CPSL News: Head Coach of the Montreal Dynamites quits
by Luis Rancagua

Guys, a complete different story, opposite as to what was stated before. The coach was NOT fired. He quit for a better job offer. Then again, this whole entire organization needs serious changes.

Victor Petkov will assume the functions of general manager and head coach

MONTREAL, August 30, 2002 - The Dynamites organization announced yesterday that Mohamed Hilen resigned from his role of head coach, to fill in the post of technical director for the ARS Laval for a three year term.
Hilen had been named head coach of the Montreal team at the beginning of the season, following the departure of Zoran Jankovic, who he had left last spring for the ARS Laurentides.

" I would have wished to go up to the end with Dynamites, but I could not allow to pass this opportunity, explains Hilen. The position of technical director will offer us, my family and I, a better employment security. I wish the best of the chances to Victor and to all the team. "

" At first, Mohamed should have left only after the season, but the need of the Laval clubs is too urgent, explains his president Pierre Marchand, as well president of the Dynamites. The sport - study programs begins, as the activities at Val-des-Arbres complex and we needed a technical director immediately. I believe that Mohamed made the good decision."

Victor Petkov, new head coach

Victor Petkov, named as general manager at the end of July, will thus be the new head coach. In the past, Petkov worked as general manager of the New Hampshire Ramblers in the USL (1995 ). He led as well the AS Jean-Talon Rosemont junior team to the conquest of the Quebec Cup and the Montreal Championship and he occupies as well these two roles with the FC Levski Montréal.

" I am very happy to take over as head coach of the Dynamites. I think that we have a very talented group, among the best of the CPSL. By adding two or three new elements and with a lot of work, the league championship is accessible. ".

" Next year we shall re-evaluate the situation, namely if Victor will fill again both positions, concludes Marchand.

Hilen leaves the Dynamites with a record of seven victories, four defeats and three draws, including the Cup games. As assistant - coach in 2001, he had helped the Dynamites to reach the playoffs in their first year in the league.

The Dynamites are presently in second place of the Conference with seven games to play, all on the road. The next Dynamites game will take place on September 8 in Ottawa against the Wizards.

SOURCE : Montreal Dynamites, Patrick Vallée

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