part two of 2002 CPSL schedule

Wed Sept 4th 8:15pm		St Catharines	2	Tor Croatia	1		League
 story from St Catherine Standard
Thurs Sept 5th 8:30pm		Hamilton	3	London		2		League
 details from London Free Press
Fri Sept 6th 8:00pm		Miss Olympians	1	NY Astros	2		League
 London in line to host Canada Cup from London Free Press
 Fri Sept 6th 8:30pm		York Region	2	Tor Supra	0		League
 London Free Press story:...London City exhibition game
 Sat Sept 7th 6:00pm		Durham		3	Vaughan		1		League
 preview of above game from Durham Region
 details of above game from Durham Region paper
Sun Sept 8th 4:00pm		Ottawa		ppd	Montreal	ppd		League
 Sun Sept 8th 3:00pm		Miss Olympians	0	Metro Lions	2		League
 Mon Sept 9th 8:30pm		Vaughan		2	Hamilton	1		CupQF
 Rocket Robin's interview with Dino Perri of Hamilton
Mon Sept 9th.................................. Week 16 Standings
 story from Mississauga News on Toronto Croatia and Mississauga Olympians

 London Free Press story: London City chosen as host of Canada Cup 
Tues Sept 10th 8:30pm		Tor Supra	0	Brampton	0		League
(rescheduled from June 26th, played at Brockton Stadium as will all Supra home games for
the rest of the year) 
Wed Sept 11th 8:00pm		Tor Croatia	ppd	Vaughan		ppd		League
 Wed Sept 11th 8:00pm		Tor Croatia	1	Miss Olympians 	1		CupQF
 story from London Free Press on Eastern conference playoff race
 story from London Free Press on soccer events across Canada this summer
Fri Sept 13th 8:30pm		York Region	5	Durham		0		League
Fri Sept 13th 8:30pm		Tor Croatia	2	London		0		League
 Fri Sept 13th 8:30pm		Tor Supra	0	Hamilton	0		League
 Sat Sept 14th 6:00pm		Durham		2	York Region	0		League
 Sun Sept 15th 7:00pm		NY Astros 	1	Tor Croatia	6		League
 Sun Sept 15th 4:00pm		Brampton	1	St Catharines	2		League
 details from Brampton Guardian
 Rocket Robin's interview with Claudio Perri of St Catharines
Mon Sept 16th.............................. Week 17 Standings
 story on Montreal coaching situation............... details on last story
Tues Sept 17th 8:30pm		Hamilton	1	Vaughan		1		CupQF 
Wed Sept 18th 8:15pm		St Catharines	0	Miss Olympians	4		League
 details from Mississauga News.............. details from St Catherines Standard
 Wed Sept 18th 8:30pm		Metro Lions	3	London		1		League
 Fri Sept 20th 8:30pm		York Region	1	Hamilton	0		League
 my news on the Hamilton Thunder team..... response #1........ response #2
Fri Sept 20th 8:30pm		Tor Supra	1	Tor Croatia	3		League
Fri Sept 20th 8:30pm		Vaughan		1	London		0		League
 details from London Free Press
 Sat Sept 21st 6:00pm		Durham 		1	Ottawa		5		League
 Sat Sept 21st 2:00pm		Vaughan		2	Montreal	1		League
Sun Sept 22nd ???		Miss Olympians	0	Tor Croatia	3		Cup QF
 Sun Sept 22nd 3:00pm		Durham		1	Montreal	2		League
 story on Durham Flames season in Durham Region paper
Sun Sept 22nd 4:00pm		NY Astros	1	London		1		League
Sun Sept 22nd 3:00pm		York Region	0	Ottawa		4		League
Mon Sept 23rd............................... Week 18 Standings

 story on CPSL Canada Cup tourney in London from London Free Press
 Tues Sept 24th 8:30pm		Tor Supra	1	Vaughan		0		League
 story on North York Astros season from Mirror-Guardian
 Wed Sept 25th 8:00pm		Metro Lions	0	NY Astros	0		League
(above game rescheduled from June 28th)
Wed Sept 25th 8:00pm		Tor Croatia	2	Hamilton	1		League

