CNSL vs Parma game

 Subject: Parma vs CNSL All Stars in Toronto Aug 13th
 Here are the results of the exhibition game at Varsity Stadium in
 Toronto between Parma (the UEFA Champions) and the CNSL All Star Team
 (a six team local league in Southern Ontario.  I've seen all the Italia
 and Jets home games this year.

 The Canadian National Soccer League (CNSL) would fit BELOW the old
 CSL and APSL Toronto teams Blizzard and Rockets in calibre when they
 existed.  Parma has had a week at a resort north of town but looked
 like they were trying as their talent is so deep that a bad game could
 have you sitting on the bench or in the reserves.

 Parma (white socks, shirts, shorts, blue numbers, yellow & blue
 striped sleeves)        I don't have everybody's name except
 phonetically for some

 				1 Luca Bucci
2 Antonino Benarrivo  5 Luigi Apolloni  4 Lorenzo Minotti  3 Alberto
										 Di Chiara 
		7 Sesini  24 Dino Baggio  9 Pripa
 	8 Hristo Stoichkov  10 Gianfranco Zola  16 Ienzagi

 CNSL All Stars (white socks, numbers, black shorts, red shirts)

 				1 Paulo Silva
2 Rene Martin  3 Franco Spadafina  4 Richard Alexander  5 Chris Handsor 
6 ????? Brown  7 Jack Zomparelli  8 Lucio Ianierio  9 Peyvand Mossavat 
		10 Lalo Maradona  11 Gary De Leon

ref Les Wilcox

1st half   game 6pm Parma defends North end in first half.

12 min Parma GOAL  Baggio takes long shot from 35 yards out. Ball
soars over goalie's head.  Shot from right side of field hets right
shot of goal.  Goal created out of nothing.

29 min Parma GOAL  Sensini takes cross for easy tap in after ball
comes through crease with both defenders and teammates missing it.

43 min Parma GOAL  Sensini takes shot after pass from 10 yards out.

First Half summary.  The trouble with any all star team is the guys
aren't used to playing together.  I was surprised they were as
coordinated as they were.  Only Maradona (brother of Diego) would be
considered World Class.  He constantly set up De Leon with passes at
micfield.  Parma had the finishing touches needed though.  This was
not a game like Brazil vs US or Brazil as the Stars could move the ball
around but didn't get much action in the strike zone.

2nd Half

Subs-- Parma  22 Galli replaces Bucci
		23 Papbeatna replaces Pripa
		21 ???????? replaces Ienzagi
(no it wasn't Tomas Brolin who was on the cover of the program, he is
back in Parma a fan said).
	CNSL  16 Shayne Campbell replaces Spadafina
		21 Sasa Vukovic replaces Zomparelli

46 min Vukovic has breakaway saved.
47 min Vukovic draws Yellow card for knocking down Di Chiara

66 min Subs CNSL 20 Tom Bernardi replaces Ianierio
		Parma 15 Sousich replaces Di Chiara
			?? Castelli replaces Minotti

68 min Subs Parma 25 Pin replaces Sesini
70 min Baggio hits crossbar from 20 yards
73 min Parma GOAL  Apolloni chips shot in.
73 min Subs CNSL 17 Alex Nardi replaces Alexander
			18 Orlando Rizzo replaces De Leon
			22 Garvin Houston replaces Mossavat
			14 Andrew Loague replaces Maradona
		Parma 19 Ferlanton replaces Zola
			?? Cantanosa replaces Baggio

 80 min Sub CNSL  15 Laszlo Martonfi replaces Handsor
 82 min Parma GOAL  Stoichkov scores on penalty shot.  He takes low
 shot to left corner, goalie dives right.
 85 min Subs Parma 12 Bouffo replaces Galli  \-very shaky start.

 Final score
 Parma    5     CNSL All Stars   0

 Ro> Attendance looked like about 18,000 out of 20,000 capacity.  This was
 Ro> an easy game to market with Toronto's high Italian immigrant
 Ro> population. There were some Bulgarian fans (national flags are the same
 Ro> as Italy but their tricolour runs the other way) too but they only
 Ro> reacted to Stoichkov.

 Ro> Stars of the game  Antonio Benarrivo is Defensive player of game.
 Ro> Hristo Stoichkov is Offensive player of game.
 Ro> Parma club wins the Eurocan Cup.

 Ro> There was no game report from me for the Jets vs Astros games on
 Ro> Thursday night as that game was postponed because of this game.

 Ro> I should be at the Italia vs Jets game tomorrow.
 Ro> I also have a free coupon to every Astros game for the rest of the
 Ro> year as a voucher was in the half price game programs I loaded up on
 Ro> after the game.

 Ro> Rocket Robin

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