointed at this for a derby
game on a mild night.  There weren't any Maradona fans at the game. 
When the score of the Copa America 1st half score was announced as
Argentina 2-0, there was no reaction at all.  Maybe the fans were
waztching the game at home on some kind of satellite dish.
The loud girlfriend (?) of Ryan Gamble was now firmly a Jets fan.  My
next game should be this Thursday at Esther Shiner Stadium in North
York to watch Toronto Jets (home) vs London City.

Rocket Robin

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