League Cup Semi-Final and Final hosted by London City in London
 pretourney press release from CPSL 
Fri Sept 27th 8:30pm		London		0	Ottawa		3		CupWC
 pregame comments in London Free Press...... details from London Free Press............
 details from cpsl.ca site
 Sat Sept 28th 5:45pm		Vaughan		2	Tor Croatia	2		CupSF
(After 30 minutes of overtime, Tor Croatia won 5-4 on penalty kicks after seven rounds).  
 Sat Sept 28th 8:15pm		Brampton	0	Ottawa		1		CupSF
 Sun Sept 29th 3:15pm		Ottawa		1	Tor Croatia	0		CupFin
 Rocket Robin's interview with Ottawa Wizards Danny Sanna
 CPSL expansion plans and Hamilton Thunder questions for Stan Adamson and Vince Ursini
Mon Sept 30th........................... Week 19 Standings

Tues Oct 1st 8:00pm		Tor Croatia	1	Vaughan		4		League
 Tues Oct 1st 8:30pm		Tor Supra	2	York Region	2		League
 Fri Oct 4th 8:00pm		Vaughan		3	Miss Olympians	4		League
Sat Oct 5th 4:00pm		Tor Supra	0	Ottawa		4		League
 Sat Oct 5th 4:00pm		Metro Lions	0	Montreal	1		League
 Sun Oct 6th 6:00pm		NY Astros	4	Brampton	1		League
Sun Oct 6th 4:00pm		Tor Supra	1	Montreal	5		League
Sun Oct 6th 4:00pm		Metro Lions	1	Ottawa		1		League
Mon Oct 7th............................... Week 20 Standings

 Tues Oct 8th 8:00pm		Miss Olympians	3 (OT)	Hamilton	2 (OT)	2nd-3rd Playoff
(played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke)
 details from Mississauga News
Wed Oct 9th 8:30pm		Ottawa		2	Montreal	3		League
 pregame comments from Ottawa Sun
 Wed Oct 9th 8:00pm		Metro Lions	2	Durham		1		League
Thurs Oct 10th 8:30pm		Hamilton	3	Brampton	0		League
Sat Oct 12th 2:00pm		Metro Lions	3	Vaughan		0		League
Sat Oct 12th 3:00pm		London		2	Montreal	5		League
 pregame comments......... details from London Free Press
Sun Oct 13th 4:00pm		NY Astros	3	Tor Supra	0		League
Sun Oct 13th 3:00pm		Miss Olympians	5	Montreal	1		League		
Mon Oct 14th.......................... Week 21 Final Standings
 regular season review on Toronto Croatia in Mississauga News

Wed Oct 16th 9:00pm		Montreal	1	Metro Lions	3	2nd-3rd Playoff
(played in Ottawa)

Rogers Cup Playoffs (all games hosted by North York Astros in North York)
 Fri Oct 18th 8:05pm 		NY Astros	3	Miss Olympians	0	Wildcard
 comments from DJT
 Sat Oct 19th 2:05pm 		Ottawa		1	Metro Lions	0	SemiFinal
 Sat Oct 19th 4:05pm  		Tor Croatia 	0	NY Astros 	1	SemiFinal
 comments from DJT...... article by Orville Reynolds
Rogers Cup Final for the CPSL Championship: 
 Sun Oct 20th 2.05 p.m.		Ottawa		2	NY Astros	0	Final 
 story from Ottawa Sun...... story from Ottawa Citizen..... article by Orville Reynolds
Sun Oct 20th................... CPSL Awards Banquet
Playoff review:... North York Astros from North York Mirror... from Mississauga News 
Season review:... Metro Lions from Scarborough Mirror... (Metro Lions another point of view)
... Metro Lions from Share newspaper
 Ottawa Wizards from Ottawa Citizen

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