CNSL Nov 2nd

Re: CNSL Toronto Jets vs St Catharines Wolves              
Here are my comments on the Canadian National Soccer League (CNSL) game
between the Toronto Jets and St Catharines Wolves played Thursday
November 2, 1995 at North York's Esther Shiner Stadium 8:00pm start.

This was the second leg of the final series of the League playoffs.  The
first game had been played Monday night in St Catharines and ended in a
1-1 tie.  FIFA rules apply...road goals count double for a tie so Jets
have an advantage.

Toronto Jets (blue socks, short, and shoulders, white shirts, black

                        1 Joe Ciaravino
3 John Annissi  4 Richard Alexander  5 Tom Perks  2 John Vidovich
8 Orlando Rizzo 7 Garvin Houston 13 Vince Cancelliere 11 Marco Antonucci
                10 Jack Zomparelli  15 Tony Zanini

subs  12 Aldo Aiudi (GK)  16 Lino Solomita  9 Robert Marcucci  14 Luigi
Ficcola  6 Miguel Ferraira

St Catharines Wolves (red socks and shorts, white shirts, black numbers)

                        23 Dino Perri
2 Tony Carbonaro  3 Macgyver Brooms  12 Adrian Prenc  5 John McNeil
14 Gary McGuchan  7 Chris Handsor  13 Lucio Ianiero  10 Cam Walker
                11 Carlo Arghittu  16 John Williams

subs  1 Lee Burrows (GK)  6 Clay Holmes  9 Paul Moore  8 Mark Konert

referee Tony Comacho

1st half  Jets defend the west goal.

I can't give detailed commentary because of the conditions.  Between
each team's 25 yard lines and along a 30 yard width in the centre and a
narrow 20 yard strip near each goal, there was no grass (too much tackle
football).  From the opening whistle at ~8:20pm for the next 25 minutes,
a HARD rain fell which turned the field into a mud pit.  Both team
strategies seemed to be to play along the wings and avoid the inch deep
puddles in the mud.

I had gone up to the press box for the lineups and just stayed there when
it started to rain.  Sure it was dry but the rain dribbled down the
windows and prevented me from seeing the numbers on jerseys.  Could
there be much of a market for windshield wipers for buildings?

Attendance was a dreadful 30 people in this warm(!) November night.  The
crowd could all seek shelter in the shadow of the press box and over in
the cover of the endzone concession stand.

6 min  Wolves had won two corner kicks up to now.
8 min  Jets get a good shot which Perri has to make diving save.
23 min  Jets defender heads ball off line after Wolves corner.
24 min  Jets goalie punches out shot and rebound.
34 min  Jets goalie stops Williams shot.
36 min  Wolves Yellow card to McNeil at his own 35 yard line for hard
39 min  Jets Antonucci takes shot off right goalpost from 10 yards.
43 min  Jets Yellow card to Vidovich for pulling down Wolves player.
44 min  Jets 'score' from freekick from 25 yards however ref had only
awarded an indirect kick.

2nd Half
substitution  Wolves replace defender Carbonaro with Paul Moore who
comes in and plays forward.
45 min  Wolves Williams shoots snaking 30 yard free kick that Ciaravino
48 min  Jets goalie down for three minutes after taking ball in side of
head from close in.  Ball goes into side of net.
51 min  Wolves GOAL  Moore scores on kick from 6 yards after freekick
52 min  Jets freekick almost headed into Wolves net by own defender.
56 min  Wolves GOAL  Walker slices ball with right foot into centre of
net as ball crossed through sliding Jets.  (Jets would now have to win
because of away goal rule),
59 min  Jets sub  Marcucci replaces Cancelliere.
68 min  Jets Solomita chests ball off line after Wolves corner (hey when
did he come on?)
74 min  Jets shot just wide.  Injured Wolves McGuchan was replaced by
81 min  Jets Marcucci elbows Arghittu on his way past him and punches
him on the way down.  Just a free kick awarded.
86 min  Jets Marcucci gets good shot on freekick tipped over bar by
87.47 min  Jets GOAL  Zomparelli scores low left corner beyond diving
89 min  Wolves awarded penalty shot.  Ball placed on muddy penalty spot.
Still had an inch of water on it.  Handsor runs up and taps it to
goalkeeper's right but it goes wide of post.

Final score:     Toronto Jets            1
                 St Catharines Wolves    2

The Wolves win all three CNSL trophies this year!  They won the Umbro
League Cup (finished 2nd in 10 games plus won 2 game final), won the
League Championship (by finishing first in 10 game regular season) and
now the League Playoff Championship which was a 1vs4,2vs3 winners home
and away series.

I'll get a final standings summary posted soon because this was much
complicated by off-field activities in the last three weeks.

Bye for now

Rocket Robin 

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