September 22nd, 2002 posted to Voyageurs Soccer Talk message board.

Thunder going UNDER!
by Super FAN

Definition of a Compulsive liar-ITALO FERRARI.
I have never heard so many lies in my entire soccer super fan career. After speaking with inside sources about the Thunder situation, I am embarrassed to have ever gone to support this organization. I thought there was a future for soccer in hamilton, but as long as the CPSL allows crooks to buy a franchise, the future for soccer success is about as hopeful as Italo Ferrari paying his players and telling the truth. How does this guy sleep at night? He owes over one hundred thousand dollars to numerous people, and continues to promise payment, but over the past 4 months he hasn't payed a dime to anyone. He boasts that he is a wealthy man and is putting $500,000 of his own money into this team. B.S. The truth is that he borrowed the money to pay for the franchise, and was expecting corporate sponsors to cover all the costs. Guess What? Didn't happen! Now you can see why nobody has received payment, He's BROKE, He doesn't have any money now, and he never had any money when he started. He lied to the league, and he continues to the people that call him to collect payment.

Can someone tell me why the league has not stepped in yet? Surely they must of been aware of the situation long ago. Is it that the CPSL does not give a **** about the players that represent this league? No wonder soccer doesn't go anywhere in Canada, the president and league representatives don't have a clue!

As far as the players go, didn't they try to stop this fiasco long ago? Of course they did, but guess what, they were told they were going to get payed next week and that the finances had been secured for the rest of the season. Wow, isn't that the biggest pile of B.S. you have ever heard. This guy just wreeks of it.

By the way, does this whole financial disaster mean that the Yellow Ford Focus is no longer up for lottery? What happens to those of us that bought tickets? Did this guy even have a lottery license? My guess is, f-no! How could he even afford one?

I hope this matter gets resolved fairly and the players receive full payment. Also, I hope Mr. Ferrari gets some serious penalties.

If you have anything to add, please do, because when I find out more, I will be sure to post it.

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